12 Reasons Why You Choose Aluminium Modular Kitchen?

Are you feeling like it’s time to upgrade your old kitchen to the trendy one! or you are looking for a new modern modular kitchen? If you are considering something new with a great finish and then I can tell you the reason why you bet on an Aluminium Modular kitchen.

The thing many of us never tried an Aluminium modular kitchen, because we are either completely unknown or nobody explained it to us properly or lack of skilled workforce/suppliers in our area.

We majorly used various plywood for kitchen structures and laminate for finishing. Although Plywood with laminate finishing kitchen may have its benefits but, what you get from an Aluminium fabrication kitchen is unparalleled. Aluminium kitchens are outstanding finishing, are visibly appealing, and are durable, and some other outstanding features which I am gonna discuss in detail.

Let’s discuss the reasons why Aluminium modular kitchens are gaining immense popularity!

Aluminium Modular Kitchen
Aluminium Modular Kitchen


As we all know Aluminium is a durable material. It is very difficult for a metal like Aluminium to decline naturally. It has the lowest rate of corrosion in nature, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions, that’s why it is used in exterior applications. It is also strong and lightweight, which makes it perfect for use in aircraft, cars, and especially in the automobile sector. In the construction sector, the lifespan of aluminium is considered as up to 60 years.

So compared to other materials used for modular kitchens Aluminium has an upper edge for its durability.


The kitchen is the busiest place and it’s pretty common to get dirt and stains easily which may help the growth of bacteria and fungus. For the good health of your loved ones, the kitchen cabinets should have been hygienic. The most common wooden kitchens or engineered wood kitchens are non-porous and difficult to maintain and clean.

That’s why aluminium kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity and are a demanding option for easy-to-clean kitchens. It is easy to wipe down for anything like the stain of spice, sauces etc. You can use kitchen wet wipes too.


When we consider interior design Kitchen is the first place where the eye goes on. Everybody wants their kitchen to be amazing. Aluminium Kitchen designs are quite expensive than the other available options but one thing I can guarantee you is the look. Nobody can match the finish when you use back-painted glass or lacquered glass with aluminium profiles. The finishing is just seamless and shining. Every time you wipe it out it looks new and fresh.

Fully Waterproof and Rust free.

The kitchen is the place where moisture content is prevalent and this is the main reason many wood-based kitchens get deteriorate early. Aluminium is non-porous in nature and hence fully waterproof. So it may be monsoon or any other extreme climatic condition Aluminium fabrication kitchen cupboard can withstand any condition without getting affected. Another important thing about the aluminium kitchen cabinet is it is free of rust and corrosion. The Polyvinylidene Fluoride coating resists fading and corrosion.

Unlimited colour options

When it comes to selecting the colour for the kitchen cabinets most of us get confused, and most of the time many of us land on the as-usual colours. There is a limited colour option when we select wooden modular kitchens, that is only the wooden colours. When we go with plywood or any engineered wood along with laminate (popularly known as Sunmica) then there is only a hand full of colour options available, as we have to select from the pre-designed laminates. If you go with deco paint using HDF or MDF then it may not provide you with the desired finishing nither it last long as it is prone to scratches easily.

Hence most of the time it is difficult to find the desired colour combination and a particular colour you look for.

But with Aluminium modular kitchens it is absolutely possible to find any colour you look for and can design your kitchen with any colour combination you wished. You just have to select the colour just like you select your wall colours. With back-painted glass and aluminium profiles, the colour option for Aluminium kitchen designs is unlimited. Hence for those who want a particular colour for their kitchens, there is no better option than the Aluminium fabrication kitchen.

Fire Safety

After all, safety comes first. Even with proper attention, and proper care, we can’t guarantee any unpleasant thing or mishap. And Kitchen is the area where the possibility of fire hazards is maximum. Gas, cooking oil, and alcohol are highly flammable and difficult to contain as they have the ability to spread rapidly. Also, may kitchen appliances increase the chances more.

Hence Wooden or plywood kitchen cabinets are not an ideal option against fire. Whereas Aluminium fabrication kitchen cabinets are fully fireproof. It does not allow the fire to spread and easier. for you to contain the fire. Hence the fire safety attribute of the aluminium kitchen is another thing you bet for!

Goes well with any room size

Aluminium kitchen designs can fit any size. Irrespective of the size of the room Aluminium kitchen fits easily from a small kitchen to the large one.

In today’s time, most people are living in studio apartments where they want everything in an organised manner which looks beautiful as well. If you want an open kitchen to save space with any shape like an I-shaped modular kitchen, U-shaped or parallel kitchen then Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for you. With Aluminium fabrication and glass, your modular kitchen may be the focal point for your home. And the easy-to-clean option of the Aluminium modular kitchen makes it ideal for small kitchens.

Health Benefits

you can say good kitchen hygiene brings good health!

Engineered wood used chemical elements for binding and termite protection, hence emitting toxic elements into the air, which in turn may have negative health impacts. While with Aluminium there is no such thing. Rather the surface of Aluminium helps to clean carbon dark stains easily and hence reduces the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

No more Pests

One thing I observed is termite is a measure issue for any furniture and everybody needs a guarantee from termite before furniture making. Even though many leading plywood manufacturers provide protection against termites but can’t bet on it. There are some substitutes of plywood available in the market like WPC (wood polymer composite), but have issues with durability and low screw-holding strength.

The thing that resolves your problem, in this case, is Aluminium cabinets which provide full protection from termites, borers, fungus or any kind of pests.

Isn’t it a great feature?

An Environment-Friendly option

Selecting an Aluminium modular kitchen brings no harm to the planet earth. It is 100% recyclable and hence a sustainable option. So like wood it does not encourages deforestation. So those who want to contribute to nature even if in the smallest way possible then they can go with an eco-friendly option like an Aluminium fabrication kitchen.

Value for Money

When you compare costs with traditional modular kitchens then Aluminium modular kitchen prices are generally higher. But as discussed in the above points there are so many positive things it brings with it. Here you actually paying for the quality. From look to durability, nothing can match it. And one thing I can tell you is investing in an aluminium modular kitchen is an ideal option to go with.

Better Than the Traditional kitchens

We often go with either plywood or natural wood or any other engineered wood like HDF, MDF, WPC etc for modular furniture making and kitchens. Aluminium modular kitchens are very new to the market in comparison with other traditional kitchens. So a detailed comparison gives you the clarity to decide before making a modular kitchen.

So let’s move to the below table and compare the points so that it is easier for you to decide things in a better way.

FeaturesAluminium Modular KitchenTraditional Kitchen
LooksSeamless look with great finishing.Traditional look
DurabilityDurable for years10 years in maximum.
Colour OptionsUnlimited colour optionsLimited colour options
RustRust ProofRust Proof
CleaningEasy to clean and maintain.Not easy to clean and difficult to maintain
WaterproofFully waterproofNot waterproof
TermiteFully termite and borer proofNo guarantee on the termite
Fire safetyFully fireproof.No fire resistance.
Health benefitsNo chemical emissionNot sure
Eco-friendlyA 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.Not recyclable and encourages deforestation
PriceReasonably higher than other options.Low price.
AvailabilityDifficult to find skilled workers and dealers for small towns.Easily available in all areas.
Aluminium modular kitchens vs Traditional or wooden Modular kitchens


We have discussed all things related to the Aluminium modular kitchen and one thing I can tell you is it is completely ok to opt for it. The one question that may pop into your mind is “Why less no of people opting for this?”

I think there are a couple of reasons

Many people are unaware of it!

In many areas, the dealers and the service provider are also unaware of it or avoid it as they don’t provide Aluminium modular kitchens.

Unavailability or less no skilled workforce.

Or a little expensive for some when compared with other modular kitchen options.

But if you find a good service provider then go for it. It is absolutely perfect kitchen.

Aluminium modular kitchen vs wooden modular kitchen, Which one is better?

An aluminium modular kitchen is better for many reasons. It is fully waterproof, free from pests, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and many more. Whereas a wooden kitchen does not possess these features. Apart from that aluminium modular kitchens provide a fresh modern look while wooden modular kitchen looks traditional.

Are there any Aluminium modular kitchen reviews?

We as an organisation completed many modular kitchens of multiple varieties of material and Aluminium is one of them. In this article, we have summarised our experience. You can go through it?

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