DIY Interior Design Guide. Decorate your Home Yourself-2023

DIY interior design guide, Design your own home, Home decoration procedure

Not everyone can afford an interior designer or an architect neither they want to involve others like contractors for their interior design requirements, as some of us want to explore our own imagination, eager to incorporate our own taste and style.

But to execute all these things is not a cup of tea for everyone!

So how can you alone do the entire thing by yourself?

where to start with?

what should be my budget?

How should I plan things?

So you definitely need a DIY interior design guide.

so here we will discuss every aspect of designing in a very simplistic way and provide you with a step-by-step DIY interior design guide to decorating your home interior yourself.

Interior design is a complex process, so we should divide each work separately so that it can be easy for you to execute.

We already discussed here the primary planning and all the basic things you can do before designing your home, now we go forward from a core house, which means the civil work is done and the basic framework is ready for designing.

Now before designing things let’s go for in-depth research as you are new to the interior designing space.

DIY interior design guide

Research and Learn The DIY Interior Design Process

First of all, be patient and learn things.

For our interior designing requirements, we mainly required 4 things

1)Design Selection

2)Design Material

3) Manpower selection

4) Execution Of design work

Before designing anything or any room you have to organize these things first.

So how can we get all these things done? Let’s discuss

Make interior design a career! with or without a degree!

Design selection

A selection of designs is the basic framework before designing your dream home. It provides you with a basic idea of how your home going to look after finishing the interior design work.

so how do we select or prepare a design? let’s discuss this!

Understand Space and be clear with your requirement

Interior design is basically the management of space. We have a 3-dimensional space in our homes ie: length, width, and height. As you are executing things it’s completely your call what space to occupy and what to left. You can decide it on the no of your household, the furniture you have or you want to make, and your purpose of designing.

what I can suggest to you is to use the space as minimum as possible and it should be based only on your requirement, keep only the useful furniture, don’t go for a heavy design or else it may go for a mess. Remember one thing spending too much money and designing too much may not going to work for you. so take decisions wisely.

Use social media to design your home interior by yourself

Use social media like InstagramFacebookyoutube, interior designing websites like us, and especially Pinterest which is a special feature where you can search by images to find more alike designs of the same type and save them by creating your board.

Nowadays social media and magazines are full of design inspiration. Use social media effectively and select some photos or videos that attract you more from the living room to the kitchen and from bedrooms to bathrooms, from ceiling to flooring, from wall decor to the balcony and other required areas. save them in one folder and sort them out according to your taste and budget.

what I can suggest you, follow minimalist recent trends and use one or two basic themes to give the entire home a symmetric or well-coordinated look.

Use 3D Home Design Tool

Use technology to get the best out of it. After the invention and availability of various software, interior designing is now more comprehensive and trouble-free.

3D Home Design

Hire an interior designer or consult an interior designing farm, discuss your ideas, show them the photos and videos you collected, tell them your budget and get the 3D design for your entire home. it will cost you very nominal like Rs 10/- to Rs 15/- per sq. ft or they can charge you on round-off bases like Rs10,000/- for 2 bhk and Rs15,000/- for 3bhk. Ask them to understand which material is going to use in each specific design and note them down as you are going to execute things further.

you can use social media to find 3D designers and also you can contact your local interior designing firm to get things done.

Now the design is ready, so the thing left is to arrange the materials and the manpower.

Material selection

To design your interior you require various sets of materials starting from plumbing to electrical work, ceiling to flooring, doors, and windows, furniture making to colorwork, and from decorative items to the kitchen and home appliances.

so how do you know the best material available in the market for your requirement and budget?

Start with the smartphone you have,

Use social media to learn about materials, especially websites like this one and youtube.

Google the materials to find the local or nearest dealers.

Use platforms like Indiamart or justdial to search various dealers for your materials.

Call them to know the material cost and compare.

you too can compare rates of some materials through e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Visit the one or two dealers pitching you a fair price.

conform the material and purchase.

You can use e-commerce sites to buy decorative items, some furniture, home, and kitchen appliances.

Take a look at India’s Top plywood brands

Manpower selection

We need skilled people to execute things. From plumbers to electricians to carpenters to painters, there are many people available in the market, you just need to select the right set of skilled people to work for you.

The best possible way to find the workforce is to discuss with the dealers you purchased materials from, and ask them to provide the best one. Also, you can ask your friends and relatives about the manpower, they may help you out.

Execute your interior design by yourself

All ready, now it’s time to execute one thing after another from 1st to the last step by step.

We have to execute a complex set of things but don’t worry, we don’t have to take many things at a time, the actual process is to execute one thing at a time, which will save you time and make things easier for you.

Organize electrical and plumbing points

As for the design, plan your electrical and plumbing points. Just show them the points where the fittings, light, and appliances you are going to use later.

Hope you have planned each and every electrical point for home and kitchen appliances like inverters, air conditioners, televisions, fans, geysers, kitchen chimneys, Fridge, microwaves, induction cookers, water purifiers, etc, and arranged a specific way under the walls to bring the land phone, CCTV, broadband and television cables to home.

People often forget something or the other and face difficulties later. Just think if you forget any cable work now, how will it look on an open wall in a designed home? so note it down and provide a copy to your electrician too.

Note: Note down the small things.

Install Windows and doors

It’s time to install all door frames, window grills, and windows.

There are various types of materials available in the market and you can select them according to the durability, the design you want, and your budget.

As for Windows, it may be UPVC with glass, Aluminium with glass, or wooden.

For window grills, it may be MS or Steel

And for doors, you can select from various readymade ply doors, customized ply doors (You can give it any finish like laminate, veneer, PU, or Deco), or wooden.

Doors are going to be installed after the completion of the flooring.

Flooring Work

Next, we move to the flooring part. Install floorings of all rooms according to your design and requirements.

There are many flooring options available in the market like tiles, granite, marble, hardwood, laminates, vinyl, and many more. you can select one of them according to your budget and usage.

Learn details about flooring.

Ceiling Work

Now it’s time to design your ceiling. Electrical wiring is required after the installation of the ceiling channel according to your lighting arrangements and fan points and you have to arrange fan rods according to the distance of the ceiling from the roof (you can customize fan rods if the required length is not available in the market)

you can use gypsum, POP, PVC, or ply according to your design.

Furniture work

This one is the most lengthy process and includes many pieces of furniture like a modular kitchen, wardrobe, bed, TV unit, puja room, paneling, and many others for your design. Executing the right thing according to your design is difficult. so bring an experienced carpenter, and if you doing fully modular furniture and using advanced hardware fittings then you require a technician or modular carpenter. You can take the help of modular furniture dealers or suppliers.

you need some furniture to buy directly from the online or regular marketplace like Sofa or couch, center table, chairs, dining table, etc as they are expensive to customize at home and may not look good as you desired.


If you have the design in your hand then you have already decided on the color for your home interior.

but what I can suggest is to use two to three shades of color.

Use the 60-30-10 rule of color combination.

Use 60% as your primary color, 30% as secondary, and 10% as a highlighter.

Apart from color, you also can highlight a wall like a bed backside or an entrance facing the living room wall by wallpaper.

Note: Cover all your furniture before colorwork or else it will be very difficult for you to clean later.

Light, switchboards, and electrical points

Install ceiling and other lights, switchboards, and necessary electrical points for home and kitchen appliances.

It looks great when we use chandeliers or designer lights on the living room ceiling, designer lamps or lights at sofa corners and walls, bedside tables, and above the dining room ceiling.

you can browse the e-commerce website. They have a huge collection of various lights and all.

Home, Kitchen Appliances, and bathroom fittings

Now you can go to install your home and kitchen appliances like inverters, air conditioners, televisions, fans, geysers, kitchen chimneys, kitchen sink, Fridge, microwaves, induction cookers, water purifiers, land phones, CCTV, broadband, and television set-top boxes, and all required bathroom fittings, and washbasins.

You can compare rates of various home and kitchen appliances, and bathroom fittings in the local market with e-commerce websites.

Useful basic kitchen appliances list with pricing and details.

Decorative items

To decorate your home, use some decorative items, like paintings, wooden artifacts, photo frames, decorative wall plates, wall shelves, designer clocks, Mirrors, wall prints, rugs and carpets, cushions, vases, pot stands, artificial plants, and grass, etc, which are easily available at e-commerce websites. it will create a focal point as it breaks the monotonous wave of any design and definitely helps to enhance the entire look.

Indoor plants

Add some greenery to your home. These are the only living things except you. yes, these are hard to maintain but the positivity and the beauty it adds to you are exceptional.

For indoor plants, just google to find your nearest nursery, and pots are plentily available on e-commerce websites.

Know the most popular and useful indoor plants for your home!


What next? Cheers, it’s time for your Gruha Pravesh.

What else do you think we can add? Tell us in the below comment section.

How can I do my own interior design?

You can do it, but it takes time so be patient and research things and learn.

How do I find a nice design for my home?

Use Interior designing websites, magazines, and social media like FacebookInstagram, and especially Pinterest. You can find a designer to help you out with your interior and provide a 3D design. You also can find a 3D designer online.

Can I take a picture of a room and design it in an app?

Yes, You can! But you have to learn it. The apps available freely are not that useful. Instead of this you can use Pinterest and search for equivalent photos of the same kind by searching through a photo.

When designing a room what do you start with?

You can start with primary planning. Allocate the budget and prepare the design. you can start with the flooring or ceiling.

Can I design my own house online for free?

There is no free online option for home designing. But there are farms and designers that provide 3D design services free if they design your house.

How can I make my house look beautiful?

Choose a minimalist design and follow recent trends of design, use max 3 shades of color, create maximum empty space and use only the required furniture, and use decorative items and plants.

How to design a home interior online?

Use various social media and online magazines to get ideas. you can get 3D designs for your home online by searching for professional designers.

Is the article helpful for you or is there anything we can help you out with? Let us know.

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