Cheapest Plant Pot Stand for multiple Plants You Should Try on-2023.

Are you considering buying a flower pot stand or plant stand for your home?

Then you are on the right page, here we recommend some decorative pot stands for indoors and outdoors that we often used for our clients. You can buy those from here too.

Decorative Pot stands for Home

What is a pot stand?

Pot stands are used for growing plants indoors and outdoor plants. Many people also called it a plant stand or Gamla stand. In these modern times, most people want to use it as a decorative piece rather than only functional.

Plants are more than decor and style today. They bring life to home and are visually appealing. You just place them in such a way, so that they should improve the overall aesthetics of your home and fill your home with a new vibe.

So to arrange them beautifully, you need a great pot stand or a plant stand, and today the easiest way to get them is online. This is a medium where you can find various types of pot stands in one place, compare the price and design, and pick the one you like the most.

So, below I am recommending some selected budget-friendly trendy pot stands, which you can buy.

Plant Cart Pot Stand

This is an alloy steel plant stand and is often called a plant cart with wheels. This flower stand is one of the most popular among households due to its unique design. This minimalist plant pot stand design can to any place in your home and hold 4 Gamla in maximum. It comes in white color and has a perfect plant stand for living room.

Let’s check some important product detail of this stand in the below table.

MaterialAlloy steel, Metal
Shape4 tire cart shaped
Pot holding capacity4
Item Dimensions HxWxD62x 62 x 22 Centimeters
Product Details

European Style Cart Pot Stand

This one is another fabulous-looking plant cart stand. This stylish pot stand is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. Many interior designers prefer this well-designed plant stand for living rooms and entrances. However, you can place it anywhere you want, and no doubt it looks stunning. This comes in white and black colour.

Look at some product details about the stand.

MaterialMetal with powder coated
ShapeEuropian style cart
Item Dimensions LxWxH81.3 x 25.4 x 73.7 Centimeters
Product Details

Tall metal Pot stand

If you are looking for a tall plant stand for indoors or outdoors then you can consider this. This is a powder-coated iron plant stand that you can use in the living room, balcony, and entrance. The powder coating protects it from rust and scratches. It can hold multiple pots and look fabulous.

Let’s check some product features.

MaterialWrought Iron with powder coated
ShapeTall shaped
Item Weight6000 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH35.6 x 22.9 x 106.7 Centimeters
Product details

Corner plant stand

If you want to design any corner of your home then this type of corner plant stand fits well. This is a 3 tire flower plant stand made up of metal. The powder coating makes it rustproof and hence can be used outdoors too. It is available in both black and white color.

Below are some product features.

ColorBlack, White
Dimension(L x W x H)81cm x 57cm x 70cm
Shape3 tire Rounded
No of Potmultiple
Product Details

Gold Pot stand

The color of the pot stand matches the color of the gold. Hence it is called the Golden pot stand. The design and the color make it the favorite of many interior designers. If you prefer to place a golden-colored pot stan then you can avail of this.

Let’s check some product specifications in the below table.

Item Weight2 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH17.8 x 17.8 x 63.5 Centimeters
Product Details

6-Tier Cart Planter Stand

This is another plant cart stand with a four-wheel design. If you looking for cart style planter stand then this is one design you can go with. This can hold 6 pots at maximum and comes with white color.

Let’s check out some product features of this pot stand

Pot stand ColorCream
MaterialWrought Iron
Pot shape6-tire rectangular cart
No of Pot6
Dimensions (L x W x H)62 x 69 x 22 cm
Product Details

Natural Cane Flower Pot Stand

This is a hand-crafted pot stand with a natural cane. This looks amazingly beautiful and improves the overall aesthetics of any room. You can use this pot stand for living room as a high lighter. This comes in assembled condition and is used in interiors only. Those who are looking for a wooden plant stand can try this.

Here are some product details of the flower stand.

Pot stand ColorBrown
Pot shape3 tire
No of Pot3
Dimensions (L x W x H)43 x 43 x 96 cm
Product details

Teak Wood Plant Stand

This is a plant stand made up of natural wood. Those who are looking for a natural wooden plant stand can try this. It can be used only in interiors and have 4 shelves. You can use it to showcase your favorite plant collection in the living, entrance, and balcony.

Let’s check some product details

Pot stand Colornatural wood
MaterialTeak Wood
Pot shape4 tire
No of Pot4 minimum
Dimensions (L x W x H)36 x 28 x 110 cm
Product details

Hanging plant Stand

Hanging plant stands are best for small homes and flats. If you are searching for a particular plant stand for balcony then you can consider this. The important thing about this is, it required no floor space. It is made only for wall mounting purposes and specifically used to decorate balconies. It comes in a set of 4.

Below are some product specifications of it.

Pot stand ColorBlack
weight600 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)27 x 14 x 27 cm
Product Details

Hanging plant stand

This plant stand is perfectly made for balcony railing. This pot stand has a weight capacity of up to 50 kg. You can place 2 big size pots or 3 medium size pots in here. If you have a small space or want to design your balcony with plants then you can go for this stand.

Let’s check the product details.

Pot stand ColorBlack
Pot shaperectangular
No of Pot2 to 3
Dimensions (L x W x H)22 x 51 x 12 cm
Product Details

3 Tier Metal Flower Stand

This flower stand looks beautiful due to its stunning finish. This one is a well-designed flower stand and is perfect for indoor design. Although you can use it outdoors too. It is pre-assembled. It prevents rusting and is fully waterproof.

Pot stand ColorBlack
MaterialWrought Iron
Pot shape3 tire
No of Pot3
Dimensions (L x W x H)68 x 25.5 x 61 cm
Product Details

Double Pot stand

The plant stand can hold only two pots. people often called it a double pot stand. This is an iron plant stand with black color only. If you are searching for a minimalist corner plant stand, then you can go with this one.

Let’s check some product features.

Pot stand ColorBlack
Pot shape2 tire straight
No of Pot2
Dimensions (L x W x H)60 x 28.5 x 24 cm
Product Details

Single Pot Stand

This designer pot stand can only hold one pot. You can use this stand for the living room, balcony, and entryway. This metal plant stand can be used outdoors too.

Let’s check some required product details.

Pot stand ColorWhite
Pot shapeStraight
No of Pot1
Weight2 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)24 x 28.5 x 60 cm
Product Details

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