16 Best Plywood Brands in India With their Product and Price Details!(2023)

Are you searching for good quality plywood for your home interior from reputed plywood brands or manufacturers and confused about which brand to select?

Then don’t worry! We are going to discuss some well-known plywood companies in India that you should consider for your interior work.

We are already covered various types of plywood and their grades. But knowing all these things is not enough when picking plywood from the market. Simply knowing some well-known plywood brands will help you to go and pick good quality plywood undoubtedly.

There are many plywood brands operating in the market and most of them are from the unorganized sector. What I observed in the market is that some plywood sellers misguide their customers to sell their products, depending on the profit margin they get. So, knowing some plywood brands definitely helps you to select the better one.

We are selecting some plywood brands according to their popularity and presence in PAN India. However, there are some plywood brands in the below list, which may be popular in some regions and not known in other regions. But they are well-known brands and producing good quality plywood for years.

Apart from the below-listed plywood companies, there are some new plywood manufacturers that are selling good quality plywood, but it is difficult for a customer to judge good quality plywood if you are not purchasing from a reliable source.

So, you can go with these plywood brands if you want to purchase good-quality plywood for your modular kitchen, wardrobe, and other home furnishings.

So, let’s discuss.

Best Plywood Brands
Plywood Brands

1-Century Ply

Century plyboards India Pvt. Ltd. is founded in the year 1986 and is the mother concern of Centuryply (Now). It is one of the largest manufacturers of plywood in India and the market leader. It has a wide dealer network in each corner of the country. It also exports its products to more than 20 countries.

Century ply
Century ply logo

Century Ply Products

It has various grades of plywood and blockboards like MR grade, BWR grade, and FR grade. The plywood is available in various price ranges according to its features, quality, and durability.

The century plywood and blockboards available in the market are Century Sainik MR, Century Sainik 710, Century bond 710, Century club prime, and century architect ply. All the plywood covers different warranty periods.

 Apart from plywood, it comes with various range of products like Laminate called Century laminates, Natural Veneer, engineered Veneer, HDF called century premium plus, MDF, Particle board, WPC boards, WPC door frames, Doors, Fibre cement boards, and planks.

Check All Products of Century ply and their Price List

2-Green ply

Greenply is another dominant player in the plywood market. Starting from a wood sawmill in 1984 to finally being incorporated as green ply industries Ltd in 1996 it comes a long way. It has almost 50 branches all across India and more than 15,000 dealers, sub-dealers and retailers spread out in every corner of the country.

Green ply
Green ply Logo

Green ply Products

It has a wide range of plywood products like Green platinum, Green club plus 700, Green Club 500, Green 710 plywood, Green Gold Platinum, Green gold, Green optima-G, Green Eco-tech 710, Green Eco-tech MR, Green Jansathi, many varieties of blockboard and some other specialty plywood.

Apart from plywood, it comes with some other products like laminates, natural veneers, engineered veneers, flush doors, WPC doors, WPC doorframes, PVC doors (green endure), etc.

If you consider plywood market share then century and green ply shares almost equally. Half of the organized plywood market share is covered by both.

Check Greenply Price and product details

Plywood market share
Plywood market share

3-Solid Ply

From humble beginnings as plywood traders in 1975, Solid Ply Pvt. Ltd. has grown over the years to establish itself as a leading Plywood manufacturer in India. With the manufacturing unit at the port city of Visakhapatnam, the company has the location advantage of an efficient seaport along with vastly organized transport facilities connecting every nook and corner of the country.

Solid Ply Products

Solid Ply provides a wide range of products, such as Solid 710 Marine Grade Plywood, Solid 303 MR Grade Plywood, Block Board, Flexi Ply, and Film-Faced Shuttering Plywood. Apart from this it also provides premium quality Flush Doors.

4-Duro ply/ Sarda plywood

Duroply is previously known as the Sarda plywood industry. It is one of the oldest plywood manufacturers in India and is known for its genuine plywood products. It may not enjoy the market share as Centuryply or Greenply but has a considerable presence in pan India. What I observed is that Duroply believes in quality is more important than quantity.

If you want to know about plywood then the book “Smart Plywood Buying Guide” written by the owner of Duro ply Akhilesh Chitlangia is a great guide for you.

Duro ply
Duro ply Logo

Duro Ply Products

It comes in various plywood varieties such as Duro Titanium, Duro Derby, Duro Pumaply, Duro Marine, Duro Macplatinum (All belong to 710 Grade plywood), Duro Techply (European rotary veneer finish IS 710), Duro Fireshield (FR grade IS 5509), Duro Plus (Both IS 710 and 303), Duro Tower range (both IS 710 and IS 303), Duro Macprime (BWR Grade Is 303), Duro Ply (MR Grade), DuroBord (Block Board), Duro Flex (Flexible Plywood).

Apart from this it also manufactures a premium veneer range and flush doors.

Check Duro Plywood Price and Product in Details


Kitply is one of the oldest and most renowned names in the plywood Industry. It is founded in 1982. In the late 80s and early 90s, Kitply is one of the top plywood manufacturers in India. Even in today’s time, I have seen in many cities and areas, that it is the top-selling plywood brand. Due to certain reasons like less dealer network, and fierce competition it lacked its considerable presence gradually. Still, it has 5 factories, 16 branch offices, over 1000 employees, and more than 300 dealer networks throughout the country.

Kit ply
Kit ply Logo

Kitply Products

 Kitply has a lesser no of products in comparison with other plywood companies. It has plywood products, Kitply Gold (BWP grade), Kitply PF (BWR grade), Kitply Curvy (Flexible Plywood), and blockboards as Kitboard Gold (BWP grade), Kitboard Plus (BWP grade), and Swastik Gold (MR grade).

Apart from this, it has also other products such as Laminates called Kitmica, prelaminated particle boards named Kitlam, Kit WPC boards, and flush doors.

Check Kitply Price and Product Details

6-Archid Ply

Archid Ply is another giant plywood manufacturer in India known for its quality plywood products. Established in the year 1976 as Assam Timber Products Pvt. Ltd. to a leading Plywood company in India Known as Archid Ply, they come a long way.

With almost 40 years of experience, Archid ply industries Ltd. now with more than 1500 employees, a 2000 dealer network, 20 sales offices, 7 large warehouses covering more than 27 Indian states, and also export their products to more than 20 countries.

Archid ply is an ISO 14000 and ISO 9001-2002 certified and publicly listed company in BSE and NSE.

Archid ply
Archid ply Logo

Archid Ply- Products

It has plywood products like, Archid ply Platinum, Fire retardant plywood, Archid ply marine plywood, Prelaminated plywood, Archid ply shuttering plywood, Archid ply BWR plywood Gold, Archid ply MR grade plywood Gold, Archid ply BWR plywood Classic, Archid ply MR plywood Classic and various Archid Blockboards Of MR, BWR and BWP grades.

Apart from that it also manufactures HDF called Archid ply EDHMR, Flush doors, and laminated doors, Archid ply shuttering plywood, Archid ply laminates called ArchidLam, Archid ply veneers, etc.

Check Archid ply Price and Product Details


Greenpanel is established in the year 2010 and listed at NSE and BSE in 2019. Before this, it is a part of Green ply industries ltd. It turned into a 1000cr company in 2020 and has dealers’ and retailers’ networks all around India.

Green panel
Green panel Logo

Green panel products

In plywood Green panel maintains product lines like Greenpanel club plywood, Greenpanel BWP plywood, Greenpanel MR plywood, Greenpanel Gold BWP plywood, Greenpanel accurate 710 plywood, GPRO 710 plywood, GPRO MR plywood, and in blockboards it has, Greenpanel BWP blockboard, Greenpanel MR blockboard.

Apart from plywood, it has other products like Greenpanel club HDF, MDF, Greenpanel Veneers, Greenpanel flooring, and doors.

Check Greenpanel Plywood Price with Product Details

8-National Plywood

National plywood is one of the oldest plywood brands in India. From a tea chest (Wooden box through which tea is exported) manufacturer established in 1951 to enter into the plywood industry in 1973, it has been a long journey so far. You can avail of plywood from this brand if it is available in your area.

National Plywood
National Plywood Logo

National Plywood Products

National plywood offers various plywood and blockboards with various price ranges and qualities under the brand names like National Club Plus, National Platinum Club, National Titanium, Pioneer National, National Gold Plus, Prima National, National Bronze, National Flexiply, and National Filmfaced Shuttering Plywood.

Apart from these it also deals in laminates, flush doors, Cement fiberboard, and cement fiber planks. It has also the authorized distributor of LG HI-MACS acrylic solid surfaces in 11 states.

Check National Plywood Price and Product Details

9-Sylvan Ply

Sylvan ply belongs to the Singh Brothers Exim Pvt. Ltd. Starting from the timber log business on 1951 to plywood manufacturing in 2009 as Sylvan Plyboard India Private Limited, it definitely covers an excellent journey. It is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 company and is known for its excellent quality products. To date, it served many central govt and reputed industries.

Sylvan ply
Sylvan ply Logo

Sylvan Ply products

Sylvan ply is available in many product lines of both plywood and blockboards with various price ranges. Those are Z+ Premium Plus Ply, Z+ Premium Ply, Z+ Premium Blockboard, Oceanic Premium Club Ply, Oceanic Premium Club Blockboard, Primo Plus Ply, Primo Plus Blockboard, Robusta Premium Plus Ply, Robusta Premium Ply, Robusta BWP Ply, Robusta Premium Plus Blockboard, Robusta Premium Blockboard, Robusta BWP Blockboard, BLU Marine Ply, BLU BWP Blockboard, BLU BWR Ply, BLU MR Ply, BLU MR Blockboard, Premium Club Ply, and Premium Club Blockboard.

Besides the above, It has some other plywood such as Modular ply (A special category of plywood), Flexible plywood, and shuttering plywood.

Except for plywood and blockboard, it has other products such as varieties of flush doors, WPC board, many types of timber, and timber door frames.

Check Sylvan Plywood Price and Product Details

10-Wigwam Plywood

Wigwam is a new player in the plywood manufacturing industry and growing rapidly due to its quality material and competitive marketing strategy. It wants to establish itself as a new-generation company and took Kartik Aryan as its brand ambassador.

As a plywood brand Wigwam plywood is established on 2018 and is a sub-brand of Savitri Woods which is established in 2003. It is so far launched in 22 Indian states and union territories and has more than 1000 channel partners.

Wigwam Plywood
Wigwam Plywood Logo

Wigwam Plywood Products

It so far launched various plywood products such as Wigwam Visor, Wigwam Contender, Wigwam Club Plus, Wigwam Excel, and Wigwam Plywood. It also has a series of blockboard varieties like Wigwam club plus, Excel, Wigwam, Gold, Club, and Fabricate.

Apart from this, it has flexible plywood, decorative plywood (Teak wood veneer finish), Engineered plywood, pre-laminated panels, and flush doors.

Check Wigwam Plywood price and product details

11-Sharon Plywood

SharonPly is the most popular plywood brand in Southern India, especially Tamilnadu. It is established in the year 1987 and now is a leading plywood manufacturer across India. Sharon ply claims it is the only plywood brand that exports plywood to the most technologically advanced country Japan. It is an ISO-9002 and ISO-14001 company.

Sharon Plywood
Sharon Plywood Logo

SharonPly Products

As a leading Plywood company, Sharon Plywood manufactures various quality plywood products like Sharon Platinum Ply, Sharon Gold, Sharon Prima 710, Sharon Sovereign 710, Sharon Gold MR, Sharon Sovereign MR, etc. Apart from these it also provides shuttering plywood, prelaminated boards called Sharon Prelam, particle boards, Doors, Teak Plywood, and Veneers.

12-Alishan Plywood

Alishan plywood is not as popular and big a brand as the above-mentioned plywood brands (especially in south and North India) but in the last 10 years, it created a name for itself. It provides one of the superior quality plywood available. It claimed that its BWP-grade plywood is specially made from rare Gurjan timber. You can go with this brand and especially with its BWP-grade plywood undoubtedly.

Alishan Plywood
Alishan Plywood

Alishan Ply Products

Alishan plywood is available with Alishan Crystal Plywood, Alishan BWP plywood, Alishan BWR plywood, Alishan BWP blockboard, Alishan Flexi ply, and Alishan film-faced shuttering plywood.

Except for the above products it also deals in Flush doors and decorative veneers.

Check Alishan Plywood Price and Product Details

13-SRG Plywood

Before establishing SRG plywood they are in the Timber business since 1895. It is not much popular in eastern and south India and lacks its presence all around India. It is known for its quality plywood products and is majorly a dominant brand in Gujrat.

SRG Plywood
SRG Plywood

SRG Plywood products

SRG plywood product lines are SRG premium plywood, SRG Captor, SRG Wistara, SRG Vigil, SRG Shuttering Ply, and the SRG blockboards are available with the brand name SRG premium, SRG Wistara, and SRG Vigil.

Apart from this SRG plywood only deals in Flush doors.

14-Austin Plywood

Austin plywood is established in the year 2006 and it is most popular in the eastern and northeast states of India. It is opening another plant in Lukhnow and rapidly expanding its business throughout India. Its wide dealer network in some areas and the quality of the product make it popular among people.

Austin Plywood
Austin Plywood Logo

Austin Plywood Products

It has a product line of plywood and blockboard in the brand name like Austin Platinum plus, Austin Club plus, Austin Marine Gold. It is also available with MR plywood called Lincoln MR plywood and flexible plywood.

Apart from this it also provides Austin WPC boards, WPC doors, WPC door frames, and flush doors.

Check Austin Plywood Price and Product Details

15-Saburi Plywood

Saburi plywood is another new plywood manufacturer in India and growing fastly. It’s maintaining its quality and hence gaining popularity among the users.

Saburi plywood
Saburi plywood logo

Saburi Plywood Products

Saburi plywood is available with various plywood products like Saburi perennial, Saburi Club H+, Saburi Gold, Saburi Fire Retradent, Saburi Scout Plywood, and Saburi Smart panel.

Check Saburi Plywood Price and Product Details

16-Mayur ply

Mayur ply is a renowned name in the plywood sector. It was incorporated in 1998 and got momentum after 2000 gradually. What I observed is, that in today’s time people are still searching for this brand.

One thing I can suggest for them is there is no information in the market on whether the actual Mayur Plywood brand is operating or not. As to the report in The Economic Times, the last Annual general meeting happened on 28th September 2017 and the company last updated its financials on 31st March 2017.

Also, Mayur Ply’s official website is showing errors and the landline no updated on their business page is not connecting.

So, it is difficult to say if Mayur ply is operating directly in the market and manufacturing its plywood or if some other plywood manufacturers are using its brand name on a royalty basis is difficult. So you need to be clear before purchasing plywood or any product.

Mayur plywood
Mayur plywood logo

Mayur Ply Products

It has plywood products like Mayur Gold 710 and Mayur MR plywood. Apart from plywood it also deals in veneers called Mayur Veneer.

Which are the top ten plywood brands in India?

If you consider overall things like revenue, brand awareness, quality, and years of market presence then the top 10 plywood brands in my point of view are Centuryply, Greenply, Duroply, Kitply, National Plywood, Archidply, Sylvan ply, Greenpanel, Wigwam plywood, and SRG plywood. But if you consider only the quality of plywood then there are other brands too which are making superior quality of plywood.

Best Gurjan Plywood Brands in India?

Gurjan woods are exported from Burma and Malaysia. Due to continuous logging governments of these countries restricted the logging of Gurjan woods. Hence it is quite difficult to find pure Gurjan plywood. Most of the well-known brands use Gurjan only as the face veneers for both sides of their premium quality plywood. Alishan is the only plywood brand that claims its BWP plywood is from pure Gurjan.


The above-mentioned plywood brands are tested products and have served customers for years. You can go with any brand undoubtedly. In rare cases, a lot of plywood from a good brand may get damaged due to various reasons like during transportation or bad storage by the dealers at your locality. So check the plywood once that you are going to purchase.

All the plywood brands have various sizes of plywood like 8ft X 4ft, 7ft X 4ft, 6ft X 4ft, 8ft X 3ft, 7ft X 3ft, and 6ft X 3ft. Some brands are available with 5ft X 4ft and 5ft X 3ft sizes too. Duroply is a brand which even able to make bigger sizes like 10ft X 4ft,9ft X 4ft,10ft X 3ft, and 9ft X 3ft. the availability of various sizes will help you to select the size for your requirement. This will save you from plywood wastage and hence some extra cost.

And finally, don’t go with the advice of any unknown dealers or retailers to buy some unknown plywood brands.

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