Living Room Interior? A Master Guide to Design Your Own(2023)!

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When you think of decorating your new home or renovating it the first thing that comes to your mind is the living room, because this is the room that connects you with the outer world, as apart from your family this is the room where the other persons like friends or guests are used the most.

In a nutshell, you can say it reflects your personality and lifestyle.

So how can you design a living room which can create a good ambiance and a positive vibe for you, your loved ones, and the people connected to you?

But many of us get confused and create a mess with it at the end!

The questions that often arise in our minds regarding the Livingroom design like,

Where to start with?

How to plan a living room?

Which furniture to keep in a living room and how?

How to arrange a perfect sofa set or couch?

How to go with a TV unit?

Is there any requirement for a partition between Livingroom and dining?

And many things like from plants to light arrangements and from wall texture to artifacts to ceilings.

Don’t worry we are going to discuss everything!

But, before that let us know, what is a living room?

You can go through this article if you are planning your interior and here is a detailed guide to designing your own home.

Living room
Bohemian living room interior 3d rendered with beige-colored furniture and wooden elements

What is a Livingroom?

The living room is a concept from western and become popular all around the globe. It is also famously known as a Drawing room. In some countries and areas, people often refer to it as a lounge, lounge room, and sitting room. It is also called the Front room as it is adjacent to the main entrance.

Most often there is a 2-way entrance to this room, one is from the outer side through the main entrance and the other one connects the inner house. Sometimes there is a one-way entrance where the living room is not connected to the main entrance directly.

Mainly the living room is used for socializing and relaxing like a small get-together, a small meeting, having a conversation or discussion with someone, watching TV, and sometimes reading the newspaper, magazine, or something else. Apart from working hours and sleeping time, you can say this room is the busiest one.

How to design a Livingroom?

If you have already planned your interior then it’s better to go with it. It is always better to do the entire interior of your home at once as it saves you money and time.

But if you have not decided to design your interior now entirely and you just want to design your living room first or want to renovate it then you have to plan in detail.

There is a certain process you have to follow so that it is easy for you to execute the whole thing.

Let’s discuss everything in detail.

Living room planning

There is a certain vision and plan behind every design. So don’t be in a hurry, go step by step.

Many people come with like, “I need this” and “I need that”. It is okay but sometimes all your expected things do not fall into a place. What I want to explain to you is you need a certain harmony and vibe. After all, you need a beautiful Livingroom, not a pillow or a curtain.

So, planning is a basic and the most essential part to design any room. From design selection to Furniture planning, you have a clear vision before execution. Also, you can take the help of any professionals and can come up with a 3D design or can pick from numerous designs using social platforms or the internet.

Living Room Planning

But before that, be clear with your needs and requirements, like how many people are there in your family and how you are going to use it. So Make your intention clear and follow a certain pattern.

Do you all sit together to watch a movie or any program like family movie night?

Are you going to organize small get-togethers or parties here?

Do you want to use it for formal or professional meetings?

You have to consider these things in general while planning your Livingroom.

Also, measuring the area of your living room is necessary and the most basic thing to do at first, so that you can plan your furniture, flooring, rugs, carpets, ceiling, and various things. And this too helps you to plan your budget as it helps you to plan the amount you going to spend for each thing.

Many people are living in small flats or apartments where the living room is comparatively small, and in some cases, there are flats where there is a hall that you going to use for dining and for the living room as well. In these cases, you can’t plan according to your preference as the spaces are already built. Here You can plan according to the space provided to you.

 Also, there are individual flats or buildings where we can plan early even before the building, where you can provide as much space to your living room according to your requirement and preference and come up with a 2D or 3D plan.

Living Room Sofa set

When we think of the living room the 1st thing that comes to our mind is the sofa set!

Yes, the main highlighter of a living room is a sofa and the look of the entire room somehow depends upon it.

Living Room Sofa set

1st of all the size of the sofa depends upon the size of the living room and the amount of space you want to provide for it. It also depends upon the no of households, your usage pattern, the way you want to design the living room, and your budget.

There are varieties of sofas are available in terms of design which you can customize or buy directly from the market like sectional sofas, mid-century modern, tuxedo, lawson, Knole, canape, Bridgewater, recamier, cabriole, camelback, chesterfield, club, modular convertible, loveseat, Divan, Settee, recliner, low-seated, etc.

Try to select the best sofa material according to your usage and budget. It is best to choose hardwood or quality-grade plywood for the basic sofa structure or frame. Use the best quality foam with proper density. It will be going to provide you the durability.

Also, you can craft out the sofa with various finishing materials like silk, nylon, microfibers, leatherettes, leathers, and many more. Silk provides you with a smooth and rich look but requires regular maintenance, whereas fibers are low-cost and easy to maintain. Leathers are expensive but provide a modern look. You can use leatherettes instead of leathers which are low cost and somehow provide you the same finish as leather.

But what I suggest you do is select the finishing material according to the design and the usage pattern. Select the design and color for your theme. Avoid very light color shades as it usually hard to maintain.

You can also use the mix and match pattern of sofas for your living room like the one long sofa from a certain design and pick another design for the other two single sitters/double sitters or you can do the same by only changing the finishing materials or fabrics. But in this case, you have to do it wisely or take the help of a 3D designer, so that you can visualize it clearly before execution.

Learning to customize furniture making can help you to create and plan with better quality furniture.

Living Room Flooring

One thing I observed over the years is that most people often ignore the flooring part. In interior design, flooring plays a significant role and impacts the overall look of the room mostly. If you have budget constraints then I suggest you can at least do it for the living room and there are many flooring options that you can select according to your budget.

Living Room Flooring

Wooden and laminate flooring is popular for living rooms and especially for smaller room sizes. It will provide you with a great look and finish. You can select various patterns and colors according to the design of the whole room.

Many people prefer marble, granite, or tiles as it is available easily, durable for years, easy to maintain, and low cost. There is plenty amount of design and patterns you can choose from. It provides you with a rich glossy finish and looks amazing in bigger rooms.

What I can say is people are now eager to experiment and want a different look or feel, apart from the regular contemporary look. Here you can go with the Kota Stone, which is now a favorite of many designers and architects. Apart from that, there is plenty of option available to experiment with like red oxide, Inlay design flooring, SPC flooring, vinyl, Mosaic, and terrazzo.

Also, Mix and match flooring is trending nowadays, especially for the living rooms due to its uniqueness. The most popular mix-and-match flooring is the hexagonal wooden tiles with the vitrified tiles or vice versa. It basically helps the room to look rich and modern.

The use of rugs and carpets is another thing you must add to your flooring in the living room. There are rugs made of wool, silk, cotton, jute, fiber, leather, and many more you can choose from. Handmade rugs are popular and provide you with a realistic view. You can use multiple rugs if the room is big enough. But select the rug with the right color combination which will match your overall design and provide an elegant finish as well.

Living Room TV unit

TV is a must-add appliance for every home and the best place for it is in the living room. So, we need a TV unit where we can fix the TV which is equally beautiful and have some storage space within it.

TV Unit for Living Room

What I suggest you go for is a very simple design where there is a long storage unit with drawers or doors at the bottom and simple paneling around the TV with concealed strip lights or any other indirect lights. You can add a couple of selves here and there to highlight some decorative items.

What I am trying to tell you is a minimalist design is always better than heavily designed items. A heavy design requires too many materials and labor, but in the end, it makes the room loud and breaks the design pattern, creates the focal point, and disintegrates the harmony. Avoid complex designs with too much storage space, Glass doors, and shelves around the TV.

So, it’s better to go with a theme-based design with a matching color pattern for the TV unit which can contribute to and enhance the overall look of the living room.

Living Room Ceiling

The ceiling makes your room cozy and integrated with the similar and sufficient distribution of ceiling and decorative lightsIt also helps the room look uniform and clean.

Living Room Ceiling

Gypsum ceiling is the most popular one and is low cost. There are other ceiling options available like POP, PVC, Wooden, and Plywood with various finishing and Decorative ceiling panels. Some designers also highlight the gypsum and POP ceiling with decorative wallpapers.

Pick a ceiling design according to your room size. Keep it simple and clean. A little wood or plywood work with various finishing will enhance the look of the ceiling and the room as well or else you can use decorative ceiling panels too. Keep the overall design and theme of the living room in mind during the ceiling design selection.

A ceiling provides a great feature for Lighting arrangements. Use both white and warm white light for two different feels. Install focus lights to highlight any wall and decorative products. Conceal strip lights provide a great look and finish to the ceiling. You can use hanging lights, other decorative ceiling lights, or chandeliers too.

There are many colors of lighting available that are good for some commercial uses, but I suggest you to don’t mix too many colors. Usually, white and warm white suits are best for any home.

Living Room Partition

There is always a passage that connects the living room with the inner houses, and most often this passage is in between the living room and the dining. It may be a small passage or a big one and sometimes there is a hall that is to be used for multiple purposes.

The partition wall is gradually gaining popularity and many interior designers suggest this while designing a living room.

Living Room Partition

If you have a little curious about partition design between living and dining then there are ample creative designs available on the internet. There are many modern partitions for living room ideas You can go for like plywood/MDF with laminate/veneer, metal frame with a couple of shelves, partitions with wood carving designs, partitions using varieties of glass or jail, or a partition with bottom cupboard.

You can also design the partition using decorative lights, small indoor plants, and other decorative items.

Even some people prefer a fully closed partition to maintain privacy, but I advise you not to select a closed partition as it makes the room feel smaller and breaks the harmony of the design. If you need some privacy for your important meetings and discussions then you can design a study or some other room.

Livingroom Wall Décor

To get a lively and fulfilling look for your living room you need to know certain basic things to design a wall.

Living Room Wall Decore

Divide the four living room walls first to know the design needs of each wall like the sofa set backside wall, the TV unit mounted wall, the main entrance wall, and the front wall of the main entrance.

On the Sofa set back side wall you can go with the art pieces, a couple of decorative items, or a large one, or mix with some of your favorite quotations in the photo frame. Of course, use the pointer light from the ceiling to highlight them.

On the TV-mounted wall, you may choose some decorative and antique pieces over the bottom-line storage unit (Of the TV unit) or on the wall shelves (if done). You also continue the TV unit design pattern in the overall wall but keep it simple. If you are an avid reader and want to showcase your book collection over here then you may choose to make a well-designed bookshelf along with the TV unit.

The front wall of the entrance is the highlighter wall. If you have a partition then it is adjacent to the partition and if there is no wall then it may only be with the partition.

You can place an idol of stone or wood over here or place a designed mirror on the wall. You too place an art piece or some hanging plants and never forget to highlight the objects you placed with the focus light.

The only wall left is the entrance wall where there is a door and maybe a window (it is advisable to place a window for natural light and ventilation). So, there is no place here to design much. It’s better to go with wallpaper or design the wall with paints and putty. If possible, you can place a wall clock or some small designer artifacts.

In another way, there is various way to design a wall. You can use paint and wall putty to get a good pattern or you can go with some selective shades of wallpaper and fix it. Use various decorative lights to make the wall lively.

Centre Table for Living Room

center table is a necessary thing and you can say a living room is incomplete without a center table. There are various shapes and sizes of center tables available in the market. You have to pick the best suit to your intention and the design of your living room.

Living Room Centre Table

For example, if you require storage within the center table then go for it if you want something unique then you too can try it out. It may be round-shaped, square-shaped, or rectangle-shaped or you can put two pieces of table placing it in a different manner.

Material wise You can pick wood, glass, with little metalwork, or engineered wood. Some even prefer simple boxes made up of shafts or wood with various paintings for a different and antique look.

Apart from this, there are some other things you may require for the living room like a corner table, stand light, indoor plants, or some decorative products.

Indoor plants are the thing that makes the room lively and fulfilling. You can check the popular indoor plants here and select them accordingly.

And at the last again I want to tell you to go with a theme-based design for the entire living room rather than selecting various things randomly. A little effort from you can land you in your dream living room.

what is living room furniture?

That furniture is basically used in a living room is mentioned as living room furniture. the first piece of furniture for the living room that comes to mind is a sofa set. The Centre table, TV unit, and chairs are the other basic furniture required for a living room.

How to get beautiful partition designs between living and dining?

you can get various partition designs between the living room and dining through social media. Pinterest is the best medium. Just open Pinterest and type partition design between living and dining, there are tons of designs that you can choose from.

what is a modern partition for the living room or a hall?

The partition with only plywood and laminate or other finishing materials like veneer, and Deco is common and is contemporary. Partition with wood carving designs, use of decorative jali, various glasses, metal structures, hanging plants, decorative lights, and decorative artifacts is considered a modern partition design.

What is a double-height living room?

These types of living rooms are basically planned in individual homes, duplexes, or big houses where the ceiling or roof of the living room is a minimum of 18 to 20 feet height from the floor. It is basically designed to provide a rich and lavish look.

what is a family room?

The family room is just like a living room but has to be a bigger one. you can say it is an all-purpose room where the family, friends, and guests are sitting together and engaging in various activities like reading, discussing, watching movies, etc.

What is an open kitchen living room?

An open kitchen is where there is no wall or door at the entrance. when a big hall is designed in a way where there is a living room, dining and kitchen altogether then you can call it an open kitchen living room.

Thank you for going through this article. you can comment below for any suggestions or help. It’s our absolute pleasure to provide you with any kind of assistance. good luck.

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