500 Latest steel Jali Designs with Price & Details.

Are you considering Stell Jali designs for your home interior or exterior design and looking for practical CNC steel Jali designs?

Then this page has exactly what you need. Here we are going to discuss more than 1000 steel Jali designs with images and with a usage guide, which you can download for free and prepare with the help of any CNC Jali cutting service provider in your area. If you wish for iron Jali designs or any other metal Jali designs like brass, HPL, or MS then you can use these designs too.

We have already discussed All types of Jali designs and more than 1000 Jali design images. You can go through this.

Steel Jali Designs
Steel Jali design for a gate

What is Steel Jali Designs?

With the help of a CNC router machine or a laser cutting machine steel sheets are designed in various patterns that are used as Stell Jali designs. These Jali designs are increasingly popular these days and are massively used for home interiors and exteriors.

There are many grades of steel you can use for Jali designs like SS 204 and SS 304. But what I recommend you, use SS 304 grade steel, particularly for exterior use. It is highly durable than SS 202 grade and do not rust easily. If you are in the coastal region then pick only SS 304.

Why Steel Jali is Better?

The reason steel jali designs are popular is due to their amazing finish, Security, and longevity. They are resistant to any weather conditions, do not contain dirt and stains easily, are easy to wash, cost-effective, and are fire resistant.

It also takes less time to design and molded into any shape or pattern.

Usage of Steel Jali Designs

Steel Jali designs are used in various ways.

It is used in entrance main gate. Steel Jali gate design are now trending. It provides a fresh look with some artistic patterns. Most people prefer some auspicious sign like Omm, Ganesh Ji jali design in their main gate. Flower patterns are also popular in steel gate Jali designs.

Also people prefer steel Jali designs in their entrance main door. Either in their saftey grill or the main door with steel Jali designs. Many people interested for a wooden door design with stell Jali. No doubt the combination of wooden door with steel Jali provides a fabulous look. Even some prefer Steel jali designs for windows.

You can also use steel Jali designs in balcony and staircase fence.

Steel Jali designs is becomeing popular in interior design mainly in partition. Brass, cupper, rose gold,gold, and black coated finished Stell jali designs are being popular.

Stell Jali designs are used as decorative items especially for wall decor.

Below are some images of steel Jali designs which you can consider for your home.

Steel Jali Designs

Lets check some latest steel Jali designs that you can consider for your home.

Stainless Steel Jali Design Price

Steel Jali design price is different according to the grade and gaze of the steel sheet. How ever a SS304 grade steel jali design cost you around Rs 350 per square foot.

Where to use Steel Jali designs?

You can use steel Jali designs in partitin, balcony, staircase, main door, saftey door, main gate etc. Most people prefer to design their main gate with steel Jali designs.

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