Grey and White Kitchen Designs. 7 Simple Yet Stunning Combinations.

If you appreciate minimalistic design and seek something beyond a simple, plain white kitchen, exploring the idea of a grey and white kitchen is definitely worth your consideration.

Among the many types of kitchen color options available, the combination of grey and white stands out as one of the most popular and trendy choices.

Grey and white kitchens are all about simplicity and style. They provide a peaceful and pleasant ambiance that transforms your kitchen into a tranquil retreat. Grey and white work well together because they are classic colors that always seem fresh and never go out of trend.

You’ve come to the correct place if you love the colors grey and white and are interested in learning how they can make your kitchen seem beautiful. I’ll take you on a fascinating journey to design your own dream kitchen with the correct mix of grey and white using eye-catching images, useful advice, and practical ideas.
Now let’s explore the world of grey and white kitchens together!

Grey and white kitchen

What is a Grey and White Kitchen?

Grey and White is just a color combination like any other kitchen. You can use one of the colors as primary and the other one as secondary or almost equally to design a kitchen room and kitchen cabinets. You can use them in kitchen cabinets, backsplash, countertop, or in kitchen walls. It all depends on the kitchen design or theme you pick. The right combination of grey and white colors makes the room look really cool and modern.

Probably that’s why many prefer to grey and white kitchen and a trending design for the time being. As an interior design professional, I observed many laminate companies add multiple shades of grey to their laminate catalog to provide more grey and white combinations for kitchen laminate design.

Why Do Grey and White Go Well Together?

Grey is a color that is halfway between black and white. It’s a neutral color since it resembles a mixture of black and white. It can be any shade of grey from a cloudy light grey to a stormy dark grey. Contrarily, the color of pure light is white. It resembles a white canvas or a fluffy sky cloud. The stunning combination of grey and white is created by combining these two colors.

When mixed, grey and white have a unique harmony and balance. White offers brightness and a fresh feeling, while grey adds a touch of sophistication and tranquillity. Together, they produce a stylish combination that can brighten up any kitchen.

Grey and White Kitchen Designs

A combination of Grey and white offer a versatile color palette that can be adapted to various design styles, from modern and minimalist to cozy and rustic.

Grey cabinets complemented by white countertops, or a charming grey kitchen with white backsplash tiles. The possibilities are endless!
Below I am going to mention various grey and white kitchen designs, which I hope will inspire you to get creative and enable you to design the kitchen of your dreams.
So let’s go in and explore the endless beauty of this amazing color combination!

1-Base Grey with White Overhead Cabinet

The grey color provides a strong foundation and serves as a stylish base for the design. The white upper cabinets, positioned above the base cabinets, with grey backsplash create a striking contrast.

The sleek white countertop provides a clean and polished look, creating a seamless flow with the upper white cabinets. This mix of grey and white creates balance and visual interest in the overall design.

Base Grey with White Overhead Cabinet kitchen design

2-Alternating Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets in this design alternate between grey and white, creating a visually appealing pattern. The backsplash behind the countertops is a combination of white and grey tiles.

This mix of colors adds depth and texture to the kitchen design. The contrasting colors create a sense of balance and harmony while adding depth and visual interest to the space.

It’s a stylish and contemporary choice that will make your kitchen truly stand out.

Alternating Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

3-All White with Grey Cabinets

White takes the stage in this particular design, giving the kitchen a bright and airy feel. The kitchen’s walls, ceiling, countertop, and other features are all different shades of white, creating a tidy and cheerful setting.

The base or upper cabinets are elegantly decorated in a sleek grey tone to add a subtle contrast and increase the visual dimension.

The presence of a white countertop further highlights this artistic combination, combining it with the overall design and allowing the grey cabinets to stand out as striking focal points.

All White with Grey Cabinets

4-All Grey with White Cabinets

This kitchen design is the opposite of the above one. White cabinets combined with an all-grey kitchen provide a vibrant and modern appearance. It enhances the room’s brightness and contrast while preserving its clean, contemporary look thanks to the use of dark grey. For individuals who value a chic, elegant kitchen with a compelling twist, this design is ideal.

All Grey with White Cabinets
All Grey with White Cabinets

5-Grey and White Kitchen with a Twist in Backsplash

This kitchen showcases a stylish combination of grey and white hues. Grey is used for all the cabinets, whereas white is employed for the countertop, flooring, and rest of the walls, infusing the space with brightness and a clean aesthetic.

Moroccan-inspired backsplash tiles feature mesmerizing geometric designs, vibrant colors make the kitchen look trendy, modern, and culturally inspired.

Grey and White Kitchen with Moroccan backsplash tiles
Grey and White Kitchen with Moroccan backsplash tiles

6-Grey and White Kitchen with Glass shutter

Here, the upper cabinets and other parts display a clean and bright white color, while the base cabinets are decorated in a chic shade of grey.

Glass shutters are included in the design to offer a touch of refinement and visual appeal. These translucent panels give the space a sleek, shiny appearance while also bringing a hint of elegance. Glass shutters are paired with accents in shades of grey and white to create a pleasing contrast.

The shades of grey and white serve as a neutral backdrop, while the glass shutters give the design a dash of modernism and lightness. An aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced kitchen space is achieved by this contrast.

7-Grey & White Kitchen with Matching Countertop, Backsplash & Flooring

This one is my favorite as I think this kitchen design depicts the perfect blend of grey and white colors. This design is all about being modern, and stylish, and creating a perfectly balanced look.

In the below modular kitchen the cabinets are a mix of grey and white (however you can try any type of grey and white combination for your kitchen) while the Countertop, Backsplash & Flooring are of the same kind that provides a symmetric look and even looks much stunning due to the grey shades in the white surfaces.

This kitchen design achieves a smooth and inviting appearance by utilizing a grey and white color palette throughout the countertop, backsplash, and flooring. The coordinated components elevate the overall look of the room by establishing a sense of continuity and elegance.

Grey and White Kitchen Color Options

It’s important to take into account both your personal preferences and the overall style you wish to achieve when selecting the ideal grey and white color combinations for your kitchen. Consider aspects like lighting and the desired atmosphere and explore several samples of white and grey color shades. The ideal mix will provide a gorgeous and well-balanced grey-and-white kitchen decor that captures your distinct taste.
Below I am providing you with some grey and white color shades that you can choose for your kitchen.

Different grey & white color shades for the kitchen
Different grey & white color shades for the kitchen

Tips for Your Own Grey and White Kitchen Decor

In these modern times, there are ample amount of opportunities to make your kitchen beautiful. Here I am going to provide you with some tips, especially for grey and white kitchens to make them more visually appealing.

  • Select the color shade that suits the kitchen best. There are multiple shades of grey like light grey, dark grey, Ash grey, sparkling grey, moon grey, etc, and white like off-white, pure white, snow white, etc. Also, there are many finishes like matt, glossy, leather, and texture. Apart from texture, you can experiment with all of them.
  • You can also mix the darker shades of grey with the lighter ones for a different appearance. Like for example: If you are using a darker tone of grey for the kitchen base cabinets then you can go with the lighter in other areas or upper cabinets.
  • If you have a really small kitchen then you can definitely go with the lighter shades of grey. The reflection of light makes your kitchen feel spacious.
  • If your space permits add a pantry unit(tall unit) to your kitchen. The use of wicker baskets is a great option for a natural and practical appearance. It definitely adds texture to your kitchen.
  • If you have an open kitchen then go with a breakfast table on the entrance side. You can also try various kitchen arch designs to add style and elegance.
  • Add some greenery in the kitchen with the houseplants. It makes your kitchen fresh and inviting.


Which finishing material should I use to make a grey and white kitchen?

There are varieties of finishing materials you can use to get a grey-and-white kitchen. Among them, Laminate or Sunmica is the most popular one. There are multiple shades of grey and white you can find in laminates. Apart from that you can use acrylic sheets, paints, or back-painted glass if you have a higher budget.

Should I choose a dark grey or light grey color for my kitchen?

Dark grey and light grey both go well with white. If you have a spacious kitchen with enough lighting arrangements (especially sunlight) then you can go with dark grey. For a smaller kitchen, it’s better to go with a light grey.

What are the things to consider for a grey and white modern kitchen?

Choose white and grey hues for the cabinets and walls. Choose smooth, shiny surfaces for a contemporary appearance. Make sure there is enough lighting to bring out a modern atmosphere. Choose contemporary matte black or grey or stainless steel appliances. To add color and vibrancy, add accents like plants or decorations. For a clean aesthetic, adopt a clutter-free and minimalist design approach.


A grey and white kitchen is a great option for a contemporary and chic appearance. You may design a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical by choosing the appropriate colors, finishes, lighting, appliances, and accessories. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you want a simple, minimalist design or wish to incorporate some bright elements. Have fun creating your own grey and white kitchen, and then be set to enjoy a room that’s ideal for cooking and spending time with your family.

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