Bedroom Interior! How to design a bedroom from scratch(2023)!

Looking for ideas for your bedroom interior? If yes then you landed in the right place!

In this article, I am going to tell you the exact process we used so that you can execute the design of your bedroom from scratch easily, from middle-class simple bedroom interior design to luxury and from small bedroom interior to large one.

So that every income class people are able to design their bedrooms.

There are numerous bedroom decorating ideas, and beautiful bedroom interior images you can find on the internet or from social media, however, in this article, we are not only going to discuss bedroom interior design ideas but also cover, how to design a bedroom, required bedroom furniture, and the things necessary for a modern bedroom.

A step-by-step process is good to understand the bedroom interior so that you can plan for your bedroom design accordingly.

So, let’s move to the next part and discuss the detailed process!

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Bedroom Interior Planning

Unlike the Living room, a bedroom is a private place that is just meant for you or your partner. So, here you don’t have to make a design to impress others rather it’s important to focus on the things you love the most and the design that appeals to you.

Bedroom interior design
Bedroom Planning

I often noticed people are keen on things like I want this bed, I need this particular wardrobe or I want this finishing or color for my bedroom. It’s ok, but that’s not the whole idea to design a bedroom. I always mentioned a design should be a theme and purpose-based otherwise we just create a mess and nothing else.

Planning for a bedroom interior or the entire home interior is vital and is better if planned early, even before construction. It will save you money and time.

In some cases, like small apartments and flats, it’s not in your hand so here you can entirely align the interior or can go with the design as received.

During the planning phase of the bedroom, you have to decide all things related to your bedroom décor like flooring type, ceiling design, wall color, decorative items, lighting arrangements, the furniture you want to put in, the directional orientation of the bed (bed alignment), wardrobe placement, etc and if you want to design according to Vastu then this is the right time to consult a Vastu expert.

You can take the help of a 3D designer to get the exact design of your bedroom before execution.

Go through the image below, where we aligned some bedroom layouts that you can select for your bedroom interior. (You can realign the length and breadth of the bedroom and use it for a small bedroom interior or for a large one)

Bedroom Plan
Bedroom Plan

As mentioned in the images there are primarily 3 places allocated in a bedroom.

One is for the bed and is called the bedroom area.

The second one is for the dressing room/dressing area/wardrobe

And the third one is for the bathroom.

For your understanding here is a chart describing the required area you should allocate for each.

Bedroom Floor Space allocation
Bedroom Floor Space allocation

And here we are going to discuss the bedroom interior with wardrobe and various other aspects related to bedroom interior design, as the bathroom is a different chapter to go for. We can discuss that later.

Decide the Bedroom Flooring

Like any room, we have to start the design from the flooring. If it’s already been done before then it’s okay but it’s better to design the room with certain harmony and pattern. We have to select the floor pattern and material considering other things like the wall color of our bedroom, furniture, and the overall design.

Bedroom Flooring
Bedroom Flooring

There are many flooring options you can choose from. Many prefer contemporary tile, marble, or granite for their home while some go with trending flooring options like wooden, laminate, or engineered wood.

There are many other modern flooring options available too, but you have to choose from these flooring options wisely by knowing their pros and cons and comparing them with your lifestyle and usage pattern.

You can add rugs and carpets to magnify your bedroom look. It will definitely turn your bedroom look modern, and stylish and provides a feeling of luxury.

Ceiling for Bedroom

The second thing you can do after the flooring is the ceiling and roof décor. Not only the bedroom ceiling helps you with the distribution of lighting it also provides a lavish and cozy look.

Bedroom Ceiling
Bedroom Ceiling

There are many types of ceilings you can choose from like gypsum, POP, PVC, decorative panels, wooden, Engineered wood with various finishes, and many more.

Many people prefer gypsum and POP as it is a pocket-friendly options, easily available, and provide a decent look.

You definitely try the other ceiling options for your bedroom only if you have a good budget in your hand and if not, you can use these ceiling materials along with gypsum or POP in some areas as a highlighter.

You can use the POP decorative panels at the joint area of the wall and roof/ceiling for a distinctive look. It costs you less and provides a beautiful look.

Also, the ceiling helps you to use various decorative lights, conceals the wiring, and keeps the room cooler.

Select the Right Bed

From the design point of view, every room has its own focal point. Like the sofa for the living room, the bed is for the bedroom.

The whole design moves around the bed, so we need to decide on the bed first.


There are multiple sizes of bed you can pick from like a king-size bed, queen-size bed, twin bed, double, super king size, single or double single bed according to your bedroom dimensions.

A minimum 3 feet gap is better on each side of the bed and if you have a small bedroom (like a 10’ by 12’ bedroom) then make sure at least there is a gap of 2 feet on each side. 5 to 6 feet of the gap at the footboard side will be good. If these measurements are not possible for all of your bedrooms, then try to maintain them for the master bedroom interior.

And you can check and select various bed designs available offline and online along with a nice headboard with 2 bedside tables for both sides. But make sure the design you select matches the theme you selected and the design you planned.

Dressing Room/Wardrobe for Bedroom

A dressing room or a wardrobe is another essential thing that you need for your bedroom to place your clothes and other essentials in a properly disciplined manner.

Bedroom wardrobe
Bedroom wardrobe

If your bedroom is big enough then you can create a dressing room within it or you can go for a nice wardrobe for a small bedroom.

As per your budget, there are various materials and finishes you can use for bedroom cupboard interior design. You also can attach a small dressing unit with it. Many people also prefer to add a study unit along with the wardrobe. If you want to, there is absolutely no problem with it.

But make sure the color and the design do not deviate from your bedroom theme.

Bedroom Wall Decor

You tried everything and add every ingredient to make your bedroom look fulfilling, but if it’s not then it’s definitely due to bedroom interior color, especially wall colors, or maybe due to a lack of wall decorative items.

Bedroom Wall Decor
Bedroom Wall Decor

Designing mostly depends upon the color combinations, so carefully select the right set of colors or you can take the help of any interior designing professional.

Always try to go with the light tone of colors and if you want to use a dark tone of color then the bed’s back side wall is the right preference remember it should contrast the bed headboard color.

Use a maximum of three colors including the furniture and door color. Using too many colors is going to provide a bizarre look and create a mess.

The below pie chart describes how you combine 3 sets of colors for a bedroom.

Bedroom Color Combination
Bedroom Color Combination

Apart from the colors and paints for your bedroom, you should definitely add some lucrative art pieces to your bedroom wall as well. You also can go with your favorite quotes that motivate you. Unlike the living room, the bedroom does not need many wall décor items. It basically used to break the monotony of any pattern around a blank wall.

The back side wall of the bed is the important one to focus on. It should go well with the bed headboard and the overall design of the bedroom.

Wallpaper is one of the best, quickest, and budget-friendly ways to design this wall. You can select from varieties of wallpaper for the bedroom but don’t forget the overall room theme, color, and headboard color during the wallpaper selection.

Bedroom Door & Windows

Many people ignore the door and windows to a large extent. I can tell you the door and windows are not only for ventilation or your convenience a little focus on these things can add great value to your overall design.

According to a study opening doors and windows decreases Bedroom CO2 level, controls temperature and humidity, and significantly affects the occupant’s sleeping pattern.

Bedroom Door
Bedroom Door

The two sides of the door of a bedroom should design differently. The easiest way to design the bedroom side of the door is, according to the bedroom design and finished like the furniture you used in the bedroom. The other side is according to the room it is exposed.

If you want to paint the bedroom side of the door then you can go with the Deco paint for the wood. But bedroom interior door paint color should either match or contrast the color of your wall and falls into the same category of color.

For example, if you selected a light and dark set of blue colors for your bedroom then the door should match one of those blue colors.

It’s wired to select a yellow for your door while using blue for your wall.

Isn’t it?

If you are using two different color combinations for your bedroom then the door color should match one of those two.

Use proper fittings for your door like mortise lock, and door closer. It not only provides you with a smooth movement but also enhances the door’s looks.

Windows are also very important for natural light, ventilation, and design perspective.

Bedroom Window
Bedroom Window

Studies found that windows with at least 20% to 30% of the wall have psychological benefits for its occupants.

Also, larger windows provide sufficient natural light and enhance the bedroom look.

As for recent bedroom interior design trends, most households prefer window sitting. Window sitting is an easy design and a lovely place for you to enjoy with your favorite book and a cup of coffee or tea. And large windows are perfect to design window sitting. A gentle paneling with a couple of small spotlights in the upper section and a set of cushions is enough for a window sitting design.

UPVC windows are trending nowadays. They are strong, smooth to operate and look beautiful. Both swings and sliders are available with UPVC.

Indoor plants for bedroom

Of course, don’t forget to add some greenery. There are many health and psychological benefits of indoor plants. Apart from this it also helps significantly in the design of any space.

For a small bedroom interior where there is less space use smaller plants and if the bedroom is big enough then you can go with some bigger plants (3 to 4 feet in height).

The bedside table and the small study table are the perfect places for some small indoor plants.

If you have an attached balcony to your bedroom then this is the perfect place where you can fulfill your desire for indoor plants. This is the best place to add varieties of indoor plants.

Money plant is a great and one of the most popular indoor plants as it requires a little maintenance and can grow without soil. You too can add a couple of other plants according to your choice.

Some Other Facts About a Bedroom Interior

All the above things are quite sufficient for a small bedroom interior and you can do the whole bedroom interior design on a low budget.

Bedroom View
Bedroom View

But if your bedroom is big enough and you want to add some extra for a rich and luxurious look then you can consider the below things.

Adding a bedroom bench next to your bed footboard area can provide an excellent look.

You can arrange a sitting area with a couple of chairs or a couch with a small table.

You can add a small reading area along with a study table and bookshelves.

TV unit is not advisable for a bedroom. If you want one then you should go with a small TV Unit opposite the bed.

You too can add a separate dressing area or dressing room along with the bedroom. In this case, you can’t need any type of storage unit which is visible in the bedroom.

How to do bedroom interiors for 10×12 room?

To design a small bedroom interior you have to plan everything in advance and be clear with what you want to put in and what not. You can’t put many things in a small room. Most people go with the basic things they need in a bedroom and mostly only with a wardrobe and bed.

A 6ftx5ft bed is perfect for this size of the room. A wardrobe generally is 2ft depth in maximum and you can go with a wardrobe of 6ft in width in total so that you can allocate another 2ft for the study or dressing unit. Arrange the wardrobe and bed in a certain way so that there is enough space left around the bed. Wall decor and ceiling are nothing to do with the room size.

How to do simple bedroom interior design on a low budget?

Don’t worry, you too can design a beautiful bedroom on a low budget. It’s all about furniture and finishing. Most of the expenses done in interior designing are for finishing. there are finishing that consume less expense. Plan clearly before execution. Minimize the furniture expenses, go for a gypsum or POP ceiling, and use laminate for finishing. Apart from these other design requirements do not cost you much.

Is this article good enough? let us know in the below comment section.

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