East Facing House Vastu Plan(Room Wise)with All Details.

Room wise east facing house Vastu plan, Tips, Dos, and don’ts with all details

Do you want an east-facing house Vastu plan? or considering an east-facing home is auspicious enough!

There is nothing like that in Vastu. We have already discussed in Vastu for home that the directional facing of the home matters but it is subjective.

Many things may be common but you can’t consider an equal Vastu plan for all east-facing homes. It differs from individual to individual and place to place and the owner of the property. However, you can simply avail of a Vastu plan for your home online or with any Vastu experts in your area but consideration of the above is advisable.

Magnetic compass for directional measurement
Use a Magnetic compass to determine the direction

What is an East Facing House?

When the main entrance of any house is directed towards the east direction, then the house is considered an east-facing house or you can say while coming out of your home through the main entrance your face is directed toward the east.

Many people judge the direction according to the sun. But the rising of the sun is not always in the exact east. The direction of the sun changes from time to time according to the orbit and axis of the earth. Hence you have to determine the direction of the house with a magnetic compass.

You can’t determine the direction of house according to the sun. The direction of the sun may differ from exact east. Rather use a magnetic compass for pure accuracy.

Thats how you determine the exact east direction

How to approach Vastu For East Facing House?

According to the concept of Vastu Sastra, an east-facing house is considered favorable. But only the direction of the house does not determine the overall Vastu for the home or you can’t consider only an east-facing house is good enough as per Vastu.

You have to place all the rooms like the Living, bedroom, kitchen, puja room, bathroom, and other things in a well-coordinated east-facing house Vastu plan.

Also, Astrology plays a great role during the Vastu implementation, and you don’t need to consider each family member while deciding on Vastu for home. You can go with the head of the family or the sole bread earner or the property owner and decide Vastu for home accordingly.

East Facing House Vastu Plan

There are many things you consider before planning a house. Even if you are a firm Vastu believer, you need a certain plan which is convenient for the households and looks better. There may be cases where you have to change a little according to Vastu even if you do not like it.

You should have thoroughly discussed all your requirements with your architect and the Vastu expert as well and get a couple of plans to select the best one for you.

It is not advisable for you to get a certain plan from here and there and implement it, as Vastu does not work like that that we discussed in the above section.

However we are providing you a basic east-facing house Vastu plan for (a 30×40) ft size area, which gave you a clear idea before proceedings. Also you can consider this for a smaller or bigger area or flat.

East facing house Vastu Plan
East-facing house Vastu Plan

For this, you have to consult a good Vastu consultant. But before this let us discuss some general things which you should know.

To whom east-facing house suites the best?

As the sun is the dominant object in the east, hence the east-facing house suits the best, particularly those who have a job or profession which involves authority, power, and grace like government officers, Business people, business heads, politicians, artists, and other creative peoples or professionals.

According to Vastu east-facing property is good for the Zodiac signs, Aries(Mesha), Leo(Simha), and Sagittarius(Dhanu).

Main Gate of East Facing House Plan as per Vastu

It’s better to keep the main door or the main entrance in the middle. i:e equidistance from both ends ( from southeast and northeast).

Most of the homes have two entrances.

one is the main gate,

and the other is the main door of the house.

According to Vastu, it is better to have them both at the center and in a row. If it is not like this then you can use some remedial Vastu tips to eliminate the Vastu dosh.

kitchen Vastu for an east-facing house

As per the kitchen Vastu for an east-facing house, the kitchen should be in the southeast direction. If not possible then the only place left is in the northwest where you can place the kitchen instead of the southeast.

Also, make sure, you have to face towards the east direction in a southeast kitchen and towards the west direction in a southwest kitchen while cooking food. So make arrangements accordingly.

East-facing house Vastu plan with Pooja room

As per the Puja room Vastu is concerned it should be in the northeast irrespective of the facing direction of the house and it is applicable for the east-facing house too.

If this is not possible at your end then you can place it in the east or the north direction. Make sure the height of the puja room ceiling should be lower compared to other rooms. Also, it should not be adjacent to the bathroom or under the staircase.

Staircase Vastu for east-facing house

As per the staircase Vastu, the staircase should be in the south, west, or southwest direction. The Southwest direction is preferable for the staircase among all. Never put the staircase on the east side of your house.

The staircase should move in clockwise and there should be no room under the staircase, however, you can use it for storage purposes.

Bedroom Vastu for east-facing house

As per the Vastu plan, the Master bedroom should be in the southwest direction, and arrange the bed accordingly where your head lies towards the south or west direction. Also, it is advisable to keep the master bedroom bigger compared to other rooms.

Livingroom Vastu for east-facing house

The northeast side is good and auspicious for a living room in an east-facing house as per Vastu. Also, ensure the west and south walls are stronger and larger than the other walls.

The Sofa sets should be east facing in the living room. As the maximum sunlight we receive in our home is from the east. If not possible you can face it to the south. You can place the TV in the south or east or southeast direction.

Bathroom or toilet as per Vastu for east-facing house

As per the house Vastu plan, the Bathroom should be on the southeast or northwest corner of your house.

Ensure the user does not face east or west while using the flush toilet or the commode. Again placing the flush and commode on the southeast or northeast is advisable as per Vastu.

Study room as per east-facing house Vastu

According to Vastu design, it is better to place the study room in the east or west. You can consider the north side as a secondary option. One should face east or north while studying. You should place the trophies, certificates, rewards, and recognition or any motivational quotes on either the north side or in the east.

Dining room Vastu for an east-facing house

For an east-facing house, it is better to attach the dining with the kitchen on the east or west side. If not then you can place it on the north side. Ensure the dining room entrance is not directly opposite the main entrance.

East-facing home Vastu for balcony and other open spaces

Vastu experts in India suggest keeping some empty areas like windows, and balconies on the east side to help the sunlight enter the house sufficiently, which removes the negative energy and spread positivity around the home.

East-facing house Vastu for water tank

There are mostly two water tanks in our homes. one is an overhead tank and the other is an underground tank.

For the overhead water tank, the right place according to Vastu is the west or the southwest of your roof. Vastu clearly denies placing it on the center of the roof.

For the underground water tank, the northeast is the perfect direction as per Vastu. Hence you should plan accordingly before the construction of your house.

Room wise east-facing house Vastu plan

In the below table, we summarise the room-wise east-facing house Vastu plan for an easier understanding. Hope it helps you to get a clear picture.

You can take a screenshot or save it for further usage.

Assigned Room or thingDirection as per Vastu
Main gateRight in the Centre
Main DoorRight in the Centre
Puja roomNorth-East
KitchenSouth-East, North-West
Dining roomWest
Living roomNorth
Guest roomNorth-West
Study roomWest
Kids roomWest
Overhead WatertankSouth
Room wise east-facing house Vastu plan

Don’ts for an east-facing house Vastu plan

  • Don’t measure the east direction according to the sun as the sun does not arise in the exact east direction always due to the earth’s orbital changes, rather use a magnetic compass to measure it perfectly.
  • Don’t get confused with too many plans available online.
  • Don’t act and do things immediately as advised by surrounding people except for experts.
  • Avoid the land that slopes toward the north or south.
  • Do not plant trees in the east, north, or northeast direction.
  • Do not place the garage in the northeast.
  • The Puja room should not be under the staircase or adjacent to the bathroom.
  • Do not build anything in front of the main gate and there should be no obstacles like poles or trees in front of the main gate.
  • There should be no outside toilet in front of the house.

Do’s as per Vastu for an east-facing home

  • Always go with a good Vastu expert or an architectural firm that provides Vastu service from the beginning.
  • You can place an image of the rising sun on the east side wall.
  • You can place 7 horse running picture or something that depicts greenery on the east wall of the living room.
  • Keep maximum windows and balconies on the east side.
  • The staircase should be in a clockwise direction.

What are East-facing house Vastu benefits?

East is the direction of the Sun, hence it resembles power and prosperity. It is a very auspicious direction as per Hindu Mythology. As you know all the Hindu temples face east direction.


You can consider Vastu as a way of living rather than some rules. There is at least no harm in living according to Vastu.

As per Vastu, their east-facing house is the second favorable option after the north-facing house. As an organization, Gruha Pravesh believes in the well-being of the people and our clients. We provide everything with align to our experts.

I hope this article helps you. Please comment for any queries or help. Stay in touch!

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