Granite Flooring. Durable, Stylish & Timeless! A Detailed Guide.

Do you know granite flooring can last for two to three generations with very minimum maintenance?

Yes, granite is the most durable flooring option available. Other than durability this natural stone provides a seamless gloss finish.

Granite is a hard, dense material that is incredibly resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, making it ideal for use in high-traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and kitchens. Additionally, granite flooring is available in various colors and patterns, enabling homeowners to select a style that complements their decor and personal preferences.

If you are looking for granite flooring for your home then this article let you know the various aspects of granite flooring, like types of granite or varieties, granite colors, available sizes, flooring designs, granite price and installation charges, its advantages, and disadvantages, so that you can get a clear picture before going ahead.

Granite flooring

What is a Granite?

Granite is a natural rock and is classified as an igneous rock that is formed by the outburst of lava or molten magma. It is composed of several minerals, including feldspar, mica, and quartz, which give it its distinctive appearance. It is hard to match one granite rock with the other exactly. It is one of the heaviest and sturdier rocks used for flooring.

Granite Flooring

Granite is one of the oldest flooring materials available today. From ancient Egypt to the Greeks and Romans, granite is being used in various architectural monuments. Despite the many other types of flooring materials available today, granite has remained a popular choice for centuries due to its durability and timeless aesthetic appeal.

If you are considering granite flooring then there is an obvious question, “How many types of granite flooring are available” or How can I design my granite flooring?

It depends mostly upon 3 factors

  1. Types of granite colors available for flooring
  2. Various granite flooring designs
  3. Different granite finish

There are various types of granite available for flooring. If you searching for various types of granite flooring then either you have to differentiate it according to the color, design, or finish.

There are various types of granite colors you can choose from. Either you go with a single color or pattern for your flooring or you can mix them to create various granite flooring designs.

For more clarity let’s discuss all, the various types of granite colors and different types of granite flooring designs, and various granite finishes.

Granite colors available for flooring

When it comes to the selection of granite for house flooring, color is a thing that everybody looks at first.

As a natural stone granite comes in multiple colors and patterns. But the most important thing is, it is difficult to find the exact same color or pattern again and again as the granite colors vary from stone to stone.

The granite slab that comes out of one solid stone may not be exactly the same as another. Once you selected a group of granite slabs for flooring, then it is quite difficult to find the same color and pattern if you face any shortfalls.

So, remember one thing, if you are considering granite flooring, then calculate the floor area according to your granite flooring design and purchase at once.

The most common granite colors are black and white. Apart from black and white granite grey, red, pink, brown, green, and golden colors of granite are also available with various patterns.

granite colors

Let’s check types of granite or varieties according to their color.

Black Granite

Black granite is a trendy option, especially in modern and contemporary kitchens. Absolute black granite, black galaxy granite, black pearl granite, jet black granite, z black granite, titanium black granite, black forest granite, cosmic black granite, black leathered granite, and south black granite are some varieties of black granites.

White Granite

White granite is also a popular choice, and it ranges from pure white to off-white or cream. River white granite, Kashmir white granite, S white granite, Pure white granite, Colonial white granite, Viscon white granite, Viscount white granite, Thunder white granite, White galaxy granite, White sparkle granite, White pearl granite, Cotton white granite, S white granite, Imperial white granite, Star white granite are some varieties belongs to white granite category.

Gray Granite

Granite can be found in various shades of gray, from light to dark, with different patterns and speckles. Silver grey granite, Light grey granite, Steel grey granite, and Dark grey granite belong to grey granite varieties.

Red Granite

Granite comes in different shades of red, from deep burgundy to a brighter red color. Ruby red granite, Imperial red granite, and Lakha red granite are some examples of red granite.

Green Granite

Granite can be found in various shades of green, from light mint green to a darker forest green. Green pearl granite, Peacock green granite, and Butterfly green granite are some popular varieties of green granite.

Blue Granite

Granite can be found in different shades of blue, from light to navy blue. Blue pearl granite, Himalayan blue granite, Blue dunes granite, Volga blue granite, Lemurian blue granite, honey blue granite, river blue granite, and Sapphire blue granite belong to the blue granite category.

Brown Granite

Brown granite ranges from a light beige to a darker chocolate brown. Tan brown granite, Fantasy brown granite, Baltic brown granite, Ivory brown granite, Brown pearl granite, Honey brown granite, and Dark brown granite are popular brown granite varieties.

Pink Granite

Pink granite ranges from soft pink to a darker rose color. Rosy pink granite is the most popular pink granite variety. Apart from that light pink granite is also available.

Gold Granite

Granite comes in various shades of gold, from a light, sandy color to a darker, more saturated gold. Many referred to it as yellow granite too. Colonial gold granite, Kashmir gold granite, Magma gold, Golden galaxy granite, Madura gold granite, Titanium gold granite, and Golden oak granite are some Gold granite varieties.

These are just a few examples of the many colors and patterns of granite that are available for flooring.

Granite Flooring Designs

There are various types of granite flooring designs you can do. All you can need is skilled labor.

Granite comes in pre-polished condition. So, it’s important to match the joints properly during installation and when you lay out various designs, the joints are frequent. Like marble, you can’t polish it after installation to even the joints.

Another thing that makes the granite installation process difficult is its thickness. The thickness of a granite slab is mostly not even, hence to match the edges and joints perfectly is a tedious task.

various granite flooring designs

As for the granite flooring design is concerned you can make multiple designs. You can take inspiration from the internet or the floor installer or tiler.

Let’s discuss some popular granite flooring designs here.

Most people prefer a plain design. This may be due to a lack of skilled labor or time or budget or they just want a simple minimalist design.

However, you can go with designs like granite flooring border design, simple white granite floor design, absolute black granite design, black and white granite design, granite floor tiles design, porch granite design, granite inlay design, mix and match design, Granite and marble mix design, etc.

Check 15 different granite flooring designs

Various Granite Finishes

Most of us do not know about various granite finishes and all we know is granite is glossy as it is available everywhere and used frequently.

But this is completely wrong.

Apart from glossy finish granite comes in various stunning finishes like brushed finish, Lepatora finish, hammered finish, flamed finish, leathered finish, and honed finish. You can get textured, sheen, matt, and mix finishing from granite.

You can use these finishes to create stunning flooring designs.

Granite Slabs sizes available for flooring

Mostly granite comes in big slabs and is heavier. Like tiles, you can’t get a particular size of granite always. The size of the granite mostly depends upon the stone it is derived from. But the thickness does not vary much. The thickness of most of the granite varies between 16mm to 18mm. In some cases, it may touch 20mm at maximum.

granite slab

Let’s discuss some common sizes of granites mostly available in the below table.

Size-17 ft2.5 ft to 3.5ft16mm to 18mm
Size-28 ft2.5 ft to 3.5ft16mm to 18mm
Size-39 ft2.5 ft to 3.5ft16mm to 18mm
Size-410ft2.5 ft to 3.5ft2.5 ft to 3.5ft
Granite sizes

Sometimes granites are available in unconventional sizes like 12ft x 5 ft or 10ft x 6ft sizes. But most of the time you can find granite less than 9ft x 3 ft. You can say 8ft x 3ft is a regular size.

Granite Flooring Price

To determine the granite flooring price you have to consider 2 things.

  • Granite price
  • Installation cost

Granite Price

The price of the granite depends upon many factors, like availability, distance from the factory or mines, sizes, color, pattern, thickness, etc. The price of granite measured in per square feet basis

However, I am giving you a general idea about pricing so that you can calculate your flooring cost before going ahead.

Its economy range starts from Rs 60/- to Rs 130/- per square foot and the premium range starts from Rs 150/- and may go beyond Rs 2000/- per square foot for granites.

Note* This one is the ex-factory cost, the price may vary from 30% to 40% at various retailers according to the transportation cost and retail margin.

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Granite Installation cost

Basically, its labor charge comes to around Rs30/- to Rs35/- per square foot, and it may go beyond in some cities and areas depending upon the cost of living and availability of skilled manpower.

Considering other materials required for the installation like sand, cement, fillers, transporting, etc, another expense of Rs 25/- per sq. ft is required. You should consider wastage too, as it comes in big slabs wastage of granite is higher in comparison to other floorings.

So the total installation cost is around Rs55/- to Rs60/- per square foot.

Calculate your Granite Flooring cost

Advantages of Granite Flooring

  • Granite is a natural material, hence useful for sustainable design.
  • It is nonporous in nature and can sustain in heavy waterfall areas, so you can use it both indoors, and outdoors.
  • It is one of the most durable materials and lasted for generations.
  • Almost no maintenance cost after installation.
  • Color does not fade for decades.
  • It does not require polishing during installation as it is pre-polished.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Granite is a scratch-proof material.
  • Available in a variety of finishes.
  • Highly fire-resistant.
  • It can make the room cooler and hence useful for high-temperature areas.
  • A non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of Granite Flooring

  • One of the most expensive flooring when compared to tiles.
  • Extremely heavy compared to other floorings.
  • Almost difficult to find the exact granite piece if you require further.
  • It requires a high installation cost compared to others.
  • High transportation and loading/unloading charges.
  • Difficult to lift for upper floors, and hence additional lifting charges are required.
  • Non-availability of various designs as compared to tiles.
  • As it is available in big slabs, it can create much wastage compared to other floorings.
  • Difficult installation process.
  • High gloss finished granites are slippery.

Preferred Area for Granite Flooring

Granite can be used in any area. As a nonporous stone, it can be indoors and outdoors. But there are some areas where people prefer granite over others.

granite kitchen countertops

Many people love living room granite flooring. The living room is the room that has much traffic and is mostly exposed to outsiders. Granite meets these needs as it is durable and looks beautiful with various granite flooring designs.

Kitchen is the another area where the use of granite is the most. Granite kitchen countertops are widely used. As a non-porous material granite stone does not hold stains and dirt and can be easily cleaned which makes it a preferable option for the kitchen slab. It is also used as a tabletop.

Granite is the most preferable option for the staircase. Granite can handle maximum traffic and yet be durable for years. Also, various designs and patterns with granite look beautiful with the staircase.

Apart from these areas, granite is mostly used in entry points, dining halls, kitchen backsplash, wall designs, and many more.

Also, due to its durability and ability to take high traffic properties, it is frequently used in public places like, bus stands, railway stations, airports, community halls, offices, and many other places.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are granite tiles?

Some tiles manufacturers provide tiles similar to granite designs. Most of them are artificial granite or simply tiles looking like natural granites. These are mostly available in 1ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft, and 2ft x 4ft sizes.

What is artificial granite?

Artificial granite is a complex mixture of natural granite powders, quartz, and various pigments binding through the resin. It is often called quartz, G7, or simply artificial granite. It looks beautiful and is available in many colors like white, yellow, grey, and with various patterns. It provides a beautiful finish but is not as durable and strong as natural granite.

How to clean and maintain granite flooring?

Granite floorings are easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it by using a regular mop and soap water. You can use filler in joints every couple of years to ensure their edges are well intact. Avoid dragging heavier things on it.

Marble vs granite vs tiles. which one is better?

Marble and granites are natural stones whereas tiles are artificially made. These natural stones cost higher(including installation charges) than tiles. Tiles are cheaper, and easy to transport and install. In terms of durability marble and granite are much more durable than that tiles. You can find countless designs with tiles that are limited to marble and granite.


Granites are being used for years and are still a popular option for flooring. The main reason behind it is its durability and naturalistic vibe. Due to the emergence of various economical flooring materials, granite may not be the preferred option today. But if you are planning for granite flooring and willing to spend some extra then it’s completely ok.

However, I have discussed almost everything related to granite flooring that you need before deciding on it.

Hope it’s useful for you!

Thank you for visiting.

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