Small Modular Kitchen(2023)? Know Details!

Small modular kitchen with real example and pricing details with kitchen appliances, Tips for planning and designing, A detailed report

You have a small space for a kitchen and want a perfect kitchen layout to make a nice compact small modular kitchen.

Don’t worry! We have designed numerous small kitchens, especially for middle-class families within a specific budget for the last 7 years and here we are going to share every possible thing related to small kitchens in detail.

With the increase in population, urbanization, and decrease of per capita land most people are now moved to small apartments and flats where they are comparatively smaller rooms and the kitchen is even smaller than that of all.

According to the country’s 63rd national survey in 2008, 55% of the country’s urban population lives, sleeps, cooks, and washes in a space no bigger than 5.5 sq m.

Therefore, a well-designed small modular kitchen that is budget-friendly, good for storage, space-saving, and looks attractive is the need of the hour.

Are you planning your home interior? This will definitely help you!

Small Modular Kitchen

In India, most of the apartments, flats, duplexes, and even individual buildings are built in an area between 1000sq. ft to a maximum of 1500 sq. ft and some are even smaller than 1000 sq. ft.

In these cases, the allocated kitchen area is mostly under 60 or 70 sq. ft.

We conducted a recent survey through our Instagram page in the stories quiz section regarding kitchen size in India and 80% of people go with either 60 sq. ft or less.

Here is the result

Kitchen size Instagram poll results

Only 12 people selected option D out of 150 people, who participated. 90% of people selected the first 3 options.

So, Indian style small modular kitchen design means the designs that are good enough within 70sq ft or less room size.

 But before going to the design part, let’s be clear about the planning part.

Small modular kitchen planning

The first thing you can start with is planning. Proper planning can save you time and money.

Below are some important things you should do during the planning phase.

  • Take the measurement of the length and width of the kitchen room and note down the actual kitchen size.
  • Make a list of kitchen appliances you are going to use.
  • Consider your food habits, no of households, and the space you need for your kitchenware.
  • Be clear with your requirements.
  • Decide the maximum cost you can spend on the kitchen.

So, you can plan the amount of space you actually need and this will determine the actual modular kitchen size and design as well within your budget.

Now once you are ready and decided to go with the small space small modular kitchen type then you have to decide on the kitchen design that fits your kitchen room the best.

Small Modular Kitchen Designs

One thing I observed over the years is, that many modular kitchen makers, firms, or professionals misguide people regarding the design. They intentionally suggest absurd designs to increase the volume of the work to earn more profit as they are mostly charging you on a square feet basis. They generally focus on doing more and more cabinets which is not the right way to handle a small kitchen.

small modular kitchen
small modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is not just making cabinets, the main aim of any modular furniture is to manage space efficiently and to create an easy flexible workspace. And especially for a small kitchen, you can’t ignore such things.

So, select the design carefully which manages or saves space for you, meets your storage need, and falls within your budget.

Most of the kitchen rooms in flats and apartments come with cement concrete slabs and the majority are either straight where you can go with the I-shaped modular kitchen or L shaped where you can go with the L-shaped modular kitchen.

Of course yes, there is another option to go with the other designs like U-shaped, G-shaped, parallel, galley, or island kitchen. But for that, you need to dismantle the concrete slab which many people do not prefer.

Another thing is, that these designs need a larger width of the kitchen room at least 7 to 8 feet (8 feet is better), and a wider or open entry point. Most of these designs are open kitchen designs and do not fit in a closed-door kitchen. 

You can design a U-shaped or parallel kitchen with a less wide entry point and within a closed door but you definitely need a wider area.

For example, let’s assume the kitchen width is 6ft and you want to make a U-shaped or parallel-shaped kitchen within it.

Distance of two kitchen cabinets
Distance of two kitchen cabinets

As shown in the above images U shaped kitchen takes three walls except for the entry wall and the parallel kitchen takes two major big walls on both sides.

The minimum depth of the countertop cabinet is 2ft. hence you are just left with a 2ft wide (arrow marked on above image) to move around in between the cabinets which are too narrow and very difficult to operate. A 4ft gap is always better.

And the result is- a small kitchen even looking smaller.

Hence it is always better to prefer an I-shaped kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen design for a small modular kitchen.

Or, if you have a wider entry wall then you can dismantle the wall for an open kitchen and go with many kitchen design opportunities.

So, let’s discuss various modular kitchen designs so that you can make a beautiful modern small kitchen.

One-wall small modular kitchen

If you want to make a small kitchen design Indian style then a one-wall kitchen is the best one to look for.

This is also called a single-wall kitchen or a straight kitchen.

Straight or I-shaped Modular Kitchen

I suggest many people with this kitchen design who are looking for a simple small modular kitchen because this design is a space saver and looks decent. This is also easy to build and costs less.

One of the important things about this kitchen is, that it takes a very small place, so, you can get ample of space left in the kitchen.

If you think this type of kitchen is not enough for your storage purpose then you can use the wall for it. Make kitchen overhead units to store essentials. You also can add a kitchen tall unit attached to the kitchen countertop as shown in the above picture. These units are fixed on the wall and your kitchen floor space remains intact.

If you are looking for a modular kitchen on a low budget then this kitchen design is the one you can go with.

Some people may hesitate about this I-shaped design kitchen due to Vastu compliance. As for the Vastu rule, the fire and the water element should not be on the same kitchen counter.

In this case, you either create another small unit for the kitchen sink or can opt for some other designs.

L shape Small Modular Kitchen

This one is the most common and prevalent kitchen design. L shape kitchen designs are mostly seen in flats, apartments, and small houses.

L-shaped modular kitchen
L-shaped kitchen

Most of the flats and apartments are delivered to the customer along with an L shape cement concrete base and many prefer to go with it rather than modification.

An L-shaped kitchen takes a little more space than an I-shaped kitchen but not much. This one is a good small kitchen idea, especially for those who want a little more storage space in the kitchen base unit.

Small Open Kitchen Ideas

If you are looking for different or stylish small kitchen designs then open kitchen designs are the one for you. You can go with any design with an open kitchen. These types of kitchens are trendy and have a significant impact on the overall home design.

The open kitchen is basically those who are open to the dining room and have no doors in between or you can say a single hall used for kitchen and dining. This is the best way to save space for a small house with a beautiful look.

small open kitchen
Small Open Kitchen Design

But for this, you need a big hall or a wider entry point (as much as your kitchen width). You can dismantle the entry wall if it separates the kitchen from the dining.

It may cost you a little more but definitely helps the room look bigger and provides a modern trendy look.

Isn’t it worth picking this design?

Some Tips for Small Modular Kitchen

We are going to share some tips for you from our experience over the years so that you can implement to make a better small modular kitchen for you

There are something you should follow and some you should not for a small kitchen. Go through the below points

Say No to Parallel Kitchen

Say no to a parallel kitchen or galley kitchen if your kitchen width is not more than 7 feet. This design is good for big kitchens as it consumes too many floors space. So not considering these types of designs especially when your kitchen room is small is wise.

Use Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Using the wall space for storage is better than using the floor space, especially for a small kitchen. For the effective use of space, you should consider floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets.

Wall cabinets which are often called floating cabinets, do not affect your room size and you don’t have to bend downwards to use them. These overhead kitchen cabinets are right in front of your head and hence convenient to use.

You can also add a tall unit for a better storage facility and ease of operation.

You can make a loft or top upper box kitchen cabinets which you can use to store things that you don’t use regularly.

Smaller Base Unit

Keep the kitchen base unit small. Don’t ever consider a bigger base unit for your kitchen or countertop area for a small space. As I mentioned above, I shaped kitchen is the best or you can go with an L-shaped kitchen. Other designs acquire many spaces and make the kitchen even smaller. Going with a small base unit for the kitchen is always better.

Less Kitchen Basket

What I experienced is most clients bargain for more and more kitchen baskets. I always suggest they to go with 3 to 4 baskets in maximum for a small kitchen.

Baskets generally consume more space but hold specific things as designed. Use the baskets only for the utensils or things you use on a daily basis. Keep your temporary usable in other storage areas like a loft or top upper boxes.

One cutlery basket and two plain baskets are better. If you want to add another, go for a bottle pull-out basket. I suggest you the plain basket because it holds any design and any kind of utensils or required material easily together.

Also, baskets make you spend more. So, there is no reason to invest in the basket for a small modular kitchen.

Use the Corners effectively

Except for I-shaped kitchens and parallel kitchens, most kitchen designs have corners on the base countertop. Generally, kitchen corners are not easy to access. So, for a small kitchen, it is not wise to ignore the corners.

Some people use it as a place to store gas cylinders, but this is not the right way to use a kitchen corner.

There are various smart ways you can design to use kitchen corner cabinets properly.

Kitchen corner option
Kitchen corner option for a small kitchen

As shown in the above image you can design the corner kitchen cabinets with drawers or use the corner basket, like an s-carousal basket, full round corner unit, or magic corner basket. For a more economical way, I would suggest a wider corner door for easy access.

Minimum kitchen appliances

More kitchen appliances mean more place and more expenses. Too much of appliances can create a mess in a small kitchen. Select the kitchen appliances carefully and only keep the appliances you really need. Go through the kitchen appliances list here and select the ones for your requirement.

Keep the Refrigerator out of the kitchen

If the refrigerator fits well in the kitchen, then it’s okay or you have always had the option to shift it out to the dining. In some cases, fridges or refrigerators do not fit well in the kitchen, especially in a compact space and if you keep them in the kitchen anyhow then they often take an awkward position. And it’s a big trouble if you already have a wider big refrigerator.

Use of Under sink area

For a small modular kitchen, you need to use every possible way to manage space. Use the under-sink area with a dustbin holder. You can fix the dustbin holders on the shutters or install a pull-out can. This is the best area to place the dustbin. You can also place trash bags, cleaning supplies, and accessories by placing a couple of shelves or drawers or simply with functional baskets.

Vastu for kitchen

If you are a follower of Vastu and want to make a kitchen according to Vastu then a short point is not enough. There are many things to discuss. For that, we have extensively mentioned everything here. Check this out.

Make your small kitchen beautiful

If you think only the bigger kitchens look cool then you are wrong. Definitely, larger kitchen sizes help to execute various designs nicely but you can go with certain kitchen designs and use some specific color patterns to make a small modular kitchen beautiful.

There are also some other factors that impact the kitchen look

Let’s discuss some points.

Select the right color

For a small kitchen selection of colors is important. Always go with a light color. Light reflects more on these colors; hence it makes the kitchen look spacious. A dark tone of color absorbs light and makes your room even smaller. So, it is better to avoid them.

simple small white kitchen
A simple small white kitchen

Simple White kitchens are trending nowadays. I mean a single white color for the entire kitchen and believe me this looks amazingly beautiful if properly done.

Or use two sets of colors for the whole kitchen, one for the base countertop unit and another for the overhead and other wall units. Don’t mix the colors in one unit, this type of combination does not look trendy nowadays.

Use Edge banding tapes for better finishing

Most people do not take advantage of PVC edge banding tapes. Using edge banding tape in modular furniture making is the key to a seamless look.

PVC edge banding tapes
PVC edge banding tapes

It is basically used with laminates for modular furniture making. Use the same color of edge banding tape matched to the laminate color you picked for your kitchen. Using laminate for edge finishing makes the furniture dull, as a black line is visible on every edge, and it’s more prevalent with light color laminates.

Add some open shelves

Add a couple of open shelves. This will work as a highlighter for your kitchen and breaks the monotony of any single color or design. This will definitely make your kitchen look different and attractive.

Kitchen Open Shelves
Kitchen Open Shelves

You can use it for frequently used items or with some small indoor plants. If you wish you can use spotlights in these open cabinets.

Use color for these shelves which are contrasting your other kitchen cabinets. If confused you can use a simple wooden color of light tone over here.

Select the right Finishing

There are many finishing you can go with. Laminate (many mentioned it as sun mica) is a common option and is used frequently in kitchens and other modular furniture. Laminate is a cost-saving option, easily available, and durable. Laminate finish kitchen can be handmade.

If you want other finishing for your kitchen then you can go with Deco paint, acrylic, or profile glass. Many people are curious about acrylic finish kitchens the most. But these are expensive options and need factory work. If you have a good budget in your hand then you can opt for these finishes. I can say, for a low-budget kitchen laminate is the best option to look after.

Open Kitchen Breakfast Table

If the space allows you then definitely add a breakfast table at the kitchen entry point.

Open Kitchen Breakfast Table
Open Kitchen Breakfast Table

This helps your kitchen look modern and adds a style statement to the whole interior. This table also helps you to serve food for the dining. You don’t need to go to the dining table always, use it for a quick meal or breakfast.

And the kitchen Handles

There are many types and finishes of handles available in the market and people are often confused about which one to choose for their kitchen. G or J profile handles to customized artistic handles, pull-out handles to regular handles, all can fit your kitchen nicely. But match the handle colors with your kitchen color.

Small Modular Kitchen Price

Many people are eager to know the price of an Indian-style small modular kitchen so that they can plan their budget accordingly or it is easier for them to negotiate the price with the modular kitchen makers.

It is difficult for me to accumulate and describe various kitchens with different room sizes and designs. The price of the kitchen depends on many factors like the materials and the finishing you used the fittings, and the no of baskets.

What I am going to do here is provide you with the price of a kitchen for a specific room size with specifications of material details generally used in most kitchens by example.

This is a modular kitchen at Bhubaneswar that we completed some years back for a 3bhk apartment, and the below rates are adjusted according to the current rate. Go through the details.

Modular Kitchen Price
L shape Modular Kitchen Price

Kitchen Room Size- 9ft(width) X 8ft(depth)

Core Material used- HDF (century Premium Plus)

Finish- 1mm Century laminate (Lucida premium range)

Details- Handmade carcass with Factory finish shutters.

Kitchen base L-shape as visible,

Overhead cabinets- 3ft x 2ft on both sides of the chimney as visible.

Top upper box- U-shaped as visible

Kitchen Baskets- 4pc baskets make in by Hettich (1pc perforated cutlery, 2pc plain wired, 1pc bottle pull out wired)

Chanel and Hinges- Make in by Hettich

Handles- G-profile Handles

Total cost with factory finish shutters- 1,25,000/- INR (excluding quartz countertop, civil work, kitchen chimney, and sink)

It will cost around 85,000/- INR without the top upper cabinets(In white)

This kitchen with hand finish work and .8mm laminates will cost you around- 1lac in INR and It will cost around 55,000/- in INR without the top upper cabinets(In white)

Factory finish Acrylic kitchen price for the same design is around- 1,85,000/- to 2,10,000/- INR (Acrylic shutters vary according to the variety and with suppliers) and It will cost around 1,35,000/- to 1,60,000/- in INR without the top upper cabinets(In white)

Apart from that the above kitchen chimney cost around- 18,500/- INR (Hindware Alicia plus75cm)

And Carysil double bowl kitchen sink- 6,000/-

*Note: this is the modular kitchen price at Bhubaneswar now, price may vary 10 to 20% from location to location. The modular kitchens in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and other big cities in India may vary a little more.

What is the minimum cost of a modular kitchen?

The cost of a modular kitchen depends upon the size of the kitchen, the finishing, and the quality of the material you opt for. A tiny modular kitchen with a hand finish can be done within 30,000 in INR and may go up to 8 to 10 lacs.

Is modular kitchen long-lasting?

Durability depends upon the usage and the material you used. You have to use it delicately. With good quality material and proper care, it may last for long as 10 to 15 years.

Is there anything you want to add? plz, mention this in the below comment section.

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