About Us

Gruha Pravesh is a leading interior designing farm having more than 7 years of experience, designing more than 100 small to large projects of offices, individual homes, apartments, shops, showrooms, and restaurants. We are successfully completed 7 years of designing numerous projects and proudly with many happy customers.

My main goal to establish an interior design firm is to provide the best service possible within the best budget for everyone or every income class people. Our aim is to liberate every household from the heavy financial burden they face now a day’s, especially during their home interiors and design.

Basically, what we believe in is Honesty and we are continuing to do so.

There are a few points below that define us.

Why We Named Gruha Pravesh

The word Gruha Pravesh comes from one of our old sacred Sanskrit language in which Gruha/Griha means home and Pravesh means Entry.

Gruha Pravesh is a Hindu ceremony performed during the occasion of any individual’s first-time entry to the new build home. It is one of the auspicious occasion or day for a Hindu family where all the family members participated in worship (called puja ) together for the betterment of their family & future.

We performed the Gruha Pravesh ceremony after the completion of our basic or detailed interior designing needs, and that’s why we decided to name our farm on the name of this auspicious day.

Our Logo

As you can see in the above photo our logo consists of two footprints. In Hindu culture, it is considered the footprints of Maa Laxmi and a very auspicious symbol for every home as Maa Laxmi symbolizes the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, and prosperity. In homes, it’s basically placed in front of the main entrance directed towards the home and it is believed that there are always the blessings of Maa Laxmi with the home and its households.

Also, its left footprint symbolizes the English alphabet “G” which is the 1st letter of our name Gruha and the right footprint symbolizes the alphabet “P” which is the 1st letter of the 2nd word of our name Pravesh.

So why we used this logo is basically

It looks beautiful as a symbol
It’s a very auspicious symbol.
It symbolizes the letter “G” and “P” of our name Gruha Pravesh.

And in the name, we used the simple English alphabet with a style that looks like our old age script Devanagari and which symbolizes one of the oldest civilizations (Indian Civilisation), our rich culture, and our beautiful traditions with many diversities from centuries. And most importantly it reminds us of a proud modern Indian.

We always keep these things in mind while designing and are proud to express our culture, tradition, lifestyle, our values, and beliefs because that’s where we all belong to. Isn’t it?

Our Office

Our office is in the temple city of India, that is Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha, & the exact location is Sunderpada, Pokhariput. There are two other branches too, which are also in various parts of Bhubaneswar.

Our Services

Currently, we are not operating in pan India from the covid-19 pandemic and other issues and focussing mainly on various parts of Odisha.

What we believe is the quality of work rather than the quantity or the amount of work done and from starting of any project we are transparent with our customers and discuss every bit of thing, try to understand their needs, and suggest to them the best suitable option to execute further, keeping their budget in mind.

Basically, what we follow is “ethics”

Our Team

We are a team of 10 people assigned to various responsibilities led by me, and the proprietor, Mr. Amit Kumar. I am also the author of this blog and the principal person behind the Gruha Pravesh. We will know me in another section below.

Why we are here?

Why do we choose a blogging website rather than a commercial one?

To Educate

We are basically here to liberate every household from the financial burden they face during their interior designing needs and to educate them with every bit of thing from planning to budgeting and from material details to pricing and many more.

Interior designing involves a complex set of things from the selection of the right materials to installing it in the right place and many of us don’t know how to execute all these things properly within our budget.

We are here to educate them from the beginning to the completion of the project step by step and in detail so that they can do it by themselves in a very effective way. In short, you can say it is DIY.

A platform for professionals

You are a beginner or want to select this field for you, also you are not a pro, or you did no professional course but want to make a career or make money.

And you don’t know how to start with, and hovering around complex things!

Need a guide!?

Don’t worry! We make things simple for you!

Here is the platform that makes you learn the art of interior designing in a very simplistic way.

Let’s learn from basic to advance, from planning to execution, and from establishing a farm to marketing and promotion, social media presence, and lead generation in detail.

We can share each and every detail to the best of our knowledge and experience. Let’s learn and make it a full money-making business.

Need of the hour!

In today’s era interior designing is a basic thing to do, mainly in urban households from comparatively small cities (district headquarters, Block level cities & small commercial cities) to the tyre-I, tyre-II tyre-III cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar & other state headquarters and even in villages we procure materials to fulfill our basic designing needs.

Dream Home within the budget

Most Indian families belong to a middle-class or lower middle-class family and are unable to afford an expensive interior designer or architect. Most of the family spend a whole chunk of money to build their home (civil work) and when they think to go for the interior thing they are already running out of budget.

So don’t worry we are with you and make you know all the details and pricing so that you can execute it all by yourself to meet your design needs effectively and more importantly within your budget.

Material details & services for designing

Interior designing requires a whole set of materials for the flooring to false ceiling, from wall painting to wall designing, from customized modular furniture to decorative items, from doors and windows to designing bathrooms and balconies, from electric equipment to plants and services like Vastu consulting to 3D designs, from carpenters to electrician, plumbers, and civil workers.

How do you know the exact material and services you need, and most importantly the pricing comes with it?

To execute all these things, you need the right and the best materials and servicemen according to your requirement and budget. We are happy to share all in details based on our own experiences with great honesty.

Home & Kitchen Appliances

You are done with the interior thing and now you require some basic appliance to execute your day-to-day work and comfort.

It involves many things like ceiling fans, air conditioning, and freeze, geezers to kitchen appliances like chimneys, induction, cooked top, microwaves, ovens, and many more.

So how do you buy these things, which material meets your need and budget, and what is the best thing available in the market?

Don’t worry we are going to discuss every aspect, its pros, and cons, and recommend you the thing only after thorough research.

And at last, I can say, it’s an honest endeavor to share our experience, and our thoughts to the best of our knowledge with you all. Let’s learn everything about designing in a very simplistic way, step by step.

The Man behind Gruha Pravesh

A little about me

Hello Friends!

Mr. Amit Kumar

I am Amit Kumar, the founder of Gruha Pravesh.

I am an accidental interior professional and a deliberate blogger and an MBA in education.

As a kid, I always wanted to do some business, even though I served some reputed companies like Bharti Airtel, Dishnet Wireless Ltd, and Aditya Birla group for almost 10 years, there always a passion in me to start something independently, and I know this would happen one day.

I thought of various ideas and planned to do so many things, but nothing could work out for me as I was already in a job and there are always time constraints, also many other reasons. Time was flying day by day but the time to start something had not yet arrived.

How it started

One day I meet a friend of mine, and he gave me the idea to start something related to interior designing and arranged to meet some architects and interior designers. I had almost no idea about this sector but wanted to start something anyhow. So I regularly visit them after my job schedule to observe things, to gather knowledge, and after one month I confirmed is there is a huge scope to make it a full-time business and feel connected to it. And it was mid-2015.

Left the job

Then I left the job with the savings for a couple of months or mostly for a year in my hand and I am pretty confident to make it anyhow within a year. You may define it as a risky move but a little calculated one. As I believe “if you can’t decide you can’t do!” That’s how Gruha Pravesh is founded and a new journey in my life begins.

The journey so far

In short, I can say, the journey has been challenging yet exciting.

It has been a good 7 years gone by, and yet to travel a lot. A lot of hard work was done and some great results were achieved together. Now we are not relaxed at all but working on some selected projects. We are learning things day by day and evolving for good as well.

What I can say to you all is “doing business is not at all easy but it is one of the most satisfying thing to do”

Now we take this as a knowledge-sharing platform so that we can help others to build their home. We already shared why we are here in detail and all.

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