15 Stunning Granite Flooring Designs To Elevate Your Space!

Do you know, granite flooring design is one of the versatile natural flooring design options available now?

Do you know why?

There is no natural flooring option like granite that has various color options, finishes, and design options with durability.

However, I have already discussed various aspects of granite flooring, here I am going to discuss only the design part. ie: Various granite flooring designs

Granite Flooring Design

Granite flooring designs are a type of flooring design made by using various granites. These designs may be in various patterns and styles that combine two or multiple granite varieties.

These styles are fixed in an artistic way so that they can elevate the overall design and provide a feel of luxury.

granite flooring designs

But before going for a granite flooring design you have to consider the below 4 things

1- When it comes to flooring design, granite needs proper skill to match its edges and joints as it can not be polished after. So, I suggest you not go for a granite flooring design unless you can’t find skilled labor. In this case, you can either go with a plain granite design or look out for some other flooring.

2- Another thing about it is-granite flooring designs do not look good in small areas as the furniture and other home accessories hide most of its designs and hence you can’t find the desired look.

For example, the bedroom, where most of the floor area is covered by a bed, wardrobe, dressing unit, etc. So, creating a granite flooring design and spending extra is useless unless the size of your bedroom is big enough. Here you can go with a plain granite flooring design with a single color or check out some other flooring options.

3- The third thing is the cost of the granites is higher when compared to other floorings. When you add designs the cost of the overall flooring is even higher. So, be clear with your budget and plan accordingly before going for a granite flooring design.

4- The main advantages of granite flooring are its durability. It can handle extreme traffic. Hence you have seen many public places like railway stations, bus stands, and other places have granite floorings

So, granite is mainly used in big halls, living rooms, staircases, entryways, etc, where the footfall is high. Hence try to put granite flooring designs in the living room or in a long hall so that you can turn the place’s overall vibe.

Now let’s discuss 15 practical granite flooring designs for house you can go with. If you are looking for a living room granite flooring design or a hall granite flooring design in particular then you can choose any one from the below designs.

1-Chess Board Granite Flooring Design

As the name suggests this flooring design exactly look like a chessboard. It requires only 2 types of granite, ie: white and black granite. If you are not comfortable with a plain design then you can go with this simple combination of black and white granite flooring design.

The best thing about this design is, you can do it for every room from the living room to the bedroom and from the entryway to the porch. Black and white granites are widely available and this type of design does not require special skill to set up.

If you are looking for a simple flooring setup and like both the white and black colors then you can go with this design.

chess board granite flooring design

2-Diagonal Pattern Granite Flooring Design

The diagonal pattern granite flooring design is a twist to the regular square pattern design. If you get bored of regular square flooring designs then you can try this one.

To create a unique diagonal pattern you should use two contrasting colors of granite. Either you can use two granite varieties adjacently or in many other ways like the one below.

This type of granite flooring design especially suits best in smaller rooms and creates an illusion of more spaciousness. if you are searching for a granite flooring design for porch or entryway then you can consider this one.

Diagonal pattern granite flooring design

3-Mosaic Style Granite Flooring Design

I am sure you have come across these designs in many places. These types of flooring patterns are mainly done with various stones or mosaic tiles. Also, you can create these types of flooring designs with the help of granite stone.

You can use various sizes, shapes, and colors of granite to create this unique pattern. It creates visual interest and adds texture to the place.

These types of mosaic granite flooring designs are best for outdoors and open places like in pavers, entryways, terraces, corridors, balconies, etc. If you are willing to add some uniqueness to your flooring then this is a design you can try.

Mosaic Style granite flooring design

4-Weaving Pattern Granite Flooring Designs

In this type of granite flooring design, granites are arranged in such a way that it creates an illusion of weaving. You have to use two contrasting colors of granite to make it clearly visible.

The most common color you can take is black and white. For a better texture, you should take a leathered finish granite instead of a polished one.

If you are looking for granite flooring design for pavers or verandahs then this design fits there quite well.

weaving Pattern Granite flooring design

5-Simple Plain Granite Flooring Design

Many prefer to go with the natural pattern of the granite rather than adding two or more varieties to the floor. This is simple and easy to install.

If you are an admirer of a simple flooring design then you can choose from various granites that have beautiful patterns. A glossy polished granite will be a great idea.

In this design, you don’t need to find various granite to mix them. It also requires low labor costs and the big granite slabs can create a seamless look.

If you are searching for modern granite flooring designs for living room then this simple flooring design you can try. However, you can go with this design in every room.

6-White Granite Flooring Designs

Most people want a minimalist design. There is no such color that provides a simple and minimalist vibe better than white. The color white also represents peace, freshness, and simplicity. It makes the room look bigger and brighter too.

You can use the popular P white granite or any other pattern of white granite to create a lively flooring design. You can use white granite for your living room flooring design or any other room. This is the color that goes well everywhere.

White Granite Flooring Design

7-Black Granite Flooring Design

Many people prefer black granite flooring designs for living rooms. It is one of the stylish flooring designs which creates a rich and luxurious vibe. There are various types of black granites available with multiple patterns like absolute black granite, black pearl granite, black galaxy granite, etc with various finishes.

Black granite flooring designs look fabulous with contrasting wall colors.

Black Granite Flooring Design

8-Checkboard Pattern Granite Flooring Design

This flooring design is very much similar to the Chess Board flooring design. The difference is, here you do not need to use 2 varieties of granite tiles of the same size. Also, you can use various colors of granite instead of black and white. Here you have to continue the same design pattern for the overall floor.

This flooring design looks pretty well in big halls. If you are looking for granite flooring designs for hall then you can look up to these designs.

Checkboard Pattern Granite Flooring Design

9-Geometric Pattern Granite Flooring Design

To add a modern and contemporary touch to your flooring you should try various geometric-shaped flooring designs like hexagonal, triangles, diamonds, or a mix of these shapes. These flooring designs are trendy and add something different to your space.

The difficult thing about this flooring design is the patterns. The most difficult thing is to create the patterns. It needs a super-skilled workforce and If you are not getting the desired workforce then don’t go for these designs.

if you are looking for a different granite flooring design for hall, then you can definitely try this.

Geometric pattern Granite Flooring Design

10-White Lining Granite Flooring Design

This granite flooring design looks very simple but is difficult to install. You can use any dark color of granite as primary (preferably black or dark grey) with white granite for the thin lining.

It looks extremely eye-catching. You can use this design for any place. If you are looking for a unique granite flooring design for living room or hall then you can definitely try this. If you like to install this granite flooring design for outdoors then you can go with matt or leather finish granite.

White Lining Granite Flooring Design

11- Dark Border Granite Flooring Design

This type of granite flooring design is very common and popular among the masses. This is a very simple design where generally the white granite is used for the primary flooring and the black granite is used for the border.

However, you can use any light color of granite instead of white, and for the border, you can use various dark color granites like green, blue, brown, or red.

Dark Border Granite Flooring Design

12- White Boarder Granite Flooring Design

People often consider dark borders as it magnifies the entire floor. But those who love minimalist design and love to add a white color to their flooring can look up to this design.

You can use a white border design with any granite color except white granite. It is not necessary to add dark color to granite if you go for a white border. You can choose yellow, grey, brown, and pink granite.

It looks good when you go with the same border for all the floors.

Dark Border Granite Flooring Design

13- Double Border Granite Flooring Design

Using a double border instead of one can enhance the overall flooring appearance. You can use the same color or different colors for both borders. Generally, thin borders are used when you install multiple borders. This trending granite flooring design is loved by many.

Double Border Granite Flooring Design

14- Corner Designed Granite Flooring Design

Instead of designing all over the floor or stretching borders all around you can just go with this simple corner design where you need to install a specific design in all four corners. Many people prefer this design with the center of the floor designed too.

you can avail of this design in any room, but preferably it looks nice in those rooms where the corner is visible like in the living room, dining, portico, entryway, and corridors.

Corner Designed Granite Flooring Design

15-Center Inlay Designed Granite Flooring Design

This granite flooring design provides a touch of luxury to the space. If you are searching for a living room granite flooring design that looks rich and unique then this design is a perfect fit. You can also add a border, corner design, or a mix of both with this design.

With granite flooring, you can too add various inlay designs with metal, wood, marble, and other materials to make it special. These designs take time to install and need proper skill.


which granite color is best for flooring?

People often prefer simple colors and minimalist designs are a trend now. Black and white granites are the most popular option. P white granite flooring designs are the most common. Apart from black and white people are also interested in grey and brown granites.

Which is best for porch granite design?

For outside granite flooring designs like on a porch or open terrace, you should prefer granites that have a matt or leather finish. You should not consider glossy finish granite as it is extremely sleepy.
For designs, you can take any of the above designs. If you are asking for advice then I will tell you my personal favorite is mosaic-style flooring. You also can go with the flooring design where the grass is in between the granites.

What is granite tiles design for floor?

Many established tile companies provide tiles that look like granite. They are cheaper than natural granite. You can go with them or can turn big granite slabs into tile shapes to avail of granite tile design according to your budget and requirement.

What is granite Pathar design?

Pathar is a hindi word. Also in many Indian languages stone is referred to as Pathar. The meaning of stone in Hindi is Pathar. Various granite flooring design or various types of granite design is mentioned as granite Pathar design


Granite is a great flooring option for you if you have the budget for it. If you are looking for various granite designs for your flooring then you should have been prepared with some extra to spend. It is one of the most durable flooring options and equally adds a great texture to the overall space. You can create an eye-catching flooring design with natural granite stone.

I have mentioned various latest granite floor designs that you can consider for your house.

You too can reach us in the below comment section if you have any queries.

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