9 Popular Indoor Plants in 2023! Their benefits and caring tips.

Indoor Plants-decorative, psychological, and air purification benefits, Their size, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, price, caring tips, and how to grow tips. peace Lily, Money Plant, Snake Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Lucky Bamboo, Majesty Palm, Chinese Evergreen, ZZ plant, Bamboo Palm.

Did you ever notice apart from you and your pets (if you have pets) that indoor plants or houseplants are the ones who have a life?

And didn’t you ever imagine your life or home surrounded by greenery? Isn’t it feel beautiful and calming?

Yes, of course, most of us had this experience during our childhood, mostly in villages, playing under the banyan trees, playing in our backyards or gardens surrounded by various trees, and sometimes these happy memories pop up in our brain with a smile on our face.

But these days are gone with the growing population, urbanization of areas, with decreasing per capita land, gardens and backyards are now a daydream for most urban households.

But now with the increasing popularity of interior designing trends, indoor plants are one of the most important ingredients in designing any home, office, or commercial area and are loved by many households.

Now every interior designer or interior professional adds indoor plants in their projects to highlight any corner, to bring a natural aspect to their design and you can say to enhance the overall look of any room.

Indoor plants

Indoor Plants | Houseplants

Indoor plants are plants mainly used for decorative purposes for residential, commercial, and offices. But according to many types of research, it’s proven now that indoor plants provide psychological benefits and also help to purify the indoor air to some extent as some plants and the microbes associated with its soil reduce indoor air pollution by absorbing various hazardous volatile organic compounds.

   Indoor plants have been used for ages all over the world but gained popularity in recent decades and are used for decorative purposes. And it has been noticed that especially after the hit of the covid-19 pandemic the sales of indoor plants are at an all-time high.

Before going through this you can Learn How to plan your interior?

Benefits of indoor plants

It’s a win-win situation for you to consider indoor plants as they are used for decorative purposes and provide health benefits.

Basically, there are 3 benefits of indoor plants

  1. Decorative benefits
  2. Psychological benefits
  3. Air purification benefits

Indoor plants-Decorative Benefits

  In today’s time, indoor plants are one of the significant things for home decoration. It explodes the overall look of any room or area, provides a visually pleasing ambiance, balances any design, and is also used as a highlighter. It is believed that it provides a positive vibe and calmness.

Indoor plants-Psychological Benefits

Indoor plants have a positive psychological effect on human brains. Studies showed that it reduces stress and anxiety and boosts our pain tolerance ability.

Apart from that, it has a positive effect on the brain. The book Biophilia (Link) authored by Edward O. Wilson explains why gardening and plants have a positive effect on the human mind. It describes humans are prone to nature by birth and subconsciously want to connect with it.

Here is the book on Amazon- Biophilia-The Human Bond With Other Species

Indoor plants-Air purification Benefits

The study conducted by NASA called NASA clean air study selected 12 indoor plants which help to increase the air quality to a large extent. And the experiments show they absorb the toxic organic volatile compounds like Trichloroethylene, Benzene, and Formaldehyde effectively.

According to NASA’s clean air study air purifying plants are Bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, English ivy, ficus, Gerbera Daisy, Janet Craig, Marginata, Mass cane/Corn cane, Mother-in-law’s tongue, Peace lily, Pot mum, Warnecke.

Here is the detailed report of the NASA clean air study in PDF.

Indoor plant types | Best indoor plants

There are countless indoor plants available around the world.

But how could you pick the best indoor plants for your home according to your need?

Which are the most useful indoor plants?

How to know the low light indoor plants or the plant survived in a bare minimum light?

Are there any air-purifying plants?

 Are there any indoor plants for Oxygen or oxygen-producing indoor plants?

What are the various indoor plant sizes?

How to pick indoor plant pots for various plants?

  So, let’s discuss everything in detail about some of the most popular and best indoor plants that you can consider for your home.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a plant that is one of the popular indoor plants and is loved by many. There are many varieties of peace lilies you can choose from like Piccolino Peace Lily, Patricia Peace Lily, Sonia Peace Lily, Golden Peace Lily, Sensation Peace Lily, Jetty Peace Lily, Silver Cupido Peace Lily, Little Angel Peace Lily, Annette Peace Lily, White Stripe Peace Lily, Clevelandii Peace Lily, Domino Variegated Peace Lily, Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily, Power Petite Peace Lily, Wallisii Peace Lily, Picasso Peace Lily, Allison Peace Lily, Bongo Bongo Peace Lily, Figaro Peace Lily, Sebastiano Peace Lily, Peace Lily Blue Moon, etc.

Peace Lily

How to grow and care Peace Lily. A detailed Guide.

 Money Plant

The money plant is one of the most common and popular indoor plants all over the world. The plant has many common names such as golden pothos, house plant, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy, ivy arum, marble queen, taro vine, and many more. It is also called devil’s ivy as it grows in every condition for days without maintenance and even in dark.

Also, there are various types of money plant-available like swiss cheese money plant, Chinese money plant, Money Tree, Divine money plant, Jade plant, split money plant, etc.

Money Plant

A Detailed Guide About Money Plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is another popular indoor plant and is available with almost 70 different species all around the globe. The varieties of snake plants mostly used for indoors like Variegated Whale Fin, Kenya Hyacinth, Black Gold Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Variegated Snake Plant, Golden Bird’s Nest Snake Plant, Dwarf Snake Plant, Cylindrical Snake Plant, Blue Sansevieria, Cleopatra Sansevieria, Banana Sansevieria, Star Sansevieria, Moonshine Sansevieria, Gold Twist Sansevieria, Laurentii Sansevieria, Desert Sansevieria, Gracilis Sansevieria, Cleopatra Sansevieria, Ceylon Bowstring Hemp and many more.

Snake Plant

A Detailed Guide About Snake Plant

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig is another popular indoor plant and is shortly called the FLF plant. This is actually an outdoor plant that may reach up to 50 ft in height and is found in rainforest regions. But with time some species of it are used as indoor plants.

There are not many varieties of Fiddle leaf figs, but there are some like Bambino, Suncoast, Ficus Audrey, Variegated Fiddle Leaf Fig, Compacta, or dwarf fiddle leaf fig.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A Detailed Guide About Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Lucky Bamboo

Like the Money plant, Lucky Bamboo is a household name nowadays. It can be seen everywhere like homes, offices, shops, and other commercial places due to its compact beautiful shape, ease of care, its Vastu and feng shui benefits, and most probably the word luck associated with it.

It has many common names such as Sander’s dracaena, ribbon plant, ribbon dracaena, Chinese water bamboo, Goddess of Mercy’s plant, Belgian evergreen, curly bamboo, etc.

Lucky Bamboo

How do you Grow & Care for a Lucky Bamboo?

Majesty Palm

If you are searching for an indoor palm plant or indoor palm trees then Majesty Palm is the one you can consider. It is one of the big indoor plants available. Majesty palm is gradually gaining popularity among households due to its unique look. From a distance, it resembles a look like a coconut tree especially when small. Some people may hesitate to use it indoors due to its big shape and size. It looks marvelous when the room is big. It is also called the Majestic Palm.

Majesty Palm

Know How You Can Grow and Care Majesty Palm in Your Indoors

Chinese Evergreen

Another popular houseplant on the list is the Chinese evergreen. It’s a native of Asia and is found in many varieties or species with the common name Aglaonema (Genus) associated with various countries or areas of Asia. It is one of the most widely used indoor plants around the globe.

Some popular varieties of Chinese evergreen are Burmese Evergreen, Red Peacock, Cutlass, Emerald Bay, Harlequin, Silver Queen, Silver King, Maria Christina, Maria, First Diamond, Brilliant, Cory, Amelia, Tigress, Malay Beauty, etc.

Chinese Evergreen

Learn To Grow Chinese Evergreen At Your Home

ZZ plant | Zanzibar gem

Zanzibar gem is also called ZZ plant due to its botanical name Zamioculcas Zamiifolia and often pronounced zee plant. There are some other names like the Zuzu plant, aroid palm, eternity plant, and emerald palm.

This one is another beautiful plant that is easy to maintain and highly drought tolerant.

     There are multiple varieties of ZZ plant-available like the Raven ZZ plant, sapling ZZ plant Variegated ZZ plant, Black ZZ plant, Zamicro ZZ plant, Lucky Classic ZZ plant, Lucky Giant ZZ plant, Dwarf Zamicro ZZ plant, Gold Variegated ZZ plant, White Variegated, and SuperNova ZZ plant.

ZZ Plant Growing and Caring Tips

Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)

As for the name suggested it is not at all a bamboo plant rather you can say it is a variety of palm trees as it belongs to the Araceae family.

And some may get confused with the Areca palm, as the areca palm is also called the bamboo palm. The bamboo palm and areca palm are very similar but two different palm trees, you can say the areca palm is one of the types of Bamboo palm, and as a whole Bamboo plant has many varieties like cat bamboo palm, parlor bamboo palm, velvet bamboo palm, Pacaya bamboo palm, hardy bamboo palm, dwarf bamboo palm, etc.

     Like majesty palm, it will not take much of your time and attention and you also have the option to choose from its wide varieties.

   If you are a palm tree lover, you may go for a bamboo palm as it is too simple to maintain and looks amazingly beautiful.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm sizes and characteristics

  • The bamboo palm may grow up to 360cm at maximum but generally keep it between 8 to 10 feet by cutting off and punning to maintain a distance from the ceiling.
  • It can spread up to 100cm in width.
  • It blooms during summer and winter and has no fragrance
  • The flowers look green during blooming and turn yellow or orange over time.
  • A bamboo palm can last for more than 10 years indoors if properly cared.
  • Like other palm species, its has also no toxicity.

Bamboo Palm Benefits

  • Relatively low maintenance.
  • Looks stunning and provides a tropical ambiance to any room.
  • Pet and kids-friendly due to its non-toxic nature.
  • According to feng shui bamboo plants are a symbol of good luck, peace, and positive energy.

Bamboo Palm Care

  • The bamboo plant necessarily does not require too much light. It is adaptable to both low light and bright light conditions. An indirect semi-bright light is good enough. avoid direct sunlight.
  • You have to keep the soil moist but well-drained. Avoid watery and fully dried soil.
  • As you have to keep the soil moist, you have to be careful while watering the plant. Water once the upper surface of the soil is fully dried. Don’t make it waterlogged either.
  • It prefers a humid and warm atmosphere. A temperature between 18°C to 32°C is good.
  • Use an organic grain type (granular) slow-release fertilizer during growing seasons. Avoid using fertilizer in winter.
  • It does not require too much pruning. You have to carefully cut down the dead parts or branches or leaves only.

These are some popular houseplants all over the world and suitable for many areas. But there are other home plant categories you can choose from like small house plants, flowering plants, and Indoor bonsai trees.

Which one is the cheapest indoor plant?

Most indoor plants are budget-friendly to buy. Money plants, Spider plants, Snake Plants, Lucky Bamboo, and Aloe Vera are the cheapest of all.

Which plant is good for inside the Home?

All plants are good for decorative purposes and also have psychological benefits but if you want indoor plants for it air purification benefits then the Snake plant, peace lily, ZZ plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, English ivy, Bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, pot mom are good.

Where can I buy cheap house plants online?

You have to browse various e-commerce websites or online plant providers and compare their prices like Amazon, Ugaoo, Walmart, Nurserylive, Ferns and Petals, The Sill, Wayfair, Terrain, Etsy, Bloomscape, etc.

Did this article helpful for you and which one is your favorite indoor plant? Let us know!

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