Furniture planning & Furniture selection? Best tips-2023!

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Have you ever imagined a home without furniture?

Of course not!

Furniture is the most vital for both design aspects and usage.

Whether you bought a new home or want a makeover to your old one to give it a new trendy look, you have to plan certain furniture.

But most of us get confused about which one to buy and which one to not, as there are many attractive designs and varieties of furniture available in both offline and online marketplace, and we often create a mess to the whole home or room at last.

Furniture planning and Furniture selections are the two important aspects and the most challenging thing for every homeowner.

So, let’s discuss in detail the furniture types and some important aspects of furniture planning and selection, so that you can select the right set of furniture for your home.

You can go through this article first to learn the planning part of interior designing, so it’s easy for you to make decisions regarding furniture alignment and all.

Furniture for home

Prioritize your needs and acknowledge the space during furniture selection

Understand your needs and requirements like the no of households, the space of each room, mandatory basic furniture, etc.

It will look good if you keep enough free space in a room rather than flood it with many furniture and make it crowded. It’s important to go with only the basic furniture especially if your room is small. You too can use space-saving furniture.

Select the basic furniture first like bed, some chairs or sofas, cupboard or wardrobe, kitchen, dining, etc if there are many households and then go for the extra ones according to your budget.

Allocate a budget to select the furniture for your home

Don’t go to the market without a budget. Assign a budget and stick to it and select the furniture according to your budget. If you have already planned it then it’s good, or else you just have to plan now.

There is a wide range of furniture available in the market with various price ranges. You can contact some furniture contractor or dealer in your area or you may go to various e-commerce websites or online furniture stores to know the price range of various furniture.

Select the furniture by categorizing them

There are many varieties of furniture you can directly buy from the market and there is furniture you have to customize according to your space, budget and to fulfill your design aspects.

So, you can categorize furniture into two types

                      Customized furniture

                      Non-customized furniture

Select the furniture by categorizing them

Customized furniture

There is furniture you just can’t buy and fix as there is a specific space allocated to them according to your room size and designs. There are many pieces of furniture you have to customize like modular kitchen, wardrobe, TV unit, Puja unit, Study unit, sofas, etc according to your space and requirements. You can make it on your own at your home or you may order it from the market.

To make it at home you can take a help of a professional like an interior designing firm, architect, interior designer, or contractor, or you can plan and learn to make it by yourself (DIY) by appointing a good carpenter and if you choose to order it from a customizing furniture dealer then they have to take your measurements, make it in their factory and fix it at your end.

Non-customized furniture

There is certain furniture for every home that you can buy directly from the marketplace (both offline and online) like various chairs, dining sets, center tables, stools, and many more.

You should buy these as it is easy and more affordable to buy than to customize and also you can find various designs and ample varieties which are difficult to customize. You can take the help of any interior designer or find it through various online websites, and e-commerce sites like Amazon, FlipkartPepperfryurban ladder or use social media or can visit any furniture store available in your area. If you have an IKEA store in your location then it’s best to go there or you can order online here from IKEA.

Select furniture according to your room color

Select furniture according to your room color

Some color goes well with other and some do not. Wooden or coffee color furniture goes well with light shade colors, metallic color furniture goes well with blue shades, or you can use paint of neutral colors like Gray or off-white that goes well with any furniture color. You can research more about the color patterns and select furniture and paints accordingly.

Select furniture according to the design theme

Select furniture according to the design theme

Did you select a theme for your interior design? If not then select it now before designing anything. You can select a simple classical theme or bohemian, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, or modern. The theme will make you select according to a certain style and combines everything together in a discipline. So, it’s easy for you to select furniture and other decorative materials, or else you can take the help of any interior professional.

Select furniture according to quality and durability

If you want to invest one time in furniture which you can use for a long period of time with little maintenance, then go for the best quality materials at least for the furniture you used frequently. You may not choose wood as its non-availability and high price range then you can go for the compressed wood or ply of 710 grade of any good brand or the new HDF materials. You can choose laminate of higher thickness(1mm) or other finishing materials and hardware of a good make-in brand. So, don’t forget to take quotations for both customized furniture and ready-to-buy furniture with all material details.

Select furniture according to design trends

Select furniture according to design trends

Select simple but best-looking furniture for your home and follow the trending designs of various furniture. For example, the open modular kitchen with an attached breakfast table is in recent trend and for shutters (various furniture doors) you can go for factory finish shutters of laminate, acrylic, glass, and many more with proper edge finish which looks fabulous.

And in this digital age, it is quite easy for you to find trending designs, or else you too can take the help of any professional designer and plan accordingly.

How do I choose a sofa for my living room?

Go with the design and theme you choose for your home or living room, consider your lifestyle and usage, and decide your budget before buying a sofa. Either you can take inspiration from various social media or e-commerce sites like IKEA and all or you may take the help of any interior professionals.

What factors affect the choice of furniture for the house?

The basic factors that affect your furniture choice are your usage and requirements, the space available in your home or room, your budget, and definitely consider the color, the material used for the furniture, and its design.

What type of furniture is modern?

Modern furniture trends are basically simple minimalist designs, soothing neutral colors designed in a certain discipline.

How to pick furniture that goes together?

Go with a certain color palette and design for your room or home and it’s best to go with a theme. You can take the help of any interior designer or browse various images and designs of various rooms on social media and through the internet.

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