1000 Modern CNC Jali Design Images (Free Download) with Usage Guide.

CNC/MDF/WPC/PVC/Wooden/Plywood/Corian Jali Designs you can use for your homes like from ceiling to doors or from partitions to Mandir or Puja Units, from wall decor to TV units and many more.

Want to enhance your home interior with Jali designs?

Don’t worry then! We are going to discuss almost 1000 practical CNC Jali designs with images, which you can just choose according to your requirement, download it for free then just go for a CNC Jali cutting service provider in your area and make them with any material you prefer like MDF or WPC or plywood or natural wood or Corian or any other structural material.

Isn’t that simple?

But the tricky part is to choose the right thing at the right place!

Like there are various shapes and types of Jali designs. Such as Symbolic, round shape, curved, square, and rectangular.

Also, there are various materials used for Jali designs like MDF, HDF, WPC or PVC, natural wood, and Corian with various thicknesses, and most of us prefer Jali designs for ceilings, partitions, arch designs, Mandir or Puja units, TV units, and other decorative purposes.

Now the thing is to choose the right material with the right thickness in the right areas.

For that, we are going to provide you with a user guide for Jali design with the Jali images.

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Types of Jali Designs as for their shape

Here we are mentioning the types of jali designs according to their shape and designs and not according to the materials used. you can choose any materials according to your preference.

Here we mentioned various types of Jali designs according to the materials with price details and all.

We are going to discuss some practical modern Jali designs that are used frequently nowadays.

FYI there are various types of shapes and patterns available with CNC Jali designs.


  • Symbolic Jali designs
  • Circular, semi-circular or round Jali Designs
  • Square Jali Designs
  • Rectangular jali Designs
  • Mix-and-match Jali designs

Symbolic Jali Designs

Symbolic designs or decorative Jali designs are those CNC jali designs that depict a symbol or expression like a tree, bicycle, dancing girl, bird, fish, or some letters like love, a wedding symbol, nameplate, and greetings, etc. Many Jali mirror frames are of this kind.

These types of Jali designs are mostly used for decorative purposes in home interiors, especially for wall decor and social gatherings for designing the venue.

Below are some images of symbolic Jali designs.

Symbolic Jali Design Usage– Wall decorative purposes

Materials to be used- MDF, HDF, WPC, Wood, and Corian

Material thickness-4mm, 6mm,8mm,9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 16mm,17mm,18mm,19mm

*Note– MDF Jali design and WPC Jali designs are popular and preferable due to easy availability, and low cost. Corian Jali designs are beautiful but the most expensive ones. Majorly 8mm, 9mm, 11mm, and 12mm thickness materials are used. Many people also prefer acrylic jali designs for letters, especially for the nameplate.

Circular or Semi-circular or Round Jali Designs

As the name suggests these types of Jali designs are either circular or semicircular in shape. These types of Jalis are mainly used in ceilings. some of them especially the round border jali designs look good under the ceiling fan. You can use it for door jali designs too.

Below are some symbols of circular Jali designs

Circular or round Jali Design Usage– Ceiling decoration, Door jali designs

Materials to be used- MDF, HDF, WPC, Wood, and Corian

Material thickness-4mm, 6mm,8mm,9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 16mm,17mm,18mm,19mm

*Note– You can use MDF jali or WPC Jali for these designs due to low cost and availability. Also, you can add any colors to MDF and WPC jalis. 8mm, 9mm, 11mm, and 12mm thickness materials are preferable.

Square Jali Designs

These are perfectly square shape jali designs. These are mostly used in half partitions, arch designs, and ceilings. You can use it to design doors, TV units, and walls. From the below images, you can check the side square Jali designs and use it to decorate the ceiling fan’s back side.

Below are some images of square Jali designs.

Square Jali Design Usage– Mostly Ceiling and Partition

Materials to be used- MDF, HDF, WPC, Wood, and Corian

Material thickness-4mm, 6mm,8mm,9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 16mm,17mm,18mm,19mm

*Note– MDF Jali design and WPC Jali designs are cost-effective and available easily. You can use any color over it. Corian Jali’s designs look beautiful but are expensive. For better results use 8mm, 9mm, 11mm, and 12mm thickness materials.

Rectangular jali Designs

These types of Jali designs are the most popular ones, as the height and width are always not the same in manu cases. If you are searching Jali design for door then this type Jali fits the best.

The usage of this Jali is maximum and you can use it anywhere in any design like from the ceiling, Partition, arch designs, TV units, Puja Units, various door designs, and many more.

Below are some designs of rectangular Jali designs.

Square Jali Design Usage– Ceiling, Partition, Jali door design, TV unit Jali design, etc.

Materials to be used- MDF, HDF, WPC, Wood, and Corian

Material thickness-4mm, 6mm,8mm,9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 16mm,17mm,18mm,19mm

*Note– Rectangular Jali designs are the most versatile Jalis and can be used in every design. Those who are searching for a Jali Puja door design or Mandir Jali design can go with this. Also, those who are searching for a main door Jali design or safety door Jali design can pick one from the above.

There is some rectangular border Jali designs that are frequently used in ceilings. For those who prefer ceiling Jali designs then these designs are way too good to go with.

Mix-and-match Jali designs

There are no certain Mix-and-match Jali designs. This may be your idea or creativity to mix some designs from the above designs to obtain a specific result.

Like the above Jali images if you want to Ganesh Ji jali design or Omm jali design in Puja unit doors or partitions then you have to select from the above design and mix them with the help of your Jali designer or you can tell them your idea so that they can show you various design.

Below is an image of a mix-and-match jali design for the Puja room gate we recently designed for our client.

CNC jali gate design for Puja room


Almost everyone prefers Jali designs for their home now and no doubt these designs contribute a lot to the overall interior. We have mentioned almost 1000 different Jali designs above from which you can choose for your home.

Please mention in the comment section below, Which jali design do you prefer the most? or anything you want to know about Jali design?

WPC Jali design or MDF Jali design, which one is best?

You can avail of any Jali design with the same pattern or design and both are equally stunning.
WPC Jali costs higher and is stronger than MDF jalis. Also, WPC is 100% termite and waterproof. It looks white and you can use it just with sandpaper polishing and with no paint or DECO coating.
Whereas MDF Jalis are low cost not a termite and water resistance material. It needs paint and polishing before installation. So, need some extra bucks for the paint job.

Which is the best place to use Jali designs?

It depends upon your preference and the whole design of your home. Most of cases Jali designs are used in partition, ceiling, arch designs, and Puja units. Some even prefer to design their puja doors and wall with Jalis.
But one thing I can tell you is that don’t use too many Jali designs at the same time and everywhere. It will break your interior vibe and make the whole thing a mess. Use it as a focal point in one or two areas.

what is CNC jali design?

CNC designs stand for computer numerically controlled designs which we simply called Jali designs. It is programmed through a computer and creates multiple patterns in various materials automatically with the help of a CNC router machine.

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