Basic Kitchen appliances list with price-2023!

20 types of kitchen appliances with price and details, Essential kitchen appliances list, which you can select for you according to your usage and needs.

And Kitchen is the most frequently used and one of the busiest rooms of all.

Where there is a home there is a kitchen!

Do you know how much time our loved ones spend in the kitchen? Almost 6 to 8 hours a day!

Isn’t it a tedious thing to do every day?

So how could we make things simpler and easier?

In today’s times with the advancement of technology, there are many appliances available offline and online to save time and make things easier for us.

So, we are providing you with a useful basic kitchen appliances list which you can buy.

Let’s discuss every single kitchen appliance and its use.

Kitchen appliances list

Table of Contents

Kitchen chimney |Cooker Hood

In our kitchen appliances list, the Kitchen chimney comes first due to its health benefits for kitchen users. It helps to reduce carbon monoxide from the kitchen, and extracts hot air, steams, and toxic particles to the outer area through the vent. It also reduces carbon dark stains and makes the room cooler and cleaner and hence reducing the growth of bacteria and other germs.

Kitchen chimneys come in various designs like angular, box type, curved, wall-mounted, ductless, inbuilt, pyramid-shaped, Icelanders, etc, and are mostly available in sizes like 60cm, 75cm, and 90cm.

Kitchen chimney |Cooker Hood

The price range of Kitchen chimneys or Cooker Hood

The price of a kitchen chimney depends upon its features, size and suction power, etc, and starts from a minimum of 5000/- to a range of 40,000/- in INR.

You can get a good kitchen chimney in a price range of Rs12,000/- to Rs 22,000/-

Hobs and cooktops

Built-in hobs or cooktops are mandatory and can’t be ignored from your kitchen appliances list.

If you are planning to buy a hob then plan early even before doing the modular kitchen or installing the kitchen countertop to fix a hob you must have to cut the countertop according to the hob size and, there is no such thing required if you go for a cooktop, you can buy it whenever you wish to. Also, there are products available which you can use like hobs and cooktops as per your wish.

             If looks are concerned built-in hobs provide a seamless look to your kitchen where the gas pipes are well concealed, whereas the cooktop in modern days has beautiful looks but can’t provide a look as compared to hobs.

   When you compare ease of cleaning, cooktops are easy to clean as you can lift them up entirely whereas the hobs are difficult to clean and maintain as it is fixed with the countertop with screws and can’t be cleaned regularly, sometimes it may require professional service people.

Hobs are available in 2 burners to 5 burners and in various sizes like (L x W x H in cm)- 75x49x20, 60x52x13, 78x45x13, 86x52x13, 80x52x13, 90x52x13, etc.

Cook tops are available in 1 burner to 5 burners and in various sizes like (L x W x H in cm)- 30x30x10, 70x36x7, 77x38x7, 63x50x7, 61x50x7, 67x33x7, 69x48x7, 58x50x7, 55x50x8, 90x52x13, etc.

Hobs and cooktops

The price range of Hobs and Cooktops

The pricing of hobs and cooktops are very different. The hobs are costlier than the cooktops and the pricing of both mainly depends upon the size, no of burners, and features.

You can get a hob in a price range of Rs8000/- to Rs65,000/- and a cooktop between Rs800(Single burner stainless steel) to Rs 10,000/-.

Induction Cooktop

With the advancement of technology, Induction cooktops are now a demanding alternative to gas stoves, and people love to keep induction in their homes even though they are already having gas stoves and all. It is safe, easy, and quick to install, easy to maintain, clean, and easy to operate.

Induction cooktops are available in various sizes like (L x W x H in cm)- 35.5x27x6.5, 33x28x6, 39x32x10, 40x34x11, etc and weights between 1500gm to 3000gm with power consumption ranges between 1600W to 2000W.

Induction Cooktop

The price range of the Induction cooktop

Generally, the price of an induction cooker lies between Rs1300/- to Rs 4000/- but there are induction cooktops and hobs available with 2 to 4 zone which will cost you more than Rs 40,000/-.

Built-in oven and Microwaves oven

Basically, built-in ovens and microwave ovens are the same thing but differ in size and functionality. Built-in ovens are bigger in size while microwave ovens are small, easy to maintain, clean, and easy to use. In India, we often don’t require built-in ovens in our homes and it is mostly used in cloud kitchens, restaurants, and hotels whereas microwaves are always the consumer’s favorite.

So, when we plan our kitchen and make the kitchen appliances list Microwave is the most add item. It saves our time and helps us to reheat dishes, bake a cake and prepare some quick recipes.

Built-in ovens are available in sizes mostly around (L x D x H in mm)- 595x575x595, 595x546x595 and capacities of 80 liters, 72 liters, 67 liters, and 70 liters, etc.

Whereas the microwaves are available in sizes like (L x D x H in mm)-513x471x306, 530x533x322, 443x340x258, 539x440x300, 554x449x307, 592x530x390, 595x370x390, etc. and capacity of 20 liters, 22 liters, 25 liters, 27 liters, 30 liters, 42 liters, etc.

Built-in oven and Microwaves oven

The price range of Built-in ovens and Microwaves oven

Built-in ovens are big and cost reasonably high than microwave ovens and the pricing of both depends upon the size, capacity, and features.

The price of built-in ovens lies between 25000/- to Rs50,000/- INR and microwave ovens cost between 5000/- to 35,000/- INR.

Fridge or Refrigerators

It is the most popular and one of the most beneficial appliances for any home or kitchen and a favorite of many. It keeps our food fresh and prevents food waste.

Now fridges are available in various designs like single-door, double-door, multi-door, French-door, mini, etc, and various capacities like 43 to 45 liters for Mini fridges and from 170 liters to 700 liters for single-door to multi doors designs.

Fridge or Refrigerators

The price range of Fridges or Refrigerators

From mini to multidoor the price of fridges also depends upon the size, capacity, make-in brand, and features and it ranges between 9000/- to 3lacs in INR


The dishwasher is a concept that comes from the West and now gradually gaining popularity among Indian homes. Some of us may think this is not as important as other kitchen appliances but some may add it to their kitchen appliances list.

A dishwasher is a machine not only cleans our dishware but also saves our time and water consumption. It cleans with hot water sprays and hence reducing the growth of bacteria and germs. It also dries the cookware and all before we keep it in our kitchen cabinets.

Available dishwasher sizes are (W x D x H in mm)- 598x600x845, 598x610x845, 600x600x850, 550x524x595 etc.


The price range of Dishwasher

The price of dishwashers varies with their features and lies between 15,000/- to 50,000/- INR

Cooking Range

This one is a new-age product and also a western concept which gradually gaining popularity in India. Basically, a cooking range is a combination of gas or electric stove with multiple burners or cooking zones installed in the upper section with the Oven in its bottom part.

Hence cooking range saves you to buy two different things, thus saving your money and your kitchen space.

It primarily comes with stainless steel which is timeless, fits in your base kitchen cabinet, and provides an exceptional look to your kitchen.

But you have to plan early and have to purchase a cooking range before doing your modular kitchen work or installing your kitchen countertop.

The cooking range comes in various colors mostly black and silver and various sizes like (W x D x H in mm)- 600x635x855, 510x600x895, 500x550x855.

Cooking Range

The price range of the cooking range

Again, the price of the cooking range depends upon the features, capacity, and size. It is available in the market with a price range starting from 30,000/- to 60,000/- INR.

Water purifiers

The water purifier is one of the most vital products to be added to your kitchen appliances list. It purifies water which is the most essential requirement for our body after the air. It wipes out unnecessary contaminants like germs, bacteria, and other toxic elements.

You should test the water quality first and then install a water purifier accordingly.

*Note- According to the Bureau of Indian standards you should buy a purifier that purifies with a minimum TDS (total dissolved solids) level of 500ppm.

Water purifiers

The price range of water purifiers

The water purifier’s price depends upon the capacity and features and starts from 3000/- to 40,000/- INR.

Food processors

The food processor is an electric device that reduces our time to prepare things for cooking, like chopping vegetables and meats, making tomato puree, preparing dough for bread, batters, chutneys, soups, etc in a minute.

It is available with multiple jars and blades to operate various tasks. Its all-in-one function saves our money too as we don’t require another grinder or a juicer.

Food processors

The price range of Food processers

The pricing of food processors depends upon their multiple functions and features and the price varies between 2500/- to 14,000/- INR.

Mixer Grinder

We all know what a mixer grinder is all about! Isn’t it?

It is widely used in Indian homes to make a batter of dosa, idly, various Indian cakes, rice powders, chutneys, and juices and mainly to grind the Indian masalas (spices) on a regular basis. Nowadays we can’t imagine an Indian kitchen without a mixture grinder.

If you already bought or considering buying a food processor with multiple functions then you already get all the functions of a grinder within it, so there is no need to buy a mixture grinder separately.

Mixture Grinder

The price range of the mixture grinder

The price of the mixture grinder starts from a minimum of 1000/- to a max of 10,000/- in INR.

Electric Kettle

No need to switch on the gas every time just to make a cup of hot water or a cup of tea or coffee. It’s just a fingertip away if you have the electric kettle with you. Apart from that you can boil eggs and potatoes, prepare oatmeal, make soup, heat milk, or any other liquid food.

It usually comes in sizes from 1 litre to 1.7 liters.

 It’s a handy product and the cheapest one which you must add to your kitchen appliances list.

Electric Kettle

The price range of an electric kettle

It is available in the market with a price range between 500/- to 4500/- in INR.

Rice Cooker

Rice is one of the most consumable food grains in the world. It is widely used in India and countless rice dishes are prepared and consumed every day like plain rice, pulao, khichdi, biryanis, and many more. The Rice cooker cooks it for you automatically and quickly thus saving you time. It’s very easy to use, clean, maintain, and almost noise-free. Apart from that, it keeps your rice warmer till your mealtime.

It’s available in various sizes depending on the capacity. The capacity varies from.6litres to 10 liters.

Rice Cooker

The price range of the Rice cooker                                                                                                                                          

The price of rice cookers ranges from a minimum of 1700/- to 12,000/- INR.


Everybody needs a healthy lifestyle and it majorly depends upon the food intake. Fruit is one thing that provides you with plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. And most of us prefer juice rather than consuming it directly. Here juicer plays the role to extract juice perfectly from any fruits, vegetables, and leaves like apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, coconut, carrots, beat roots, mint, etc within a minute. Some food processors have a juicer within it and some have not but when you compare the juicer with any regular grinder then the juicer will be the winner for juice making as it makes juice thinner.


The price range of Juicers

It is available with a manual hand juicer, semiautomatic, and fully automatic, and costs accordingly.

The price of a juicer starts from 500/- to 18,000/- INR.


The toaster is a useful device for the kitchen and if you are a bread lover then you must have to add this item to your kitchen appliances list.

The toaster is a simple device that makes the soft slice of bread in to toast faster. Modern-day toasters are coming with slot-adjusting options that you can adjust according to the size of the bread slice.


The price range of Toasters

Toasters are available within the price range of 2000/- to 17000/- in INR.

Coffee maker

A coffee maker is just a simple machine from where you can pour ready-to-drink coffee anytime. It brews coffee automatically as your wish and saves your time preparing coffee by any other manual methods. It is a must-add item in the kitchen appliances list for those who love to drink coffee frequently.

Coffee maker

The price range of coffee maker

The price of a coffee maker starts from 2000/- and goes up to 80,000/- in INR but for a home, you can get a good one between 6000/- to 15000/- in INR

Air Fryers

Air fryers are new-age products gradually gaining popularity all over the world. It uses hot air to deep fry any food without using oils. It is a bit similar to microwaves with a little twist in technology. While microwaves cook and reheat foods faster with the use of electromagnetic waves, air fryers are used only for deep-fried food items and cook comparatively slowly using the high-speed circulation of hot air, and what people love about the air fryer is the non-usage of oil.

It is available in various basket sizes varying from 2 liters to 10 liters.

Air Fryers

The price range of Air Fryers

Air fryers are available within a price range of 3000/- to 13,000/- INR.

Kitchen Weighing Scale

A small weight machine is a great tool for measuring just the right amount of ingredients, whether it’s flour for your cakes or veggies for your meals, or various spices (masala). It takes up less space on your kitchen counter and is easy to carry around. With a small scale, you can get precise measurements for your recipes, making sure everything tastes perfect. Plus, it’s simple to use, and some even have cool features like touch buttons. So, if you want to cook or bake like a pro, a small kitchen weighing scale is a must-have tool!

kitchen weighing scales

The price range of kitchen Weighing Scales

There are various types of weighing scales available mostly in the online market with various features. Most of them are available in a price range starting from 400/- to 3000/- INR.

Hand blender| Immersion blender

People love to use hand blenders due to their lightweight, portable design, easy to use and clean, with affordable pricing, unlike other bulky substitutes. You can use it easily to make cake batters, milkshakes, sauces, prepare omelets, whipped cream, puree soups, vegetables, and tomatoes.

Hand blender| Immersion blender

The price range of Hand blenders

Hand blenders are available in a price range starting from 1300/- to 2300/- INR.

Stand Mixer

Stand mixture is a portable kitchen countertop device basically used for mixing dough and is similar to many functions with the hand blender but it is preferred to operate heavy-duty tasks. If you have a larger amount of dough, then it’s taking too much time and very painful for your hand to make it through a hand blender as you have to do it in batches.  You can operate the same task with a stand mixer in less time and in the easiest way. you just have to pour the ingredients into its bowl with almost no attention it will do it for you in a matter of minutes.

Apart from that, you can use it for mixing meats, whipping up creams and ice creams, scrambling eggs, making sausages, preparing batters, and many more.

Stand Mixer

The price range of Stand Mixtures

According to various functions and features the price of a stand mixture varies from 1200/- to 60,000/- INR whereas you can get a good stand mixture within a range of 6000/- to 15,000/- in INR.

Salad Spinner

we all love green salads in our daily meals!

Don’t we?

Off course, the taste and the health benefits of salads have no match with others, and to make the preparation of it simpler, a salad spinner plays the role to wash out it perfectly and to dry it and use it for especially leaves like mint, spinach, coriander, etc. It is easy to use and very cheap.

Salad Spinner

The price range of salad spinner

It will cost you only around 500/- to 1000/- INR.

Cookware and kitchen essential tools

Apart from the regular steel cookware and tools, we have added some essential cookware and kitchen essential tools so that you just select them to add to your kitchen appliances list.

Like induction cookware, ceramic pots, cast iron pans, various pressure cookers, grill pans, baking sheet pans, etc.

Induction pan helps you to cook faster, is easy to clean, and fits in both gas stoves and induction cooktops whereas some love to use ceramic or earthen pot for some dishes due to their health benefits and earthy flavor and some prefer cast irons pans as it fits in everywhere and especially for those dishes who needs cooking in both oven and stoves.

Some essential tools for the kitchen are knife sets, knife sharpener, cutting board, vegetable peeler, potato mashers, can openers, measuring cups and spoons, colander or strainer, whisk, grater, kitchen shears or cutters, lemon squeezers, tongs, etc.

cookware and kitchen essential tools

The price range of cookware and kitchen essential tools

These are the small things that help you to execute various tasks easily in the kitchen and you can pick them up according to your usage and requirements. They are easily available in the marketplace (both offline and online) within a price range of 50/- to 2000/- INR.

Best Makein brands associated with Kitchen Appliances

There are countless brands associated with the various kitchen appliances and you may get confused while purchasing. So here we are providing you with a list of make-in brands for every kitchen appliance listed above.

Kitchen ApplianceMake in Brands
Kitchen chimney | Kitchen Cooker HoodFaber, Hindware, Glen, Kaff, Elica, Kutchina, Carysil, Sunflame
Builtin Hobs and cooktopsFaber, Bosch, Hafele, Hindware, Glen, Kaff, Elica, Kutchina, Carysil, Sunflame, whirlpool, Prestige, IFB, Sunflame
Induction CooktopPhilips, Pigeon, Prestige, Bajaj, Usha, Havells, Bosch
Built-in oven and Microwaves ovenLG, IFB, Bosch, Faber, Kaff, Hindware, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Haier
Fridge or RefrigeratorsSamsung, LG, Whirlpool, Haier, Godrej
DishwasherIFB, Bosch, Godrej, LG, Faber, Hafele, Samsung
Cooking RangeKaff, Elica, Faber, Hindware, Glen, Carysil, Bosch
Water PurifiersEureka Forbes, Kent, Bluestar, HUL pureit, V-guard, Hindware, LG, Faber
Food ProcessorsPhilips, Bajaj, Usha, Inalsa
Mixer GrinderPhilips, Bajaj, Bosch, Prestige, Havells, Usha, Pigeon, Crompton
Electric KettlePhilips, Prestige, Pigeon, Kent, Havells, Inalsa, Bajaj, I-bell
Rice CookerPanasonic, Prestige, Havells, Pigeon, Bajaj
JuicerPhilips, Sujata, Prestige, Usha
ToasterPhilips, Bajaj, Pigeon, I-Bell, Borosil, Hamilton Beach, Usha
Coffee MakerNescafe, Ikea, Morphy Richards, Pigeon, Croma
Air FryersPhilips, Havells, Inalsa, Stok, Kenstar, Solara, Prestige, Nutricook, Varada
Hand BlendersPhilips, Kent, Orpat, Prestige, Inalsa, Boss, maharaja Whiteline, I-bell, Borosil
Stand MixerHafele, Inalsa, Panasonic, I-bell, Bajaj, Bosch
Salad SpinnerOxo, Homecare, Ikea
CookwareBorosil, Pigeon, Prestige, Hawkins
Make-in brands of kitchen appliances

what are kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances are machines or a product that reduces our effort or help us to execute things in the kitchen with considerably less effort and make things simpler and faster and saves our time.

Can I get a kitchen appliance list with pictures and price details?

yes, we have mentioned various kitchen appliances and their usage with price, pictures, and details in this article. please go through it.

what are the names of various kitchen appliances?

The names of the various kitchen appliances are kitchen chimneys, hobs, cooktops, induction, micro ovens, dishwasher, rice cookers, refrigerators, cooking ranges, water purifiers, food processors, mixer grinders, juicers, coffee makers, electric kettles, toasters, hand blenders, stand mixers, various cookware, and kitchen essential tools.

What kitchen appliances do you use every day?

some kitchen appliances we must need every day and are mandatory like hobs or cooktops, kitchen chimneys or a kitchen cooker hood, water purifiers, refrigerators, mixer grinders, and some cookwares and kitchen essential tools, etc.

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