All Types of Jali Designs? Their Price & Usage Guide-2023

Jali designs are a vital design element for architectural and interior space in the modern era.

Many people prefer a Jali design for their home but get confused when selecting, it due to the lack of knowledge about the Jali material, its usage, and of the type of Jali we required for various purposes.

No need to worry, here we are going to every type of jali design with details like their usage, thickness, price, and more.

We already discussed almost 1000 jali designs with images and now let’s know various Jali designs used in home interiors and exteriors in detail so that it’s easy for you to pick the right one.

jali designs
Various Jali Designs

What is a Jali Design?

Jali designs are a type of perforated sheet or lattice that is basically used for home decorative purposes. For ages, it is been used in traditional Indian architecture. Also, it has been a major part of Islamic culture for centuries.

Nowadays Jali designs are an integral part of various interior design and architectural requirements. It is frequently used in interior and exterior design as a highlighter. These are popularly known as CNC Jali designs.

What is CNC Jali design?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. It’s a modern technology where it is programmed with the help of a computer to automate the cutting and shaping of any solid sheet or material like wood, MDF, HDF, Plywood, WPC, PVC, steel, MS, Corian, ACP, Aluminium, acrylic, etc to obtain a specific design or pattern with uniformity.

It is all done by a machine called a CNC router machine shown in the picture below. These jali designs are not possible to do with bare hands or any traditional method.

CNC jali cutting machine
CNC Router

Types of Jali designs

There are various types of jali designs used according to the material like wood, MDF, HDF, Plywood, WPC, PVC, steel, MS, Corian, ACP, Aluminium, and acrylic. Some of them are the most popular and some are not. So let’s go one by one and discuss.

  • MDF Jali design
  • WPC Jali design
  • Wooden jali Design
  • Corian Jali Design
  • Steel Jali Design
  • Acrylic jali Design

MDF Jali Design

MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) Jali is increasingly popular due to its availability and low cost. It is generally used in various interior applications such as partitions, arch designs, ceilings, wall decor, etc. It is also useful in furniture design.

The best thing is MDF jali designs go well with all colors and are a paint-friendly material. For that reason, it requires some extra bucks.

MDF jalis are lightweight, need minimum maintenance, and go well with any designs or patterns from simpler to much more complex easily.

MDF sheets are available in 8ft x 4ft sizes and with multiple thicknesses. You can design any size and pattern with the help of a CNC cutting service provider.

MDF Jali Design
MDF Jali Design

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WPC Jali Design

WPC(wood plastic composite) Jalis are gaining more popularity these days. As the name suggests it is a composite material from plastic and wood.

People prefer WPC jali designs due to their many advantages.

It is fully waterproof material and 100% termite proof. It also provides full resistance from other microorganisms like insects, rots, and borers. So the longevity of WPC Jali designs is longer than that of other Jali options.

It is tougher than MDF and can be used in both interior and exterior. From simpler to intricate it can blend with any design or pattern.

WPC costs much higher than MDF but is very much affordable. You can go with WPC Jali designs without hesitation.

WPC Jali Design
WPC Jali Design

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Wooden jali Design

No one can match the wooden Jali design for the finish, look, and classical touch it provides to your interior. Wooden Jali designs look real and appealing.

But the thing is wood is scarce nowadays and expensive. Hence the use of wooden Jali designs in the interior is marginal. MDF, WPC, and many engineered wood products took their place.

Sisum wood is best for Jali making and molds well with a CNC router. You also can peak teak wood or any other wood for Jali designs.

wooden Jali design
Wooden Jali design

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Corian Jali Design

Corian is a solid surface material and the Corian jali designs are the best among all. It provides a premium beautiful finish. If you come across any stunning Jali designs or Puja Units(Mandir) then they must have a Corian material.

It perfectly fits any size and design. You can blend them to any shape and size like various pillar designs, arch designs, or any other geometrical shapes.

It does not need any paint, water, and termite proof, is stain proof, and hence lasts longer

The thing is it is much more expensive than the other option. If you have a good budget on

your side then you must try this.

Corian Jali Design
Corian Jali Design

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Steel Jali Design

Steel Jali designs are quite popular in exterior design. You can call a steel gate or grill a Jali, but we are talking here about the CNC steel Jali designs, which can be done in a steel sheet.

Steel Jali designs are mostly used to design entry gates, main safety doors, balconies, building front elevations, staircases, nameplates, etc. It is also used for wall decor and ventilation purposes too.

In recent times many people prefer Steen Jali designs in their main gate. It is not at all expensive and you can try it out for your home.

Steel Jali Design
Steel Jali Design

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Iron Jali Design

Iron Jali designs are basically used for the same as steel Jalis, like the main gate, entrance safety door, balcony railing, staircase railing, etc. It is also done through a CNC router machine. Various designs and patterns are carved by the machine over the thin iron sheet.

The main difference between Iron Jali and steel Jali is, you can paint the iron Jali with any color where as steel Jali is only finished with a color of its own.

Most people prefer to use iron jali designs in the main gate.

Iron Jali Design
Iron Jali Design

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Acrylic Jali Design

Acrylic Jali designs are mainly used for designing purposes. As it is very thin(1mm to 3mm), it is very difficult to use for partitions or doors without support. Acrylic sheets transmit light through it and are hence used at the back side of various Jalis to make it visually appealing.

Acrylic Jali is used to design walls, Puja units, ceilings, etc. It is mainly used for small decorative elements. Backlighting letters and nameplates are prepared with acrylic jali design cutting.

Can I find Jali Design Images?

yes, if you want the latest Jali designs for your home then view these images. There are more than 1000 images from which you can choose the best for you.

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