1000 MDF Jali Designs. Price & Details.

Want to use a beautiful MDF Jali design for your home?

Then don’t worry! This is exactly what you looking for!

Here we are going to discuss almost 1000 MDF Jali designs for Mandir, ceiling, partition, etc. with price and other necessary details you need so that it is easier for you to go ahead.

FYI I have already provided you with 1000 Jali designs for MDF and with other materials. As you know the Jali designs or patterns remain the same and you can choose any material from MDF, WPC, wood, plywood, or Corian to make it with.

To know more you should check various types of Jali designs.

MDF Jali designs
MDF Jali Design

MDF Jali designs are the most popular Jali designs. It provides best finishing especially with Paint (called Duco paint). It looks stunning with any color you choose.

Know a thing about MDF Jali Design

What is MDF Jali design?

MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) is an engineered wood product prepared from sawdust or wood residuals fiber bonded with resin(one type of adhesive) with high pressure. It is available with multiple thicknesses and mostly in 8ftx4ft sizes.

MDF is budget friendly and easily available. Its smooth and linear surface makes it one of the most popular choices for furniture making and other interior design applications. MDF Jali is one of them. For Jali designs, MDF is the most popular material and has been used for years. Many of us resemble Jali designs with MDF.

MDF Jali Advantages

When it comes to choosing a material for Jali designs, many people still prefer MDF.

Why so?

One of the main reasons I observed is, when Jali designs were used for the home interior, there was no such material that you could have compared to MDF. MDF is still quite synonymous with Jali designs. Hence many people go with MDF Jali designs without considering other materials for Jali designs.

However, there are some positive points of MDF Jali designs like

  • Easily available and the cheapest of all.
  • Lightweight and fits almost everywhere easily.
  • Go easy with intricate or complex patterns.
  • Very much compatible with paints.
  • outstanding finishing.
  • Multiple thicknesses for the Jali design option.

Usage of MDF Jali designs

The usage of MDF Jali designs is the same as WPC Jali designs except for exteriors. It is only used for interior design requirements.

Below are some interior design requirements of MDF Jali designs

MDF Jali design for Mandir– Most households want their Mandir to be special and hence many used Jali designs for it. For them, MDF Jali design is a great option. It may be for structures or doors MDF Jali design fits at any place of a Mandir unit. We definitely provide you with some MDF Jali designs for Mandir door and walls in the below section.

MDF Jali design for Partition– Partition design is another thing people demand during home interior. Here MDF Jali plays a vital role to design a partition. You can use various MDF Jali designs for partition.

MDF Jali design for ceiling– If you get bored by the traditional gypsum or POP ceiling designs then you can definitely add some MDF Jali designs to it. It can make it look more interesting and appealing. MDF Jali design with light in the background looks just fabulous.

You too can use MDF Jali design to decorate other things like entrances, TV units, walls, etc. Check out some below MDF Jali designs that you can implement for your home.

But before that let’s discuss the MDF Jali design price.

MDF Jali design price

Price is one thing that everyone is curious about! The common question is “What will be the price of an MDF Jali design?”

Let’s discuss this in detail.

The price of an MDF Jali design depends upon the thickness and the size you require.

The CNC cutting prices of MDF Jalis are the same as WPC Jalis but the cost of MDF sheets is much lower than that of WPC. But the thing is you have to spend some extra on paints (called Duco paint)as you can’t install an MDF Jali without painting unlike WPC.

In the below table we discuss all the cost and calculate the per square foot price of MDF Jali designs for various thicknesses with and without color. In the below table we are considering the price of a good quality interior grade MDF sheet.

Jali Thickness as Per MDFMDF
Price/Sq. Ft
CNC Jali Cutting
Price/Sq. Ft
MDF Jali Design
Price/Sq. Ft
Jali DECO paint
Price/ Sq. Ft
MDF Jali Design
Price/Sq. Ft
(After Deco Paint)
7mmRs 27/-Rs 30/-Rs 57/-Rs 200/-Rs 257/-
11mmRs 42/-Rs 40/-Rs 82/-Rs 250/-Rs 332/-
12mmRs 47/-Rs 40/-Rs 87/-Rs 250/-Rs 337/-
17mmRs 61/-Rs 60/-Rs 121/-Rs 250/-Rs 371/-
18mmRs 66/-Rs 60/-Rs 126/-Rs 250/-Rs 376/-
25mmRs 97/-Rs 90/-Rs 187/-Rs 300/-Rs 487/-
30mmRs 128/-Rs 110/-Rs 238/-Rs 300/-Rs 538/-
MDF Jali design price

*Note– MDF sheets are available only in 8ftx4ft size. Hence you may pay the price of the whole sheet even if you require a smaller Jali design. Some CNC cutting Jali service provider charge with the material. They may charge you some extra if you are opting for a smaller design than the MDF sheet.

MDF Jali Designs

As I told you before all the Jali designs are same and the core material varies. You can choose any design and make Jali with MDF, WPC, natural wood, plywood, or Corian and I have already provide you more than 1000 CNC Jali design images which you can use as MDF Jali for your home.

Check out more MDF Jali designs


MDF Jali design is the the most popular and used by many. There is no issue with this material if it is well polished and painted proporly. It takes any color perfectly and provide amazing finish. Those who want a specific color for their Jali design than this one is the best option.

Now a days many people prefer WPC or PVC Jali designs as it is a 100% porous material and can be used without color and hence cost less than MDF. But if you want a Jali design with MDF then there is no such issue.

Can I use MDF Jali in exterior?

No, MDF is a material get damaged easily when exposed to water. Hence the application of MDF Jali is only limited to interior.

What should be the thickness of MDF Jali?

You can go with any thickness. But what i suggest you is to go with 12mm MDF Jali for any design except door as it is easy to install and maintain. For door Jali design you can go with 16mm or higher.

What is the per square foot price of a 12mm MDF Jali?

12mm MDF jali cost you around Rs 80 to Rs 90 per square foot depending upon the quality of the MDF. However you have to spend some extra bucks to for painting it. You can go through this article for a detailed price of MDF Jali designs for every thicknesses.

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