What Is Vastu ? Vastu for Home as per Vastu Shastra?

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We have already discussed Vastu, its concept, orientation, and how it works. Now Let’s know how Vastu for home works irrespective of the directional orientation of your home.

The directional facing of the home is the first element to consider before planning Vastu for home. There may be several factors too but the whole Vastu mapping of the home starts with this.

So let’s take them one by one and discuss all the directions.

Learn at what point you have to consult Vastu for your home.

Vastu According to the Directional Facing of The Home

According to Vastu Shastra, the Main entrance plays a vital role in the overall Vastu for home. Apart from the soil test and the horoscope study the directional facing of the main entrance determines the Vastu for the house and thus affects the entire design.

Vastu for Home
Vastu for Home

Most people prefer the North and the east direction and believe these are the most auspicious according to Vastu. There is nothing auspicious or inauspicious in Vastu as per the directional orientation of the house. Each direction has its pros and cons and the Vastu expert provides you with a proper plan after studying soil, Horoscope, and your profession. But yes, you can get an overall good design in the east and the north-facing house as there is a lot of option available in Vastu to plan your rooms.

And if you have an Existing Home and you can’t change the direction of your house or there is no option to modify it then you have to implement the remedial Vastu as per the advice of a good Vastu expert.

So let’s discuss the Vastu for Home for every direction and some Vastu tips for the existing home.

East Facing House Vastu

East is an auspicious direction according to hindu mythology. Most of the temples are directed towards this direction. East direction is dominated by sun which symbolises power and prospority.

East is the most favorable direction for a house after north as per Vastu.

If you want to build your house facing towards the east direction or you have already a hosue which facing east, then that does not mean it is auspicious enough as per Vastu.

East facing house also needs a perfect Vastu plan. You have to perfectly place all the rooms and things according to Vastu plan.

Check out east facing house Vastu plan in detail

 South Facing House Vastu

If the main entrance of any house is directed towards the south, then it’s a south-facing house.

People often avoid a south-facing house as they consider a south-facing house is inauspicious. However, this is a myth, and there is nothing inauspicious in Vastu sastra for the directional orientation of any house.

You have to implement a perfect Vastu for house plan for every house irrespective of the direction. if you have a south-facing home or a south-facing plot then you can consult a good Vastu expert and collect a south-facing Vastu plan.

Check South Facing House Vastu and Remedies

 West Facing House Vastu

When your main entrance is directed towards the west side then it’s called a west-facing house.

Like the south-facing house, there is a misconception by many people that the west-facing house is not auspicious. However, we have already discussed that there is nothing like bad luck or good luck according to Vastu for home principles, and Vastu shastra itself never promoted this myth. The directional orientation of any house does not certify the auspiciousness. We have to follow the right Vastu principles for each house irrespective of the direction. So don’t panic, a perfect west-facing Vastu plan is all you need.

Check room-wise West Facing Vastu plan

 North Facing House Vastu

Most people prefer the north-facing houses and according to Vastu experts, it is one of the popular directional orientations for house owners. But according to Vastu Shastra, every direction has its pros and cons. Anyhow you have to implement a perfect Vastu for a home plan for a north facing-home.

Check North facing House Vastu plan

Remedial Vastu for Flat or Existing Home

If you have already an individual home, flat, or apartment where you want to implement Vastu and you cant do the structural changes or modify the overall design then you have to opt for remedial Vastu. For that, you have to consult a Vastu expert to get the Vastu plan. They have to test your home soil or dust and study your horoscope with your professional details before providing you with the Vastu for the flat plan.

https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=880242689641696984&src=oembedRemedial Vastu for Flat or Existing Home

Let’s discuss some remedial Vastu tips

  • If the expert suggests a few structural changes(Both internal and external) to your home then you can opt for it if possible.
  • Make sure there is enough empty space in your home to catch the sunlight. Large windows, terraces, or balconies especially on the east side will help you.
  • It is better if you can arrange the Puja room on the northeast side and the puja room should be shorter in height than all your other rooms.
  • Make sure your Main entrance door is larger than that of all.
  • Use Indoor Plants that create a good and healthy ambiance and help to remove the negativity.
  • Try to place the Master bedroom in the southwest. If not feasible then you can move it to the west, south, or north side.
  • Make sure your bed is not under any roof beam. If so, you can hide it by a false ceiling. Also, don’t place any mirror in front of the bed.
  • You can use wind chimes at the entrance and balcony which helps to remove the evil energy people often called it to wind chimes Vastu.
  • It is good for your home to place a photo, painting, art piece, wallpaper metal, or stone sculpture of gods on the front wall of your entrance.
  • Basil plant is considered very auspicious according to Vastu. You have to place it on the eastern side and make sure it will be surrounded by enough sunlight.
  • Avoid broken photo frames, mirrors, or clocks in your home.
  • According to Vastu for home placing a crystal ball made up of quartz in your home absorbs the negativity
  • Make sure the dining room should not visible from the main entrance.
  • Don’t keep the room corners and main entrance in dark.
  • Never keep a mirror in the kitchen.
  • As per Vastu shastra keeping sea salt in a container helps to remove the negativity. You also use a pinch of salt with the water to clean your house.
  • Clean the cobwebs from your walls and roofs.
  • Pray to Vastu Purush for the betterment of your home.
  • According to Vastu for flat placing a horseshoe on the front side of the entrance door obstructs the evil energy and keeps it outside.

*Note- Like you do not administer medicine to yourself for a physical ailment (not seeing a doctor, that is), please, do not start flying your plane of Vastu all on your own. Locate a person who is properly trained and experienced and who can help you. Or never attempt anything whatever because the quackery is maybe even worse. Rather pray and wait for blessings to come which is always better.

          We will continue to contribute more articles on this subject in the future.

What is a Vastu dosh?

According to Vastu Shastra, there is a certain Vastu plan for every individual and property. Every room and thing is designed in a certain Vastu Plan. If your home is not according to a Vasu plan then it may be called home with a Vastu dosh or any unfortunate things that happened may relate to Vastu or even called Vastu dosh by the Vastu experts.

What is Vastu Kala?

Kala is the word used in many Indian languages, which means art, and the word Vastu Kala means the art of designing any building, temple, or anything related to construction or interior design according to the concept of Vastu shastra.

Is there any Vastu for toilet seat facing?

According to Vastu, the face of the toilet seat or the person using it should face North or South.

How to do a perfect Vastu for a Flat or Apartment?

As discussed above, if your flat or apartment is not designed according to a certain Vastu plan, then you can opt for a remedial Vastu treatment. A Vastu expert can help you out with this.

Who is Anand Pimpalkar?

Anand Pimpalkar is a renowned astrology and Vastu expert from Pune, Maharastra. He is the founder of Anandi Vastu and authors many books related to Vastu and Astrology. He also publishes many Vastu Shastra in Marathi books.

How to know or learn Vastu in Hindi?

To learn Vastu in Hindi, there is one good book available called Vastu Ratnakara. This one is really a good book and suggested by many Vastu Experts.

What is the Vastu compass?

Vastu Compass is a device the same as a magnetic compass and designed according to Vastu to determine the exact direction of your house and rooms. It is specially used by Vastu experts to plan Vastu for home by determining various directions. Check here the Vastu Compass.

What are Mahavastu remedies?

Mahavastu remedies and Vastu remedies are the same things. The thing you do for Vastu correction is called Vastu remedies. Also, there is a book by Vastu Shastri Kuldeep Bansal called Mahavastu remedies.

Is there any 7 horse vastu or running horse Vastu?

According to Vastu painting of 7 horse running is very auspicious. It controls the energy of your home and symbolizes success and progress. But you need to keep it only in the living room or dining and the wall in the south direction.

What is Pyra Vastu?

According to Vastu, a Vastu pyramid helps to wipe out the negativity from your home. To get the best you should keep it in the northeast direction of your home.

what is Vastushanti Puja?

Vastushanti puja is a religious ceremony performed to Vastu Purush (Lord and the protector of the house according to Vastu) for the wellbeing of the households, peace and prosperity.

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