West Facing house Vastu Plan. A detailed Guide.

Do you require a west-facing house Vastu plan for your new home?

Then, this is exactly what you are looking for. Here we are going to discuss everything related to west facing house Vastu plan.

But first, let me clarify that “You should not need to worry about the directional orientation of the house”. As per Vastu for home west-facing houses need a proper Vastu plan like other directional houses.

So, let’s go ahead and discuss step by step.

West facing house vastu
View of the Sun from a west facing house

What is a West facing House?

When the main entrance of your house is directed towards the west, then it’s called a west-facing house, or simply in a west-facing house, when you go out of your house through the main entrance the direction of your face is towards the west.

It is a common belief that the west-facing house is directed towards where the sun sets. But it is completely wrong to determine the direction of the house according to the sun. Vastu principles are based on perfect directional orientation, hence use a magnetic compass for accuracy.

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Its completely innaccurate to determine the direction of the house according to the sun. Vastu principles are based on perfect directional orientation, hence use a magnetic compass for accuracy.

Why you use a magnetic compass for directional measurement?

How do you approach Vastu for West facing home?

The approach to Vastu is always the same irrespective of the direction of the house. There may be different Vastu principles for each house. Likewise, there is a certain set of Vastu rules for the west-facing house too. You have to follow and implement them properly.

One thing I observed is that, there are various rumors among the people regarding Vastu. Hence they often do mistakes and follow the Vastu rules incorrectly. Whereas the concept of Vastu is different and designed according to nature. Hence Vastu for home depends upon the direction of the house.

Also, the Vastu for any home relates to astrology and the owner of the property. Vastu experts in India even suggest considering Vastu rules before purchasing property or land and some ensure a soil test before implementation of Vastu. A detailed Vastu plan can be prepared by studying the same in detail.

So there is nothing to worry about the things like luck or unlucky. A perfect Vastu for west facing home is all you need.

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West-facing house Vastu Plan

There are various things to be considered before planning a house and Vastu is one of them. Everybody needs a modern house design with all the facilities and put in a large sum of hard-earned money. So someone neither takes a risk of ruining its design by only implementing Vastu nor is able to compromise the Vastu principles required for the home.

So, it is a matter of perfect planning followed by execution. Hence listening to Lehmans or collecting Vastu designs online does not work. What you need find a good architect who provides a Vastu plan along with a structural layout, discuss with them and prepare a plan that suits you best.

However we are providing you some Vastu Plans for the west-facing home for a basic idea and that does not mean, you just implement accordingly. As discussed above, a Vastu plan may differ from person to person and from place to place.

Here we are providing west facing house Vastu plan 30×40 ft size. The best thing is, you can use it for bigger or smaller size plots too.

West facing house Vastu plan
West facing house Vastu plan

To whom West Facing House suits the best

Astrology plays a great role in developing Vastu Plan for anyone or any home. A particular set of professionals and zodiac signs are considered best for various directional houses.

As per Vastu Shastra Saturn is the ruling planet and space is the element of the West.

People associated with the service industry are preferable to others. Hospitality, medicine, legal, finance, and teaching professionals are best to opt for a west-facing house.

Which Rashi suits best for west facing home?

If you are curious about “west facing house good for which Rashi?” then here is the answer. The west-facing house suits best the Zodiac signs (called Rashi in Hindi and many other Indian languages) Gemini (Mithuna), Aquarius (Kumbha), and Libra(Tula)

Main entrance Vastu for West facing house

The main entrance should be placed slightly left (southwest side) from the center as shown in the above west facing house Vastu plan. You can calculate the center point by measuring an equal distance from the northwest and southwest corner.

As per Vastu rules it is advisable to include some metal work or design in the main door like some metal inlay design, big metal nails, door-knocking bells, or a metal nameplate. Also, ensure the area around the main door is clean and in a organized way. The front area of the main door should be hurdle free and any broken things or a dustbin is a big no-no.

Kitchen Vastu for West facing house

As per the kitchen Vastu, the Southeast part of your home is best for your kitchen. You have to face east while cooking. In a multi-storeyed house ensure the kitchen should not be under or over the bathroom, Puja room, or bedroom. North-west kitchen Vastu is not suitable for a west-facing house.

West facing house Vastu plan with Puja room

As discussed before Puja Room should be in the northeast for any directional orientation. It is the same for the west-facing Vastu plan too. You should always plan the Puja room in the northeast corner.

Living room placement as per west facing house Vastu

You can place the living room anywhere in a west facing house but make sure the entrance of the living room(from your home to the living room) should face north, east, or northeast. Place the sofas either in the west or southwest direction of the living room.

Bedroom Vastu plan for a west facing house

As for the bedroom Vastu plan for a west-facing house Master bedroom should be placed on the southwest side. Ensure there is no structural beam in the roof over your bead.

you can place the kid’s room in the south or the northwest direction as per house Vastu. A guest room should be at the northwest corner according to the guest room Vastu plan.

Bathroom according to west facing house Vastu

It may be a southwest facing house or a north west facing house, placing a bathroom in the northwest is good as per Vastu plan. Also in a west facing house bathroom in the northwest direction is perfect. But avoid the northeast corner for the bathroom or septic tank.

Staircase Vastu plan for west facing house

The staircase as per Vastu should be on the west or south side. You can also pick the southwest corner for the staircase placement. But ensure one thing, the movement of the staircase should be in a clockwise direction.

Open space, balcony, and window placement for west facing house

Place more open spaces on the north or east side of the house. Avoid the south for any kind of open spaces. Let the sunlight enter the house through the west but don’t allow much bigger open spaces in this direction.

Suitable wall colors as per west facing house Vastu

As per Vastu, there are certain colors that are suitable for west facing homes. The lighter shade of colors are preferable for a west facing home. Colors like white, off-white, light yellow, sky blue, and beige, are mostly recommended .

Room wise west-facing house Vastu plan

People are often curious and confused at the same time regarding the right placement of various rooms according to Vastu rules.

hence, in the below table, we are going to summarise the room-wise west-facing house Vastu plan for an easier understanding. Hope it helps you to get a clear picture.

You can take a screenshot or save it for further usage.

Assigned Room or thingDirection as per Vastu
Main gateLittle left from the Centre
toward the southwest side.
Main DoorLittle left from the Centre
toward the southwest side.
Puja roomNorth-East
Dining roomSouth-East
Living roomNorth-east, South-west
Guest roomNorth-West, south
Study roomWest
Kids roomSouth, West, Northwest
BalconyEast, North
StaircaseSouth, West, Southwest
Overhead WatertankNorth-east
Room wise west-facing house Vastu plan

Some Valuable Vastu tips for West facing house

  • Avoid the Plots those slopes from north to south.
  • It is always advisable to buy a plot that is either square or rectangular.
  • The walls of the west and south should be thicker and stronger than that of the east and north.
  • Avoid any type of water bodies like pumps, motors, or water reservoirs in the southwest corner.
  • Make the doors and windows in even numbers(floor-wise).
  • Do not consider the plots which have an extension towards the south or southwest direction.
  • Keep some metalwork or designs on the main entrance door.
  • Do not block the main entrance with any objects or trees. Do not place anything in front of it.


Vastu is meant for peace and prosperity. A well Vastu design house gives so much satisfaction. There is nothing to panic about the directional facing of the home. There are many successful people who have west-facing homes in India’s west coast region. You can take the city of Mumbai for example, where there is always a high demand for west facing homes to get a view of the Arabian sea.

Hope this article helps you with your west facing house Vastu plan! For any query, you can ask in the below comment section.

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