How To Make Money From Interior Design as a Career in 2023?

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In today’s era, many of us compare ourselves with the trend and want a modern and stylish life hence we want a home that suits best our personality and reflects our lifestyle.

Interior design plays a significant role here and helps us to design our homes according to our needs, requirements, taste, and culture. It covers everything related to a home, from flooring to furniture doors to windows, and from wall décor to plants. It helps us to plan things and execute them till ready.

Interior design is at an all-time high in present times due to the urbanization of the population, our exposure to the outer world, shifting of family structures to nuclear, rapid changes in our lifestyle, and decreasing per capita land due to rising population with increasing per capita income. In short, we can say interior designing is the need of the hour.

Therefore, a career in interior design is emerging day by day and hence requires more manpower. What we suggest is this profession is easy or best suits the creative bent of people or the one who has a passion to do interior design. Even though you are not belonging to the above two categories, you can too make it a career.

Let’s discuss every possibility to make interior design a career or how can we make money from interior design.

Ways to make interior design a career or a money-making business

There are 3 ways you can choose to make interior design a career or a money-making business.

  1. Professional Interior Designer (with a specific degree).
  2. Professional Interior Designing (without a specific degree)
  3. Building any business around interior designing or things related to interior design.

Professional Interior Designer

A professional interior designer is a person who has a specific degree in interior designing and may work under any interior designing farm or work as a freelancer or may work by establishing a firm.

Interior design is a mix of art and knowledge, so you have to develop certain skills like creative design skills, reasoning, problem-solving capabilities, and understanding of the needs and requirements of the clients.

Eligibility to become an interior designer

To make interior design a career you have a bachelor’s (B.Des) or master’s (M.Des) degree in interior design.

You can do Computer aided designing (CAD) or computer-aided designing (CADD) certified courses or a diploma in interior designing for an added advantage.

You can boost your career by attaining an internship program with any reputed designing farm or obtaining work experience by working for any reputed interior designing organization. It also helps to sharpen your skills and knowledge. You must learn many things which can not be taught to you in college.

Career as a professional interior designer

There are basically 3ways to work as a professional interior designer.

You can join any interior designing firm and work for them on a salary basis.

There are many small to big interior designing firms providing service in pan India and locally and also abroad. You can contact them and apply to join them as an intern or a full-time employee to learn on sight things and gain experience to grow your career. You must go through this phase even if you want to work as a freelancer or planned to establish an interior designing firm in the future.

Salary of an Interior designer

Earning possibilities of an interior designer depend upon the work experience, the brand he or she worked with, and the projects he or she completed. However, the entry-level salary of any interior designer is between 3 lacs to 4lacs per annum, but with the progress with the career he/she may earn up to 30lacs per annum.

You can work as a freelance interior designer

You can work as a freelancer by taking online or offline projects and providing service to many designing farms and individual customers. Create a resume or professional profile which contains all your academics and experience.

 Online you can create a website, a detailed LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram profile and approach many professionals and firms directly to work for them or you may reach out to customers directly by running various targeted digital ads. And through offline you can contact various firms and professionals directly to work for them.

As a freelancer, you can provide design services like 2D or 3D designs and rendering services (CAD) and also can take over to execute interior designing projects for customers.

Earning possibilities as a freelance interior designer

As a freelance interior designer, the earning possibilities totally depend upon you, like how big your network is, your social media reach, your completed projects or work experience, and the way you market yourself. But there are freelancers who are earning from Rs20,000/- to 2lacs per Month and even more.

Build your own firm and provide professional interior designing service

You can start an interior designing firm by yourself and become an entrepreneur. This journey is always challenging like any other start-up but simultaneously interesting, after all this is your business and you have to run it by yourself. Here you require some capital and have to acquire manpower, have to build an office, register your firm and GST, and another documentation process to run a business. You can now completely by yourself to take on new projects. Here you can reach out to customers by using various social media, you can go for paid ads or you can use paid platforms like India Mart or Justdial to reach out to your potential customers. You have to build a network for yourself to grow your business. Below we are going to discuss how to build an interior designing firm.

Earning possibilities by setting up a firm

You can easily make Rs 50,000/- to 1lac per month by setting up a firm and it may be in millions like the sky has no limit. Your earnings grow with your company and this depends upon your passion to grow as an entrepreneur with a little bit of luck of course.

Professional Interior design firm (without a specific degree)

You can start interior designing as a business as an interior decorator even though you are not certified or pursued any specific degree in interior design.

 But what I can suggest to you is, if you are a creative person or you have a passion for interior designing and you are confident that you can do it, then go on, otherwise, it is unfair to build a career over here for just money-making and you may not run it for a longer period of time.

            Yes, if you have good business sense then you can build a business around it or things related to interior designing, which we are going to discuss later.

To start a career as an interior decorator you need to establish an interior designing farm and you have to learn various things or acquire various knowledge regarding interior designing and running an interior designing firm.

What you need to learn to run an interior designing firm

You need to assist or you may work with minimal charges with an interior designer or an architect or with any interior designing firm.

You have to learn various things or develop product knowledge used for designing purposes.

Learn to understand customers’ requirements and design aspects.

Use social media effectively and regularly to learn as much as possible like interior designing magazine websites, Facebook, Instagram, and mainly Pinterest and YouTube. And later you can use them by creating your websites and various social media pages and channels to grow your business and reach your targeted customers by creating ads. Specifically, Facebook and YouTube are great mediums in today’s times to grow any small or medium-scale business effectively.

Use freelancer designers (2D and 3D designs, CAD professionals) to design your projects.

Provide a professional and better service to your clients for positive word of mouth to build a network so that you can easily get customers.

Building a business related to interior designing

You are not that creative or interior designing looks not a cup of tea for you for any reason. Still, you can make interior design a career and build a business around it and run it successfully.

Interior designing is immense and involves so many things from flooring to wall painting, from electrical equipment to sanitary, from furniture to hardware, from plants to home and kitchen appliances, and from customized furniture-making materials to steel, door and windows, glass, and various decorative items. So, with the completion of any home, these things are the most necessary and always in demand.

So, you can select any of the above as for your interest and take a dealership or if you have run short of funds, you can start by retailing.

You can use various strategies and methods as per your interest to grow your business, like the use of social media, on-time delivery service reaching out to potential customers offline and online, reaching out to various interior designing firms, interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, and skilled laborers.

Is interior design a good career option?

Of course, interior design is a good career option but it’s advisable for the creative kind of people who are really interested in interior designing otherwise you can run it by recruiting professionals if you have a good business sense and idea in interior designing or else you can create a business around interior designing or the products used in interior designing purposes.

Does interior design have a future?

The interior design sector is growing rapidly and has almost an 8.5% growth year to year according to CAGR and is estimated to reach more than 2lac crore by 2024. And according to the report by brandongaille interior design jobs are expected to grow by 13% by the next decade.

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