Is South Facing House Vastu good enough?A detailed Guide.

Room wise south facing house Vastu plan, A detailed guide, Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

Are you bothered by your south-facing house and need a perfect Vastu plan?

Then you are at the right place. Here we are going to provide you with all details of the south-facing house Vastu plan.

Many people think a south-facing home brings bad luck and misfortune to its households. But in reality, there is nothing like that. Vastu does not endorse such things. We have already discussed how you approach Vastu. Vastu is a concept that applies to every house irrespective of the directional orientation.

So be clear of this misconception first, Your south-facing house is good as other houses and brings prosperity and growth if is properly followed by Vastu.

You can go through Vastu for home and check out various directional houses.

So let’s move to the next part and discuss it clearly.

South-facing house Vastu
South facing house

What is a South facing House?

When the main entrance of any house is directed toward the south then the house is considered a south-facing house. You can say while coming out of a south-facing house through the main entrance your face is directed towards the south direction.

You should use a magnetic compass to determine the direction accurately rather than determining it according to the direction of the Sun. It may be incorrect.

How you determine the exact south direction?

Why do people hesitate to a south-facing house?

Is south facing house good enough?

As an interior design professional, one thing I observed many people hesitate to buy a new house or land that faces the south.

Why so?

The actual thing is rooted in our Hindu mythology! or we can say our understanding of it.

According to Hindu mythology, this direction belongs to the Lord Yama (the god of death). Also, according to Ramayana, the kingdom of Lanka (now Srilanka), is in the south and belongs to Ravan and other evils (Rakhyasa).

That’s why many people believe and consider the south direction is inauspicious which is far from the truth.

How to approach Vastu for South facing House?

  • First, be clear about the fact that south facing house is good and habitable. There is nothing wrong or lucky or unlucky with the south-facing house.
  • Many people may say many things. Do not listen to others, they may be all rumors. Consult a good Vastu expert and discuss. They can help you for sure.
  • The best time to implement Vastu is before the construction of the house. Some even prefer it before purchasing land.
  • If you already had a south-facing house then you can go with remedial Vastu.

To whom South-facing house suit the best?

As per Vastu experts, the Mars planet rules in the south direction and it represents energy. Also, the element fire is associated with this direction.

According to Vastu, the south-facing house suits best, the people associated with real estate, entertainment industries, and medical industries, security. Also south-facing houses is good for police, administrative people, and factory and manufacturing industry owners.

According to Vastu shastra, the south-facing property is good for the Zodiac signs, Virgo (Kanya), Taurus(Vrishava), and Capricorn (Makara).

South-facing house Vastu plan

Except for Vastu, there are several things you have to consider before planning a house.

Building a house is a dream for many! It is not that like if your Vastu plan is ready then you can adjust overall things after all. The house must have a good look from the interior and exterior as well. It should have easy for households and fulfill all your requirement beautifully.

For that, you have to consult a good architect who provides Vastu solutions too, or else you have to consult both differently, but as for me, the latter is a bit complex for you.

However, we are providing you a basic south-facing house Vastu plan for (a 30×40) ft size area, from which gave you can get a clear picture before proceedings. Also, you can consider this Vastu plan for a smaller or bigger area or flat.

South-facing house Vastu plan
South-facing house Vastu plan

South facing house Vastu for Main Entrance

As per the south-facing house Vastu plan, it is best to place the Main entrance equidistance from the center and the southeast corner.

It is good to maintain the main gate and the main entrance in a row.

Also, ensure the size of the main door should be larger than all doors.

Kitchen Vastu for a south-facing house

Kitchen Vastu of a south-facing house states that the southeast direction should be the first preference for the kitchen and you should face east while cooking.

The second option is northwest. Here you have to face west while cooking.

South-facing house Vastu for open spaces

Open spaces bring positivity to an atmosphere and change the whole vibe with the sunlight. Sun represents energy, prosperity, and elegance. It makes your home well-ventilated too. But as for south facing house Vastu plan, there is a proper way to avail open spaces.

It is advisable to provide more open spaces like balconies in the north than in the south.

South facing house Vastu plan with Puja room

Puja room is the first thing people think about while doing their Vastu and it is always a query for them where to place the Puja room in a south-facing house.

According to puja room Vastu, the Puja room always be on the northeast side irrespective of the directional orientation of the house. This applies to a south-facing house too. So, you can place your Puja unit, Mandir, or Puja room in the northeast side undoubtedly.

Living room Vastu for south facing house

According to Vastu the Living room should be on the south, southwest, or west side.

If you considering a drawing room the direction is the same as the living room.

Staircase Vastu for south facing house

As per the Staircase Vastu plan for a south-facing house, the staircase should be in the south or west direction.

you also use the southwest corner for the staircase.

South facing house Vastu for bedroom

It is best to place the Bedroom on the north and east side as per the south-facing house Vastu Plan. Make the bed arrangements accordingly so that your head lies towards the south while sleeping. You can place the Kids-room and the Guest bedroom on the northwest side of your property.

South facing house Vastu for Toilet or bathroom

It is best to place the bathroom on the northwest side. You can do another one in the southeast direction too. Ensure the one is not facing the east and west while using.

It is advisable to make the bathroom floor at least one foot higher than the other floor levels.

Vastu for overhead water tank, underground water reservoir, and septic tank for south facing house

Avoid any kind of underground tank or water reservoir in front of the house or in the southern direction. You can place it in either the west or in the southwest corner.

You can place the overhead tank in the southwest corner.

Choosing colors for a south facing house as per Vastu

It is advisable to always choose lighter tones of colors than darker ones. Using colors like a light shade of brown, red or orange is auspicious according to Vastu.

Avoid black, grey, dark blue, or any kind of darker colors.

Room wise Vastu plan for a south-facing house

In the below table, we are going to summarise the orientation or direction of each room according to Vastu for a South facing house, so that it is easy for you to understand.

You can take a screenshot or save it to use later.

Assigned Room or thingDirection as per Vastu
Main gateequidistance from the center and
the southeast corner
Main Doorequidistance from the center and
the southeast corner
Puja roomNorth-East
KitchenSouth-East, North-West
Dining roomWest
Living roomSouth, South West
DrawingSouth, South West, West
BedroomNorth, east, northeast
Guest roomnorthwest
Study roomWest
Kids roomwest, southwest
StaircaseSouthwest, west, south
Room wise south-facing house Vastu plan

Do’s for the south facing house Vastu plan

  • If you are interested to add a garden to your home then make it either in the south or southeast.
  • Ensure the South and west walls are thicker than that of others.
  • The entrance door color is either wooden, brown, or red.
  • Make sure plenty of sunlight for the house.
  • The shape of your house should be square or rectangular.
  • Make sure your plot is not inclined except from south to north.

Some Don’ts for the South Facing House Vastu plan

  • Don’t judge a south-facing house as auspicious.
  • Don’t listen to random people rather consult a good Vastu expert.
  • Avoid the plot which inclined from north to south.
  • Don’t use the dark shed of colors.


The North and east-facing homes may be favorable according to Vastu but Vastu does not endorse that the south-facing homes are unlucky. You can live happily in south facing home as well as other houses if you follow Vastu properly.

Rather than panicking, it’s better to consult a Vastu expert. Follow the remedies and Vastu solutions for a south-facing home. However, according to Vastu, your growth and prosperity do not depend upon the directional orientation of a house.

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