Granite Price List. Calculate Granite Flooring Price-2023.

Are you looking for a granite floor and want to know the granite price and its installation cost, so that you can calculate the overall granite flooring price and plan your flooring budget?

Then this article is just for you. Here we are going to mention granite per square foot price for more than 30 popular granite varieties, and their installation cost.

FYI, we have already discussed all the required details about the granite flooring, you need before deciding on it.

You too can explore various flooring options and check which one suits you the best.

Granite Price List

The granite price depends upon various factors like the length, width, and thickness of the granite, granite finish, availability, and the area you are purchasing.

Granite Price

In India, most of the granite varieties are mined in Rajasthan. There are some varieties derived from various mines from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat, and Karnataka too. So the transportation cost to the area from where you are purchasing contributes a major to granite pricing.

Here we are going to mention the x-factory prices for more than 30 popular granite varieties.

*Note- The below granite per square foot price is the X-factory price and may not be accurate. It can differ very much from location to location. This is just to give you an idea regarding the granite price so that you can measure your granite flooring price.

Type of
per square foot price
Cheema Pink GraniteRs 65 to 70
S White GraniteRs 85 to 110
N White GraniteRs 65 to 85
Blue Dot R Black GraniteRs 80 to 110
Converted R BlackRs 90 to 100
Rosy GraniteRs 70 to 75
Cheema Pink graniteRs 70 to 75
Maalwada GraniteRs 90 to 105
Panchanwada GraniteRs 70 to 75
Paradiso Brown GraniteRs 80 to 90
Brazil Brown GraniteRs 95 to 105
Black Pearl GraniteRs 85 to 90
Tiger Brown GraniteRs 75 to 80
Commando Brown GraniteRs 80 to 90
Brown Lapatro GraniteRs 85 to 90
Black Lapatro GraniteRs 90 to 105
D Lakha GraniteRs 120 to 140
Gem Red GraniteRs 110 to 125
Golden Marqino GraniteRs 90 to 95
Dessert Green GraniteRs 80 to 90
Coin Black GraniteRs 95 to 100
Ocean Black GraniteRs 90 to 100
Imperial Red GraniteRs 80 to 110
Kharda Red GraniteRs 90 to 100
Fish black GraniteRs 95 to 105
Alaska Red GraniteRs 155 to 180
Alaska White GraniteRs 140 to 165
Alaska Gold GraniteRs 165 to 200
Deep Black GraniteRs 115 to 140
Crystal Yellow GraniteRs 100 to 115
Ice Blue GraniteRs 80 to 85
T Black graniteRs 95 to 110
Granite price per square foot

You can too watch the below video to explore various granite designs with granite per square foot price.

Granite per square foot price for various designs

Calculate Granite Flooring Price

To calculate the granite flooring price you have to consider 3 things

  1. Granite Price
  2. Granite installation labor charges
  3. Other charges like adhesive, cement, transporting, etc.

I have already provided you with various granite prices. Now let’s discuss the installation and other charges.

For example, let’s take a 10ft x 10ft room and calculate “How much is a granite flooring cost for a 10×10 room?” so that you can calculate it for your entire house.

So the total area is-10ft x 10ft=100 sq. ft

If you go with a 4-inch skirting it will go for another 12 sq. ft(excluding one door)

So the total granite required is 100 sq. ft + 12 sq. ft= 112 sq. ft.

Let’s take the average price of the granite.

For example, let’s say the granite cost will be Rs 100 per square foot

Then the total cost of the granite is 112 sq. ft. x Rs 100=Rs 11200/-

Let’s say the average price of the labor charge per square foot is Rs 35/- (varies from location to location)

Then the total labor charge will be 112 sq. ft x Rs 35= Rs 3920/-

If we consider other materials like cement, sand, filler, transporting, lifting, etc then another Rs 35/- is required for one square foot area. ( Generally, 4bags of cement and 25 cubic feet of sand are required for a 100 sq ft floor area)

ie: 112 sq. ft x Rs 35= Rs 3920/-

So the total cost of the granite flooring for a 10ft x 10 ft room is Rs 11200/-+Rs 3920/-+Rs 3920/-= Rs 19040/-

So the granite flooring will cost you around Rs 190 per square foot.

Here I am not considering the wastage. This cost may go high if you calculate 10% wastage.

ie: Rs 200/- per square foot in approx.

So, if you take granite that cost you Rs 100 per square foot, then the cost of granite flooring for a 100 sq. ft room will be around Rs 200 per square foot in approx.

In the same way, as calculated above you can measure the granite flooring price for your entire home.


Granite vs Tiles. Which one is more Costly?

Granite is a natural stone and is much costlier than tiles. Also, the installation cost of the granites is more expensive than that of tiles.

What are granite’s price ranges?

Starting from Rs 60 per square foot the price of granites can go up to Rs 2000 per square foot. Some imported granites can cost you more than Rs 10,000 per sq. ft.

Granite or Marble, Which one is more expensive?

Both granite and marbles are expensive flooring options. Marble requires polishing after installation and hence requires a little more expense for polishing. Also, you have to polish marble every couple of years to look clean and shining. So it requires a maintenance cost too.


The price of granite is an expensive flooring option when you compare it with the regularly used tiles. What you can get with granite flooring are durability and a seamless natural finish. If you have a higher budget then you can go with the granite. It is one of the best flooring options available.

I have discussed both granite price and granite flooring price which may help you to plan your flooring budget accordingly.

Hope this article helps you.

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