North Facing House Vastu Plan with Tips for a peaceful life.

Vastu house plans north facing, Vastu plan for every room, Tips and details

Are you considering investing your hard-earned money in a north-facing home and eager to know the Vastu for it?

Then this page is for you. Here we are going to tell you all details about north facing house Vastu plan with some valuable tips that you should implement for a happy and prosperous life.

According to Vastu shastra, north facing homes are the most preferable option over other directional homes. But that does not mean the north facing house is positive enough for a peaceful life. You have to follow a certain set of Vastu principles to make it Vastu-compliant for the better.

As the north direction belongs to Lord Kuber (the god of wealth) many people have a misconception that the direction is perfect for living. But the concept of Vastu tells something different. Any directional house needs a perfect Vastu plan for the well-being of the households. Hence we have to arrange rooms and many other things or rectify Vastu mistakes to make the north-directed homes the best possible homes to live in.

North facing house Vastu
North Facing Home

The north direction belongs to Kuber, the god of wealth. Hence many people believe that the north facing homes are quite good for living a prosperous life. But Vastu tells something different.

Misconception about north facing house vastu.

What is a North Facing House?

In a north facing house the direction of the main entrance is north-faced, or simply when you get out of your home through the main entrance your face is directed towards the north direction.

But be clear with the thing that, any guesswork to measure the direction or mark the direction according to the sun is not going to work. The direction of the main entrance of your house should be measured by a magnetic compass.

How to approach Vastu For North Facing House?

According to Vastu North facing houses are favorable for a living but they should have Vastu compliant. You have to arrange everything related to the home according to Vastu principles. Otherwise, it may not lead to a good outcome as you expected.

There are certain Vastu principles for north facing home like placing the main entrance, kitchen, living rooms, and other areas like any other directional house. You need to consult a good Vastu expert in your area and discuss your requirement, collect a couple of plans, and select the one suits you the best.

If you consider my advice then go with a plan that does not hamper the looks of your house. It should have nice interior planning and exterior elevation as well.

North Facing House Vastu Plan

Building a house is a dream for many. People often put a large sum of hard-earned money and some even invest a majority of their lifetime earnings into building a house. So, be patient, there are many things you have to plan before building a house, and Vastu is one of them.

So, it’s better to collect a plan from a Vastu expert rather than online or from here and there. A Vastu plan that may suit to other and not at all you. Vastu may differ from person to person and from place to place.

Vastu experts in India take many things into consideration before preparing a Vastu plan. Starting from the plot size, plot inclination, geographical indication of the plot, and owner of the property to astrology. Some even prefer to test the soil before planning Vastu.

However, we are providing you a basic north facing house Vastu plan for (30×40)ft size, so that you can get a general idea. You too can use the below Vasu plan for smaller or bigger size plots.

North facing house Vastu plan
North facing house Vastu Plan

To Whom north facing house suits the best?

As per Vastu Shastra and astrology, the North direction is ruled by the God Kuver (In Hinduism Lord Kuver is the God of Wealth). Hence the north facing house suits best the people involved in business and financial services. People like business owners, investors, and bankers can opt for north-facing houses.

North direction is also associated with the planet mercury, which is also referred as the god of communication. So the people associated with media or other communication sector, travels should prefer north facing homes.

The north facing house is good for which Rashi?

People often want to know if the home suits their Rashi or not! According to astrology, every directional house suits some set of Zodiac signs. Likewise, the north-facing home suits people with the Zodiac Signs (called Rashi in Hindi and many other Indian languages)

  • Scorpio
  • Cancer
  • Pisces.

Main entrance Vastu for north facing home

The main entrance or the main door should be in the center of the north side. ie: equidistance from both corners.

If this is not possible at your place then there is another option to place the main entrance. You can make it in the northeast corner too.

That means there are two possible ways to fix the main door, either in the center or in the northeast corner of your north facing house.

Kitchen Vastu for a north facing home

The kitchen is one of the important rooms to be set perfectly according to Vastu. The kitchen Vastu for a north facing home indicates that the southeast or the south direction is best for a kitchen.

You can go in the northwest direction for the kitchen as well.

North facing house Vastu plan with Puja room

As per the Puja room Vastu plan you can pick the east or west direction of your house apart from the regular northeast side for your puja room placement. Ensure the idols should be placed on the west wall facing toward the east.

Living room placement in a north facing home

According to Living room Vastu you can plan your living room either in the North or at the northwest corner. In a north facing house you can place the living room along with the entrance room. Place the heavy furniture like sofa, table in the west direction of the living room.

Staircase as per north facing house vastu

Vastu experts suggest west, southwest, south, or southeast direction for the staircase while providing a north-facing house Vastu plan. If you want to place your staircase in the north direction then north-west is the direction you can go with.

Bedroom as per north facing house Vastu

For a north-facing house, it is ideal to plan a master bedroom in the southwest, a kids’ room in the west, and a guest room at the northwest corner.

Bathroom Vastu plan for a north facing property

North facing house Vastu plan suggests southwest or southeast is good for bathroom placement. Do not place bathroom or any water element in the north side.

Room wise north facing house Vastu Plan

People often want to know where all the rooms placement should be as per south facing house Vastu. So, in the below table we are going to summerise room wise details, so that it is easier for you to plan.

Assigned Room or thingDirection as per Vastu
Main gateAt the Centre or northeast corner
Main DoorAt the Centre or northeast corner
Puja roomNorth-East, east, west
KitchenSouth-East, south
Dining roomSouth-East
Living roomNorth, Northwest
DrawingNorth, Northwest
Guest roomNorth-West
Study roomeast, north-east, north-west
Kids roomWest
BalconyEast, North
Staircasewest, southwest, south
Overhead WatertankNorth-east
Room wise north facing house Vastu plan

Do’s and Don’ts according to north facing house Vastu

  • Avoid the plot that slops from north to south.
  • Do not plant any bigger trees in the north side.
  • Do not keep dustbin in the north side.
  • Septic tank should not be in the north side or in front of your house.
  • Keep some open space at the notrth side.
  • Keep the the main electricity cercuit board in the southeast zone.
  • Avoid red, yellow, brown, marron colors in a north facing home.


Many people prefer North facing properties in a hope that this is the most auspicious directional property. But according to Vastu principles, there is nothing auspicious or unlucky considering the directional orientation of the plot. Every property has it pros and cons and need Vastu remedies to rectify. Hence treat north facing home equally and go with a proper Vastu plan. Who knows, this may brings a prosperous and happy life for you.

Hope this article helps you to make your north facing house a better one. For any query please reach us on the below comment section.

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