Wicker Basket for Kitchen. A Useful Guide-2023

Wicker basket for kitchen, types, varieties, sizes, manufacturers, and other required details.

Currently, the wicker basket is gaining popularity as a trend. Many individuals are keen to have a few of these baskets in their kitchen, and it is not surprising that you share the same preference.

The versatility of wicker baskets is unmatched, making them an excellent addition to any kitchen. It’s not difficult to understand why they are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen decor. It’s great to see that you too appreciate the charm and practicality of these baskets.

The thing I personally observed, the reason behind the curiosity for the wicker basket among masses, is not only for storage or organizing things in a proper way but the way it adds uniqueness to the overall design.

However, in this article, I am going to present you with all the required things you should know about wicker basket for kitchen like wicker basket sizes, types, wicker basket brands, varieties, and many other features.

wicker basket for kitchen

What is a wicker basket?

The wicker basket is a woven basket used for storage purposes for ages. It is generally made from various natural materials such as cane, rattan, bamboo, willow, jute, straw, etc. Nowadays plastic or PVC is being used to make wicker baskets that cost less and have low maintenance.

Naturally thin and flexible materials are used for wicker baskets that are easy for weaving to provide various shapes.

Now wicker baskets are widely used in modular furniture making, especially in kitchens not only for storage purposes but also to add naturality that enhances the overall aesthetics of the space.

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Wicker basket for Kitchen

The primary usage of a wicker basket in Kitchen is to increase functionality and resolve the storage issue. Another thing is it makes the kitchen visually appealing. It brings a natural element and adds a rustic touch. The earthy tones of the wicker basket provide a natural texture to the kitchen.

The materials that are ideally not kept in the fridge or refrigerators are stored in wicker baskets like potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, etc. The woven design makes the basket ventilated and hence making it ideal storage for vegetables.

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Types of wicker basket

There are various types of wicker baskets for kitchens available with various dimensions manufactured by multiple brands.

types of wicker basket

Mostly wicker baskets for kitchens are available in either square or rectangular shapes. As it fits well with the kitchen cabinets. It comes with a wooden channel as shown in the above picture so you can fix it in the kitchen base unit (under the kitchen countertop) and use it as a drawer at your ease. Generally, wooden frames are used in these wicker baskets.

Apart from these, you can use various types of wicker baskets in the kitchen or home for storage or decorative purposes like wicker baskets with lids, circular wicker baskets, designer wicker baskets, hanging wicker baskets, wicker baskets for fruits, etc. You can place these wicker baskets on open shelves or in the cabinets depending upon your usability.

Wicker Basket size or dimension

Wicker baskets come in multiple dimensions. It mostly depends upon the wicker basket brand you are looking for. The dimension or the size of the wicker basket may vary from brand to brand.

If you are looking to fix it in your lower kitchen cabinets then you should bring the wicker basket first before making your cabinets or ask the wicker basket provider regarding the availability of baskets according to the cabinet width, or else you may face difficulties to find the perfect size of wicker baskets for your cabinets.

In the below table let us discuss some wicker basket dimensions along with the cabinet width required to fix them.

Below are some dimensions of the wicker basket for kitchen in width x length x height in mm,

*Note- you can also consider the measurement in depth instead of length

in mm
in mm
in mm
Required Cabinet
width in mm
Wicker Basket size or dimension

Apart from the above dimensions there are wicker baskets available for a cabinet width of 450mm. All these dimensions mentioned above are made using natural materials like willow or rattan.

There are also PVC or plastic wicker baskets available in the market with various dimensions like (in m-WxLxH) 412x496x100, 412x496x150, 412x496x200 for 450mm cabinet width, and 562x496x100, 562x496x150, 562x496x200 for 600mm cabinet width.

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Wicker basket brands or manufacturers

There are multiple brands of wicker basket manufacturers. But wicker baskets from Hettich are the most popular ones. Also, Hafele deals in premium wicker baskets. These are two established brands around the globe and are widely accepted. You can contact your nearest Hafele or Hettich dealers for your wicker basket requirements.

There are also some wicker basket brands available locally. Most of their products are comparatively cheaper than that of the above two brands. But if you are looking for superior quality and finish, then I will suggest you go with Hettich or Hafele.

There is another brand called Ebco is serving in this segment. The wicker baskets from Ebco are PVC or plastic. If you are considering plastic wicker baskets then you can go with Ebco. The above-mentioned dimensions of the Plastic wicker baskets are from Ebco.

The confusion between cane baskets and wicker baskets!

From what I observed, people are often confused between wicker baskets and cane baskets while they are searching for the same.

Cane is a natural material used in making wicker baskets. As discussed before wicker baskets can be made from various materials like rattan, willow, bamboo, PVC, etc. If you are searching for particular cane wicker baskets then go ahead.

You can take it like if wicker basket is a category then cane basket is a subcategory.

How to clean a wicker basket?

If it is a natural wicker basket then you can just wipe them out with wet clothes in a couple of months. Squeeze the cloth properly and Make sure the cloth does not contain excessive water or else it can damage the basket.
You can take a small brush if it’s too dirty. After cleaning it out leave it in the air for a couple of minutes to dry it out.
And if it is a plastic wicker basket then you can clean it thoroughly.

Where can I take my wicker basket for repair?

There are areas in most cities where there are a couple of rattan, bamboo, or cane furniture makers. They have skilled weavers who are making various things. You can contact them to repair your wicker basket.

what are the advantages of a wicker basket with lid?

Wicker baskets with lids can be used for storage purposes. In the kitchen, if you are looking for a cover for your wicker baskets then you can consider these types. It can somehow protect your stored items from dust and dirt. people often used this type of basket for decorative purposes.

Do I consider an Ikea wicker basket for kitchen?

Ikea provides various types of wicker baskets but not specifically for kitchens. Although you can use it in kitchens, other storages, and also for decorative purposes. There is no option to fit Ikea baskets in your kitchen cabinets.

what is a wicker basket made of?

Wicker baskets are generally made from natural things that are flexible enough for weaving, like rattan, cane, willow, bamboo, jute, etc. Nowadays PVC or plastic is being used to make wicker baskets.


Many people prefer wicker baskets in their kitchens these days. It looks great and also resolves the storage issue for items like potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, etc. It adds natural texture to the space and gives it a modern look as well.

However, I have mentioned all the required details you should know before deciding on a wicker basket.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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